Queens Hain Hum 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Akku makes Aniket sleep. Aniket sees someone’s reflection and tells her that ghost was behind the window. Akku checks outside the window and says he is security uncle. Aniket asks why security is here, and asks if someone is scaring us. Akku says we have to be careful. Aniket says you have kept security so that my new toys shall not stolen. Akku says yes and makes him sleep.

Mrs.. Sabharwal tells Maya that she looks aged with her upper body although she wears perfect fitting Longerie. Maya asks her to take 60 mins massage and then exercise at home. Mrs. Sabharwal says you have answer for anything. Pushkar comes. Mrs. Sabharwal asks him to write about her. He says he has not that much capacity. Maya asks him to wait in her cabin.

Maya comes to her cabin and asks why did you tell

about the tickets to Mrs. Sabharwal. Pushkar says you have nothing in your heart then why do you get afraid. She refuses to go to the exhibition. Pushkar says ethically you shall come, but if you don’t want to come, then tears this ticket. He tells if you don’t come then it is alvida bye. Maya keeps the tickets.

Sumitra and Sona talk about Suman. Sumitra sees Dev coming and asks about her. She goes to their room and sees her sleeping. She asks didn’t you sleep all night. Suman says Dev was sitting on sofa and that’s why I couldn’t sleep. Suman asks Sumitra not to tell anyone about this. Suman says I understand. Tanya serves breakfast to Dev. Dev looks at Tanya. Sona says you made his favorite food.

Sumitra brings Suman and asks Tanya to make something fresh for Suman. Tanya makes Suman sit for breakfast. Sumitra asks Dev to take Suman for shopping. Dev gets irritated and goes. Tanya calls him and says he didn’t have food. Sumitra is angry at Tanya.

Deshu knocks on Akku’s door and asks her to open the door. Akku opens the door and asks her to come inside. Deshu tells her that someone have beaten security guy badly and tied him. Akku brings water and splashes on his face. He asks are you fine? Security guy tells that he will not work here and asks her to pay for day’s work. Deshu asks him to get himself treated first. He refuses and goes without taking money.

Deshu says someone have beaten him badly and asks her to file Police complaint. Akku agrees and says I got threat before also, but nobody attacked my employee like this. Deshu asks what you will do if next time this person attacks you or Aniket. Akku asks her to lock the house and don’t sent Aniket to school today.

Highness takes Shreya and Adhi to meet someone. They see a man. Shreya says he is the same man who had added datura in his bhang. Sanaya says his name is Jaiwad. He is the one who had thrown snake on your bed and he got your car system wires connected from the battery. Adhi asks him to say for whom he works. Man is silent. Adhi asks him to say.

Shreya says security guards will make him speak the truth. Adhi asks him to keep his eyes down. Sanaya asks why you are staring Highness. Adhi asks him to say what is their plan and why do he wants to kill Shreya, and slaps him. Shreya asks him to leave the man and says he has fainted.

Highness asks Sanaya to make him spit the truth and says until he speaks the truth, he shall not die. Adhi says well done Sanaya. Sanaya says she wants family members to be safe and apologizes to him. Adhi says I trust you. Highness says this man is not alone and there might be some mastermind behind him.

Akku tells Deshu that Purab will stay here and will stay in the night. Deshu says Man is man and says no goons will come here now. Akku asks her to go and says Queens and Purab are with her. Deshu asks her to call on video call.

Akku calls Purab and comes to know that someone did his accident. Deshu tells Jhanvi about the incident. Jhanvi asks Akku about the same. Later Jhanvi tells Pushkar that maya and Avinash love each other and she has no interest in him

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