Queens Hain Hum 12th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shreya returns home and Madhurima’s assistant tells that Madhurima’s ill, so everyone is in her room. Shreya enters Madhurima’s room and sees Sanaya already present and caling doc over phone. She asks Madhurima why did not she inform her, she would have come early. Madhurima says she was with her friends, so she did not want to disturb her, Sanaya as usual came and saved her on time. Adhiraj scolds Shreya that her first duty is to take care of maa and she is out of house always. Shreya says she will from hereon. Madhurima says she just wants her to stay at home and take over her reins after her. Shreya feels dissappionted looking at Sanaya.

Jahnvi tells Akansha that Chatianya’s reaction is normal, already he was upset regarding his earning and she gave

him a shock. Akansha says yes she is right. Jahnvi says so what Chaitanya writes adult novels, his novel is a best seller and people read it hiding. People have accepted porn stars, why not novelist. Akansha says yes and hopes Chaitanya forgives her, she does not know where he is staying as he broke up with his family for her. Jahnvi says she will order food for her and will leave only after she finishes it.

Shreya calls Adhiraj who is busy in a business meeting with Madurima. Shreya tells she has decided to cook for him. He asks what happened to cook. She says she thought of preparing food for family. He says he is busy and cannot come. She says it is okay, jumps in happiness and tells servant that she will be back in 2 hours and leaves home.

Queens gather at a restaurant and discuss KT is weird, she call them at weird places. They laugh on her. KT comes as cleaner. Maya identifies her. Shreya asks what happened to her case, earlier she spoilt her date with Adhi and did not get info at all. KT says she she is leavinng her case. Shreya asks what happened KT says Adhi is not having an affair and even not a gay, he is just mamma’s boy. Shreya says then why did not he get intimate with her since their marriage. KT signals she does not know. Tanya comments Shreya wasted so much money. KT comments when she is not talking about Meet, Preet, and Sona, she should not talk about her profession. Queens say Shreya that she should make a move first and lure Adhi.

Avinash returns from office and asks Maya if Akansha is divorcing Chaitanya. She asks how does he know. He says it is news paper’s front page news, it is good anyways Akansha is career oriented. Maya says he did not Amitabh Raina’s interview, he dragged Akansha into it. Avinash says Aksansha always preferred career over family and not like Maya who balances between them. Maya says even Akansha manages things well.

Jahnvi calls Chaitanya and asks what he has taught about Aniket and Akansha. He says what is there to think, he is just worried about Aniket. He confronts what all Akansha did. She asks where is he staying. He says at a friend’s house and hopes he gets film’s signing amount soon. She says she can understand and asks him to call her if he needs her help.

Akansha’s assistant tells that whole social media is talking badly about their NGO after Amitabh’s interview, they should call for a media interview. Akansha says she would prefer to be silent this time as silence speaks a lot.

Precap: Desho informs Akansha that Aniket is not in school. Tanya’s MIL asks Amrith to return 1 lakh which Tanya gave. Amrith asks which money. Adhi gets intimate with Shreya.

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