Queens Hain Hum 16th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Queens Hain Hum 16th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Desho shows Amrita’s selfie with money bundles. Amrita gets embarrassed. Desho snatches Amrita’s bag and gets money bundles out of it. Tanya’s MIL asks Amrita what is this. Amrita says she was about to return money bundles.

Jahnvi is busy at office with secretary Kinjal when they see Shodhan entering office and asking peon which one is Jahnvi madam’s cabin. Peon asks who is he. Shodhan says he is Shodan, computer engineer from Silicon Valley and asks again which one is Jahnvi’s cabin. He walks into cabin. Jahnvi makes Kinjal sit on her chair. Shodhan’s jokergiri starts. He asks why is Kinjal/Jahnvi here. Jahnvi says she is Jahnvi/Kinjal’s personal secretary. Shodhan’s drama continues and he takes Kinjal out for shopping.


asks Madhurima’s assistant about Adhi. Assistant says he is in assembly and phone signals are jammed there. He says he will give Adhi’s other number with which she can talk to him. She says it is okay and says she is going to Maya’s solon and he can contact her if there is emergency. She reaches Maya’s salon and informs her sadly how Adhi did not even respond to her moves and walked out. Maya consoles her and gives her facial massage to relax her mood.

Jahnvi’s boss calls her and asks to her to handle one more project. She says she is handling already 3. He insists and says company will compensate her more for her hard work. Jahnvi calls all her colleagues and invites them for celebration party. She asks about peon to Kevin. Kevin asks who. Peon returns. Jahnvi invites him for party and tells Kevin he is peon. Kevin fumes.

Akku’s assistant tells her about Chaitanya’s interview. She sees it on mobile, reporters questioning him and he thanking god and producer for his success, etc. He says he feels he is free now. Assistant says that is why he told her to arrange a media interview. Desho calls her after sometime and informs that Chaitanya has sent a red car toy for Aniket and he is playing it happily, it looks like soon Chaitanya will return. Akku says she sent that car.

Precap: Desho forces Akku to call Chaitanya. A girl picks call and Akku feels shattered. Avinash tells Maya that Akku should not have announced about divorce on live news channel, now Chaitanya will not return. Kinjal asks Jahnvi who is her new cousin Aaliya. A tattooed girl Aaliya is shown.

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