Queens Hain Hum 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Queens Hain Hum 13th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Tanya asks Pandit ji to start the rounds. Amrit tells Sona that her plan failed. Pandit ji recites mantras as Dev and the bride take rounds. Sumitra smiles and showers flower petals on them. Tanya recalls her marriage with Dev. Queens look on shocked. Pandit ji tells that their marriage is completed now, and says Dev and Suman are married now and start their life as husband and wife. Dev and Suman take elders’ blessings. Sumitra takes them inside. Tanya sits in shock.

Maya asks what you will do now, your husband went with his new bride to have wedding night. Jhanvi asks her to come with her. Maya says now you have become the other woman in this house. Tanya says I can’t leave this house. Akku asks why?

Tanya recalls convincing Dev and asking him to marry Suman. Dev refuses. Tanya

says I will leave this house, street and Delhi. Dev asks what you are saying? Tanya says if Sumitra wants then she must have thought about it. She says mum can’t be wrong and wife shall sacrifice always. She says I can’t give you baby and can’t become mum of your baby, and that’s why you have to marry. She says we shall go and file divorce in court. Dev says there is no need to file divorce, if you want I will remarry, but you have to promise that you will not leave this house. He says you can stay here as my friend, for my love. He says if you are not here then there is nothing. He says if you are with me then I will bear anything, but couldn’t love or touch you, but you are near me, I will be at peace. He gives her promise. Channa Mereya song plays. Tanya hugs him. They cry. fb ends.

Jhanvi says I thought Dev wrong. Akku says you people have sacrifice your marriage for family.

Maya says you have lost relation with this sacrifice, but your love have won. She says Sumitra have ruined three lives for her selfishness. Akku says she has broken three lives. Jhanvi asks her not to think that she is alone and says we all are with you including Shreya, and says you have 4 homes. Maya says yes, and asks her to come to them if she needs anything or have something to share. They say queens hai hum.

Adhi and Shreya come back home. Highness bless them and asks Shreya how was their holiday. Adhi says it was fun in Chattrapur. Highness says Shreya’s car window was locked and you both are saying that you enjoyed. She says your life was in trouble, but you didn’t inform me. Shreya says Adhi didn’t want to trouble you. Highness says mum can never get troubled by his children. Adhi asks Sanaya who told Highness. Sanaya tells that their Spy told them. Adhi says how did the snake come on our bed and how did the car system is compromised. He asks her to tell who did this else he will think that she is incompetent to work. Sanaya says Adhi. Adhi says I want all details soon. Shreya looks on.

Akku is in her office. Sandhya tells her that she found her bag outside. Akku says she lost her bag few days ago. She opens the bag and finds threatening letter. She reads the threat. Purab says same thing was written in the newspaper too. He says we have to take immediate action against Shashi Burman. Akku says he wants us to gets scared and says barking dogs don’t attack. Sandhya says we can’t take this lightly. Akku says we shall not hype this threat. Purab says we shall hire atleast security guard for Aniket and your security. Akku looks on.

Dev is in his room looking at the moon. Tanya also looks at the moon from the guest room. Channa Mereya song plays. Suman looks at Dev. She asks him to sleep on bed and says I will sleep on sofa. Dev looks on sad.

Tanya talks to Suman. Akku tells that nobody attack physically on her employee. Highness gets a culprit and asks him to tell.

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  1. Hmm, why do i think Sanaya is behind the mishaps?! I think her highness has misplaced her trust in Sanaya.

    1. Annie1

      Even I think so
      Hii pls introduce yourself

      1. Hi Annie1,

        How are you? I think Sanaya feels resentful towards Adhi after he chose to commit his marriage to Shreya. Sanaya can no longer manipulate him and maybe she switched sides? Sanaya tried complaining to her highness but her highness stated that she has not seen her son happiness for a long time since he married Shreya. Maybe, this is Sanaya payback? Let’s watch and see what happens. 🙂

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