Queens Hain Hum 1st December 2016 Written Episode Update


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Tanya goes to Maya’s house and gives her goad bharai invitation card. Their chatting starts. Tanya says what about her enjoyment without her husband Avinash, though she was inebriated, she heard her. Maya says she has only one funda, enjoy life and not think much. She looks at card and says even if she had not invited, she had come. Tanya asks her to invite all queens from her behalf.

Akansha’s husband returns home after a meeting with publisher. Husband says publisher will inform after reviewing novel. Akansha says he is a brilliant writer and should stop writing adult novel Husband says even he wants to earn and does not want to depend on her. She says she earns so much and it is enough for them, she is not a pestering wife, and asks him to smile. He smiles.


Maya’s house, her husband gets ready for London trip. She packs his bags. Children gave their shopping list to papa. Maya reminds him to make calls, etc. Husband’s parents come and get sad seeing their son leaving and say they came to spend time with him. He says next trip and leaves. Maya cheers parents and takes them for a chat.

Jahnvi reaches office and celerbates birthday of her peon. Peon gets very emotional and blesses her. She asks to bless that her new township project goes successfully. Peon says it will. She works hurriedly on the project. Kevin, architect enters and shows township deesigns. She asks him to make some changes. He says director already approved his plan and it is too late. Jahnvi scolds him and orders to do as she says. Her secretary says she should not so rough to Kevin, his male ego hurt. Jahnvi says even her female ego hurts, making designs are easy, but selling project is most important and she does nnot want any mistake

Tanya prepares cup cake breakfast for her nieces. Dhano comes and says she will help her in kitchen. Tanya asks to first give breakfast to nieces and gives them cup cakes herself. They happily kiss her cheeks.

Maya takes her MIL to her parlor. An old client describes about her online dating friend and teaches her about a social media website. MIL listens their conversation and asks Maya, Maya explains her in detail.

Adhiraj with Shreya goes for a jewelry showroom openingg. Shreya likes jewelry desgns a lot. He gifts her 14 lakhs worth diamond set. She excitedly calls Maya and informs about her gift. Maya asks her to wear it during Tanya’s goad bharai. Shreya says she wants to know how Tanya got pregnant. Adhiraj comes and she disconnects call. While traveling in car, Shreya tells about Tany’a pregnancy but not even a bit of baby bump.

Tanya prepares dishes for her goad bharai and speaks over phone to someone that 7 months have passed. Her husband comes and Tanya emotionally says they were waiting for this day since 7 years.

Precap: Akansha plans a sting operation on a factory. Tanya prepares dishes onion and garlic mixed dishes for her goad bharai party. Her mother-in-law’s friends taste dishes and discuss they have decided not to have garlic and onion Tanya gets tensed hearing this.

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