Queens Hain Hum 13th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Queens Hain Hum 13th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Tanya waits for Amritha eagerly. MIL says Amritha will not come as she has already spent money. Tanya nervously says she will come for sure. Amrita does not come.

Jahnvi is in cafeteria with Kinjal and other colleagues. Kevin sits alone and watches her. He then sees new intern and introduces her as one among who selected her and says he is chief architect of this company. She chats with him and says she has some work and leaves. Jahnvi discusses about her 7-star hotel project. Kevin comes and says he will handle designs as he is chief architect. She says she has international architects, though she can give him a chance and he has to make designs and presentation in 2 days. Kevin agrees.

Desho takes Aniket to a park to play. He goes missing. She searches him and

calls Akku and tells Aniket baba is missing. Akku rushes towards park. Desho finds Aniket behind car and asks what is he doing here. He says he is waiting for papa as papa met him here other day and promised to bring red car for him. Akku comes. Desho says she was about to call him. Aniket says papa had promised to bring him red car. Akku says papa will come.

Maya calls Shreya and asks her how is her seduction plan going. Shreya says as planned. Maya asks her to give the report in the morning. Shreya shyingly smiles and disconnects call. Maya then asks Avinash to speak to Chaitanya as he is elder to Chaitanya. Avinash is sound asleep.

Tanya does not get sleep due to tension. Dev asks to come and sleep. She tells her that she gave Amritha 1 lakh rs to returnn it to MIL. Dev scolds why dd she do this, mom will angry already. He says let us sleep now and see what mom does in the morning.

Shreya gets ready in a skimpy nightie and decorates like a honeymoon suite. Adi comes and she lures him. Their romance starts. Jaadu hai nasha hai…song…plays in the background. Adi gets intimate and is about to consummate, when he gets up and walks. Shreya gets very disappointed.

Amritha comes to Tanya’s house with Jatin and asks MIL why did she inform Jatin about money, she bought jewelry and will return in 1 month. MIL asks what about the money Tanya gave her yesterday. Amrita asks which money and starts drama. Tanya says she is like her mother, why will she lie. Amrita asks to show proof. Tanya says even Desho had come with her. Amrita asks to call Desho. MIL calls Desho and says she knew she would deny, so she had called already. Desho comes and jokes that Amrita is looking beautiful like Deepika Padukone and takes selfie and shows yesterday’s selfie in which Amrita takes money and holds it in selfie. Amrita sits dumbstuck.

Precap: Jahnvi’s fiance comes to office to meet her in office and tells watchman that he came to meet boss Jahnvi. Jahnvi and Kinjal hear him and get tensed. Shreya hugs Maya and cries. Chaitanya during interview to reporters tells that he is starting a new life. Akku sees news and gets tensed.

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