Queens Hain Hum 14th December 2016 Written Episode Update


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Tanya brings Sona home after doctor’s checkup. Sona says she needs kachori’s from nearby vendor. Tanya says she should walk for 20 min first and then she prepare best kachoris for her. She forces Sona to walk. Sona’s arrogant mother enters and starts yelling that they are torturing Sona so much and now she will take Sona to her home for delivery. Tanya pleads nott to take Sona, but mother gets adamant. Dev asks Tanya not to cry so much. Sona who knows it is a boy this time and has called her mother herself walks with her mother. Tanya continues crying vigorously.

Maya calls her assistant home and aks her to do her devrani’s makup. Devrani gets excited and says she was never allowed to do makeup by her parents and by husband and does not know how

to make up. Assistant says if she tries daily, she can learn herself. Devrani excitedly asks if she also can open beauty parlor in Raipur like Maya. Maya says yes. Assistant does devrani’s makeover and brings her out. Devrani goes to her room and husband scolds her loudly. Maya enters room and confronts he cannot insult devrani like this. He shouts he is scolding his wife and does not want to speak to any women and women are always inferior than men. Dadaji with dadima enters and scolds him that he is ashamed to have such a low thinking person in his home and gives him moral gyan that because of his low thinking, he did not progress in life from a grocery shop, though he is wearing modern clothes and using modern mobile.

Maya tells her husband Abhishek that she has selected theme for her award function with color coordination. Abhishek says they will look jokers with color coordination. She says he has to be with her all the time when her highness Madhurima Rathod gives her award. He says don’t worry everything will be alright. She says she wants to look best and has written speech. He gets a call and leaves. She messages Aksansha that she needs to talk. Akansha calls back. Maya tells her that she has prepared speech for her award ceremony and wants her to listen. Akansha says she will listen to her until she feels comfortable.

Aniket enters Akansha’s room showing an adult pic asks why uncle and aunty are drenching in air. She takes pic. Aniket asks Chaitanya if he can play video game. Chaitanya permits. Akansha starts yelling at Chaitanya that he should stop his adult novel, else what will Aniket learn, soon pics will reach his school, etc. Chaitanya says he is writing a romantic novel and is not doing any sin. Akansha continues lashing him and vents out her social serve organization’s failure on him and says he has to back off, else their marriage will break. He says she cannot blame her failure on him and pull his career down.

Precap: Maya tells Akansha that Chaitnya never interferes in her profession, so she should not interfere in his. Jahnvi’s colleagues tell her that Kevin was promoted instead of her, so they have decided to confront management. Shreya hears her husband speaking to a girl and telling he liked her company.

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    Dheere dheere sabke sach bahar aa rehe hai.. good… now it will be good to see queens to become real queens by fighting in male dominating society

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