Queens Hain Hum 12th December 2016 Written Episode Update


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Maya at her beauty parlor promotes VLCC products to her client. Her regular old client comes and praises Maya that her VLCC business is going well now. She tries to show her social media pics and her ID does not work. Maya says it is okay and says today she will give her special VLCC golden facial and complementary massage. Old lady gets happy. Maya then calls Shreya and asks what happened to her Mumbai plan Shreya says Adhiraj went alone as he had some party work and she is stuck here alone. Maya says she heard that her MIL came to know about gol gappa party and pics went viral. Shreya says the guys who clicked their pics played the game and says her MIL is very impressed with Maya though and waants to meet her. Maya gets very excited that she is her highness Madhurima ji’s

big fan and would really like to meet her.

Akansha is still angry on Chaitanya. Chaitanya tries to prepare brinjal curry and loudly chats with Aniket what spices to add. Akansha writes list and gives it to Ankiet. Chaitanya continues questioning. Akansha herself goes to kitchen and prepares curry. Chaitanya says he told that mom will prepare curry today.

Jahnavi congratules her team for getting bagging big construction order. Kevin says he has finalized designed and sent them to client and soon work will start. Jahnvi says they need to make changes in design Kevin angrily takes Jahnvi into her cabin and says she cannot force her views always on him. She says only designs will not bag orders, she has work to convince clients, get funding, etc.

Maya reaches Shreya’s house. Guard says they were briefed already about her coming. Maya enters and excitedly looks at house and its interiors. Shreya comes and excitedly meets her and says she was getting bore here alone. Maya says they will host next pool party here. Shreya says then she will have to pack her bags and go back to Mumbai. They both laugh. MIL her highness comes. Maya greets her and says she is her big fan. MIL says she knows she is businesswoman and should tell more about her. Maya tells again that she is her biggest fan and follows her articles closely. MIL asks if she is a nutritionist also. Maya says she read that she drinks pomegranate juice for glowing skin, so she is following same. MIL chats a bit. Assistant says they have to go now to finalize award nominees. MIL speaks to organizers over phone and tells she wants to nominate Maya for a woman enterpreneur award. Maya gets excited.

Dev and Tanya take Sona for ultrasonography. Doc does ultrasonography and shows babies movement on monitor. Tanya gets very excited. Sona asks nurse to reveal gender of baby. Nuse says she cannot.

Precap: Her highness tells Shreya that she will host this year’s party. Shreya gets nervous. Maya tells queens that she is getting award. Someone throws stone into Akansha’s office with a note to delete videos, else she will die.

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    Again i think Akansha will die and Sonakshi will have baby boy and she will not give baby to Tanya.
    Lastly show had different theme now they are shifting to daily boring concept.

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