Queens Hain Hum 19th December 2016 Written Episode Update


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Kevin insists Jahnvi for a one-night stand if she needs promotion. Jahnvi tells Kevin he has to marry her if he wants to sleep with her. He says it is a good joke. Jahnvi says she does not joke and asks him to get out. Kevin leaves fuming.

Maya reads her husband and friends good wish cards and gets emotional. Children come and wish her followed by inlaws. Her husband Avinash also comes and praises her. Children say he should come early today as promised. He asks for what. Maya says today is her award ceremony and he had promised to attend it. He says he is just joking and will be on time.

While having breakfast, Shreya tries to convince Adhiraj to host tonight’s event. He says no. Her highness Madhurima Rathod/MIL hears their conversation and asks what

is happening, it is Adhiraj’s duty to fulfill hs wife’s demand and asks what is it. Shreya says she wants Adhiraj to host tonight’s event. Madhurima says it is a good idea and asks Adhiraj to speak to his PR constultant Maya and get speech prepared. Shreya gets sad and says this is not political speech. Adhiraj says even then, Maya decided everything for him. Shreya gets more sad.

Maya gets ready for in green room for award function while all queens sit around her. Shreya says she is looking like college girl. Akshansha says college professor. They all joke. Tanya asks about Jahnvi’s promotion. Jahnvi tells Kevin got and also informs how he offered her one-night stand. They all fume. Jahnvi told she taught him a lesson by telling he has to marry her first. Desho asks Tanya why she is looking so dull. Tanya tells how Amrith took Sona to her home. They then ask Akansha’s situation and their discussion continues.

Maya changes into a beautiful gown. All queens taunt and praise her. Topic then changes to Shreya’s love life. Shreya tells Adhiraj’s image consultant Maya is a spoil sport and Adhiraj does not get intimate at all. All queens decide to provoke Adhiraj’s romantic side and make Shrey and Adhiraj’s consummation successful.

Precap: Maya dances on stage. Her FIL calls Avinash and scold why did not he reach venue yet, Maya’s award function start in a few minutes. Adhiraj announces Maya to come on stage and receive award. Maya repeatedly looks at door to see if her husband has come or not.

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