Queens Hain Hum 15th December 2016 Written Episode Update


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Tanya serves breakfast to family and tells today’s Sona’s checkup day and asks MIL to call Amrit and request her to send Sona for checkup. Dev tries to silently leave. Dev confronts him and says he cannot run away like this. MIL tells Sona is is bearing child, so they have not other go than accepting Sona and Amrit’s decisions.

Jahanvi gives promotion letters to all her colleagues. They ask where is her promotion letter. She says she did not get promotion. They all come back to her cabin later and says they came to know that Kevin got promotion instead of her, they will confront management. Jahnvi says they should respect management’s decision and asks them not to do anything. Her mother calls her from vacation. She asks how is their vacation. Mother

says she and pappa are enjoying a lot and it would have been good if she had been with them. She then says boy wants to meet her again. Jahnvi says she is busy. Mother asks if she got promotion. Jahnvi says she has time to get promotion and disconnects call. Mother tells father that something is wrong there and they have to go to Delhi after vacation.

Maya goes to Akansha’s office to meet her. She sees Akahansha tensed and asks her th reason. Akansha tells Chaitanya is writing adult novel and she fought with him to stop it. Maya says Chaitanya does not interfere in her work, so she should not interfere in his work. She says Aniket took adult pic from Chaitanya’s desk. Maya says common, now a days children are more open and intelligent than she thinks. Carpenter comes and tells he fixed glass and will fix other things tomorrow. Maya asks if she broke glass in anger. Akansha says no, she got a threatening call from politician not to air child labor video and no channel wants to air it. Maya says they should take Mrs. Rathod’s help and calls Shreya who tells they should upload it online. Adhiraj comes and Shreya disconnects call. Maya says sometimes Shreya’s tubelight glows. She then asks Akansha to listen to her speech now.

Adhiraj comes from Mumbai. Shreya tries to help him remove his jacket. He says he will do it himself. He gets a lady’s call and asks if she reached safely. Shreya asks who is the girl. He says his PR executive who takes care of his diet, meetings, etc.

Jahnvi congratulates Kevin for his promotion. He asks her for a dinner date. She says she does not like to get out of her house. He says he will come to her house tomorrow night then and invites himself.

Akshansha’s assistant informs her that their video online has done wonders and has hit already 80000 plus views and many news channels and social organizations want to help child labors now. He congratulates her. She says it is their collective effort and smiles.

Precap: Adhiraj shows Akahansha’s social media news to Shreya who happily hugs him. Tanya’s MIL tells Dev that Amrit scolded Tanya and warned her to stay away from Sona. Chaitanya says he knows her work will be affected because of his novel, but he cannot back off. Kevin asks Jahnvi to have a one-night stand with him.

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