Queens Hain Hum 13th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Queens Hain Hum 13th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Maya reaches home after meeting Shreya’s MIL her hightness Madhurima Rathod. She sees her husband already home from London and soud asleep. She messages queens to meet her in a restaurant. They all meet except Shreya. Akansha says Shreya is so rude, she did not come. Maya says Shreya’s life is so strict in her house, each second is calculated in her house. She describes about her highness and praises her style. Queens joke. Akansha asks how is Shreya’s love love now. Tanya says haa babaji, why are they talking about their friend’s personal life in public. A man on a nearby table hears their conversation. They all joke and continue. Maya tells abouts getting woman entrepreneur of the year award and her highness helping her, etc.. Akansha jokes Tanya

should try a realty show. Their jokes continue.

Her highness tells her assistants that Shreya will host this year’s party and orders to take guest list and arrangement plan from Shreya. Shreya nervously asks why she. Her highness says she is future of Rathod family. Shreya nervously agrees.

Maya informs her family about her award. They all wait for Abhishek’s friend. Maya’s son asks dadaji that papa is his only son, then why they call friend as chacha. Dadaji says he is also like his son. Friend arrives and meets all family members. Dadaji tells he came on right time as Maya is getting award. Abhishek says he will not miss this award.

Akahansha shows her captured child labor video footage to her reporter friends who ask whose factory is it. She says some Mittal. They get very afraid and say they need time to think as Mittal is very powerful man. Someone throws stone in her office with a note to delete video, else get ready to die.

Jahnvi tells her assistant Kinjal that her fiance wants to meet her again, so she has to go and meet him again as Jahnvi. Kinjal asks what if he identifies her. Jahnvi says nothing will happen.

Precap: Sona’s mother takes her from Tanya’s house forcefully. Tanya pleads not to take Sona away. Jahnvi distributes promotion letters to her juniors and says she did not get any promotion this time. Akansha warns Chaitanya to stop working on his adult novel, else get release to break their marriage.

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