Queens Hain Hum 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Tanya gets disturbed thinking of Sona’s words that she will not give her baby to Dev and Tanya. Dev tries to cheer her up an days Sona cannot handle he daughter and even cannot handle newborn. He goes and calls MIL who consoles her and gives her sleeping pill to relax. Tanya falls asleep.

Jahnvi is busy in a meeting with her colleagues when Aaliya barges into her cabin and shouts if she really cares for her. Whole staff hears their conversation. Jahnvi asks her to relax. Aaliya shouts that she came from Pune for her, but she does not care about her at all. Her dad does not want to pursue her dreams. Jahnvi asks her to calm down and gives her cheque in college’s name and says she should concentrate on her dreams and forget about her dad or money. Aaliya smiles and says she

understands her well.

Adhi and Shreya relax in a Mumbai resort. Adhi says this resort is really good with a feeling of Goa in Mumbai. Shreya says she and her friend used to come here often whenever they were sad or need to celebrate. Adhi starts tickling her and lifts her. Their romance continues.

Tanya wakes up in the morning and asks Dev why did not he wake her up early. He says sometimes relaxing is needed. MIL brings baby and asks her to hold him. Tanya gets drowsy and Dev holds her. MIL gives her baby. Tanya happily plays with baby. Dev tells MIL that Tanya will be busy with baby at least now. Sona comes and asks to give baby to her as he needs massage and bath. MIL says Tanya can do it. Sona forcefully takes baby with her. Tany gets drowsy again and Dev holds her.

Maya’s client Mr. Katyal comes for fitness session again. Maya starts chatting with him and they both get along well. Maya then gets lewd messages from her chat friend and fumes in front of her assistant and asks to disconnect him. Assistant does and asks her to relax.

Adhi and Shreya play volleyball. Shreya slips and sprains her leg. Adhi fixes her sprain and says his college coach used to fix sprain like this. He tells he was never interested in politics and wanted to become a sportsman. Shreya say she can pursue his dream anytime. Sanaya calls Adhi and Shreya, but they are busy and don’t notice her call.

Madhurima chats with Sanaya and tells her that Shreya’s bold move is because of her queen friends and says until she is in favor of Rathod family, it is fine, else she knows how to control her. Sanaya says Shreya did not even pick her call and if she makes a mistake, it will harm Adhi and their political party’s image.

Precap: Shreya tells Adhi that medical science has advanced a lot, when people can change their gender, his problem is very small, she has booked doc’s appointment for him. Sona asks MIL to not let Tanya touch her baby. Akku informs Chaitanya that they both have to attend Aniket’s parent-teacher meeting. Chaitanya says he will not come. Maya’s social chat site boyfriend calls and tries to seduce her.

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