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Shreya wakes up in the morning and sees Adhiraj already ready. She asks why did not he wake her up. He says she was in deep sleep, so he did not wake her up. Shreya says she was having a beautiful dream of enjoying a vacation in Switzerland with him. He says morning dreams usually come true. He then shows Akansha’s news on social media. Shreya happily hugs him and says she is very happy for Aku. She fowards news to all queens. Jahnvi sees news and replies krantikaari queen Aku. Tanya is busy feeding breakfast to her nieces and gets happy seeing news.

Akansha goes to her office and Muniya thanks her for rescuing her and asks when she can go home. Akansha says along with her all children will go home. She asks her assistant to prepare before reporters come bombarding

questions. Maya calls her and congratulates her and says because of tublelight Shreya’s idea, she is rocking on social media. Akansha asks not to call Shreya tubelight. Maya says today is her award ceremony and she does not know what to wear, she looks s*xy in every cloth. Akansha laughs. Maya asks her not to wear her balloon top tonight. Akansha jokes she will bring Desho in hot pants. They both laugh.

Tanya cries while working in kitchen. Dev enters and asks why is she crying. She says she is cutting onions. MIL comes and scolds Tanya why did she call Sona for medical checkup and tells Dev that Amrit scolded Tanya a lot and warned her not to come near Sona including even us. Dev consoles Tanya and gives her favorite designer’s creation. She gets very happy seeing it.

Jahnvi enjoys beer at home. Kevin comes. She greets him in. He says she is enjoying in company’s bungalow a lot. Jahnvi says company gave it seeing her hard work.

Akansha sees news about her rescuing Muniya and exposing child labor menace. Reporter praises her and briefs about her. Chaitanya comes and says she should be careful as there will be more enemies with more fame. She asks where he had been. He says to meet publisher as his novel is being published. Chaitanya warns him why did he gave it for publishing. He asks not to spoil her mood. She says it is already. He says he knows it will negatively affect her career as she is his wife, so he has decided to use a pen name and not his real name. She continues yelling at him.

Jahnvi takes Kevin to swimming pool area. He jealously says she got a good house from company, if she really knows to swim. She jumps into pool. Kevin looks at her in a shock. Jahnvi says she loves spending her evenings like this, swiming is her stress bruster. He says awsome, when he has come here, evven eh will jump in. He removes his shirt and jumps in and says so finally he came to her house on a dinner date, he convinced her at last. If he had known this, he would have come prepared. Jahnvi says this is not dinner date, he invited himself and this is routine or her. He says he knows she is enjoying. She says all men are same, they are just behind s…x.. She gets out of pool and leans on couch. He says beauty with brains, says he knows she wanted promotion, but he got it, so he came to speak. She asks to come to the point. He wants to have a deal with her. She asks what deal. He says she will get promotion if she has a one-night stand with him. She fumes if he has gone mad. He says he is having a breakfast meeting with CEO and will discuss her promotion. She says he is so filthy, many girls must have gone to bed with him, but she is not cheap like him. He says just one night and she will get promotion she needed. Jahnvi says ambition and availability are 2 different things, she does not need to stoop low to get promotion. He cays common. She says she can understand how he got his promotion. He says it is just a deal. She says if he wants to sleep with her, he has to marry her. He stands shocked.

Precap: Shreya tells her MIL that she is trying to convince Adhiraj to host tonight’s function. Queens meet at Maya’s award function and watch someone’s dance.

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