Queens Hain Hum 10th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Queens Hain Hum 10th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Tanya after lending 1 lakh from Maya goves to Amrith’s house with Desho. She speaks to Sona and suggests what to eat. Amith enters yelling that Sona’s MIL is so eager about money and sent her puppets here to take money, if she will taken money in her grave. She sends Sona in and continues yelling. Tanya says she came to give her money. Amrith snatches money bundle greedily and asks if she stole it from a bank. Tanya says she borrowed it from her friend and asks her to return it to mummyji. Greedy Amrith continues her excitment. Desho jokes to check if money is real and says let us take a selfie. Amrith takes selfie with them holding money bundles.

Akshansha goes to journalist Amitabh’s studio and assistant gives her questionnaire to prepare. She says

it is already 2 hours when will Amitabh comes. He says sir usually comes late as women usually take time to get ready and he does not want to wait. Amitabh enters and asks if she came on time. Akshansha says 2 hours ago. Amitabh gets jealous.

Queens eagerly wait near TV for Akansha’s show. Tanya prepares lots of snacks for herself, Desho, and Maya. Jahnvi with her parents and Shreya with Madhurima and Adi eaerly wait for show start. Show starts and Amitabh introduces Akansha about her sting operation and her NGO. He starts asking witty questions and she replies them promptly. He gets jealous. He then calls Chaitanya and starts praising about his novel and then changes his tone that Akansha is so loyal and works on women empowerment, but her husband portrays women as an object, so if Akansha will divorce her husband. Chaitanya asks what rubbish. Amitabh repeats his question and Aksansha says yes. Queens fume what rubbbish is this. Jahnvi’s parents says many people write these kind of novels, what is special in it. Jahnvi says Amitabh’s ego is hurt, so he took revenge. Shreya asks Madhurima if she can stop this interview. She says it is live and she cannot do anything. Akansha is too loyal and got trapped into her loyalty, now Amitabh willl repeatedly show this interview and garner TRP. Amitabh concludes show and says tomorrow they will be back with one more celebrity.

Precap: Chaitanya packs his bags and leaves home. Akansha tries to stop him and says says she does not need divorce. He says he needs though and asks her to tell her fans that she can do anything to prove her honesty for them. He walks out of house.

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