Queens Hain Hum 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Maya’s husband Avinash gets ready for a business trip and before leaving asks her about Akku’s divorce case. Maya says she and Jahnvi had a fight, so she did not talk to Akku yet. Avinash asks her to sort out the issue and find a plan of action for Akku. He says he will leave, else his flight will miss. She says he will and gives his passport. He thanks her and leaves.

Interrogation officers start questioning Swati and Jahnvi and after their investigation ask Swati to tell what happened that day. Swati describes that Jahnvi forced her to stay late in office and s*xually harassed her, describes in detail and shows nail marks on her hands and neck. Jahnvi says what rubbish and describes her part of story that Swati told she is pregnant and her boyfriend ditched her, Swati herself

tried to suicide by stabbing fork, but stops her and slapped to control her. Swati says she is not pregnant and can get pregnancy test. Officers say if need be, they will and ask them to go out and wait.

Maya calls Jahnvi repeatedly, but she does not pick call. Tanya asks her to relax as Jahnvi is workaholic and does not pick call for hours.

Male officer tells female officer it is disgusting that a woman filed s*xual harassment case on other women. Female officer says in foreign countries it common. Male officer says they have to investigate Jahnvi’s s*xual orientation. Female officer says they have to even investigate Swati’s past. Male officer says let us start our next phase of investigation.

Maya drives car back home when a biker speeds towards her. She applies brakes and notices biker disappearing. She then phone bell and picks call. Stalker Jimmy laughs if she got a shock or not. She looks around. He says why she is being so rude to him. She asks if he needs money, she will give, but he should stop troubling her. He says he will meet her at 12 midnight tonight at her house and she cannot escape. Maya calls Pushkar Katyal and meets him in a restaurant. Pushkar says he is waiting for Jimm to make a mistake. Their discussion continues. Pushkar says Jimmy may be very near to her, may be I her wellness center, else how will he know she threw his gift in dustbin. Maya says she cannot believe. Pushkar says he looks immature and asks her to keep recording his calls. She says Jimmy told he will come to her home, she is alone today. Pushkar says he will be outside her home with security and will catch Jimmy.

Precap: Jahnvi’s colleague her lesbian and says company will kick her out soon. Chaitanya tries to take Aniket out at night. Akku asks where is he taking Aniket. Chaitanya asks it is none of her business.

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