Queens Hain Hum 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Jimmy and his friends continue harrassing Maya. Police reaches and surrounds car. Jimmy points knife on Maya’s neck and warns police to back off, else he will kill Maya. Pushkar reaches and rescues Maya and hands over Jimmy to police. Maya is in a shock. Kiara tries to calm her down and Purshotam asks if she is fine and shall they go to hospital. Maya says she is fine and wants to go home.

Shreya chats with Sanaya in a friendly manner and they discuss about Adhi. KT as maid serves them juice and checks Sanaya’s mobile. Shreya keeps Sanaya busy in her talks. Sanaya reveals that she played trick and canceled their honeymoon trip. Shreya says Adhi informed her. Sanaya asks where she and Adhi go daily. KT signals not to tell anything. Shreya says they just roam around trying

to know each other. Sanaya gets call. KT gives her phone. Sanaya says it is her flat owner’s call and she has to go and give him rent cheque and leaves. KT says she is lying, she lives in a duplex flat and goes to London often, something is cooking between her and Madurima.

Dev sees flowers and special breakfast and asks Tanya what is special today. She says it is their wedding anniversary and hugs him, requests to stay back at home. He says he is in govt job and cannot take leave often. She says they will play key lost game. He says he cannot take his senior’s hep often and will come home in the even soon, they can chat then.

Maya wakes up in the morning and reminisces traumatic incident. She sees scratches on her neck and broken mobile. Her children come and ask why did not she pick papa’s call and ask how did she get scratch. Maya says it is rash and asks them to go out. They run away.

Maya then reaches salon and tells Kiara she did not even thank Pushkar. Pushkar comes and says as a friend she cannot back bite behind him. She asks if they are friends. He says they know each other since 1 month. She say this is not western country. He says strangers marry and promise to spend life together, they know each other since 1 month. She laughs and says she was joking. He asks her for a date. She says excuse me. He says he means to get her a new mobile and takes her out.

Investigating officers continue interrogating Jahnvi and Swati. Male officer says he is calling a big evidence now who will change this case’s vision and calls Aaliya in. Jahnvi is shocked and says they cannot call outsiders here. Officer says she is Jahnvi’s best friend and people have seen her storming into Jahnvi’ cabin before. Aaliya introduces herelf and says calls officers uncle an aunt. They ask if she is Jahnvi’s partner. She says she is best friend, stays alone, so Jahnvi helps her, that is all. They ask if Jahnvi is gay. Aaliya laughs on them and asks in which era they live. Argument continues she says even if Jahnvi is gay, she will not like Swati as she does not have so low taste. Officer says he is surprise to hear even lesbians have choice. She says he is living in 70s era. She says Jahnvi is determined, focused, professional, etc., and does not have time for all these silly issues. Male officer sit in a shock.

Precap: Jahnvi tells Aaliya she does not know what to do, if she is proved wrong, all her future plans will be shattered. Jahnvi’s boss tells investigation officers that Jahnvi is his best employee and he does not want to lose her. Maya blindfolds Swati and asks another colleague to touch her. Swati say it is lust and disgusting. Maya says she is not Jahnvi and another colleague.

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