Queens Hain Hum 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Investigating officers continue to question Swati and Jahnvi. They question another colleague who says when he attended party at Jahnvi’s house, he saw Swati acting like Jahnvi’s partner and was wearing her dress. He feels they must be in a relationship and after breakup, Swati alleged s*xual harassment. Male officer asks who is right and who is wrong. Colleague says he cannot say. Officer say he can go.

Tanya goes to Akku’s house to meet her and asks where is Aniket. Akku says he wanted to spend time with Chaitanya, so he went with him. Tanya asks her to relax, if Chaitanya comes here often, soon their problems will be solved.

Pushkar listens to both Jimmy stalker and sweeper’s voice recordings and realizes he is the stalker. He informs Kiara and asks her to call

sweeper while he informs Maya. Kiara returns and says sweeper has left already and his phone is not reachable. Pushkar says they have to leave for Noida. They both leave in a car. Pushkar calls Maya and asks where is she. She says she is in Noida, coming from her conference and walking towards car. He says her sweeper is a Jimmy stalker. She realizes him around all the time. Pushkar asks her to get into car and not stop till she reaches home. He calls police control room and asks them to track Maya’s phone till he reaches her.

Aaliya is at Jahnvi’s room and in he bath tub. They both vent their anger on Swati and laugh. Aaliya says if things go well, she will cancel her US trip and will stay with Jahnvi. Jahnvi says she is so innocent. Aaliya says she is not wearing anything, so she should go out and get her clothes. Jahnvi walks out.

Maya gets into her car and sees Jimmy sweeper and his friends already in. They point knife on her neck and start harassing her. She pleads to take money and spare her. Jimmy asks her to cooperate and seeing Pushkar’s call on her mobile, throws her phone out. Pushkar calls police control room and informs them about Jimmy sweeper and requests to continue tracking Maya’s number. Jimmy injures Maya’s neck and continues harrassing her. Pushkar finds Maya’s phone on road and picks it. He sees it is broken and off. He then rushes again in his car. Jimmy’s friends record Maya’s harassment video.

Precap: Pollice reaches Maya’s car. Jimmy and his friends get tensed. Investigation officer tells Jahnvi that he is calling an important evidence who knows well about this case. Jahnvi is shocked to see Aaliya walking in.

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