Queen of my Heart – RagSan – OS by NSM

***Queen of my Heart***

Hello everyone.This is NSM.This time i’m back with OS(One Shot) on our lovely couple RagSan.Hope you all will like it.
Please read full part and comment…

***Ragini’s Pov

I have everything except two things in my life.One is peace and second one is love.

My mother died in an accident.My father did second marriage.I lost my father in an accident.My step mother is a cunning fox.

She wants all latest jewellary.That’s it… For whole world i’m successful business woman in very young age.Who knows about my real life?

The only person who prays for my happiness is Ram uncle.My personal assistant.

***Malohtra Industries

Ram “Ragini beta…It’s 10:00 at night… How much time you will work?Go home beta”

Ragini smiled and said,”Which home you are talking about Ram uncle?”

Ram “Beta…”

Ragini “Yes uncle.I can’t stay there for 5 minutes peacefully.My step mother wants all latest jewellary.My step mother’s brother and his wife wants my whole property.So they are planning to do my marriage with their son.Now tell me,what you will call that place as?”

Ram “Sorry beta…”

Ragini “You no need to say sorry uncle.All people thinks that i’m living QUEEN life. But none knows about me and my life?”

Ram “Beta…Will you come to my house.

It’s not big like your’s?But you will like it?”

Ragini smiled and said,”Uncle…It doesn’t matters whether your house is big or small.Sometimes we will get happiness in small things only”

Ram smiles…


???Maheshwari House

Ram and Ragini reached Maheshwari House.

Ram “Please come inside beta”

Ragini “Thanks uncle”

Ram “Surekha…”

Surekha “I’m coming ji”

Surekha comes from kitchen.

Raoji “Ragini beta…She’s Surekha my wife”

Ragini “Namasthe Auntyji”

Surekha “Namasthe beta”

Ragini touches Surekha’s feet to take blessings.Surekha stopped her and hugged her.

Ragini’s eyes became wet.But she covers up.

Just then,

Sanskar came from office.

Ram “Ragini beta…He’s Sanskar…My son…”

Ragini “Hello”

Sanskar “Hi”

Ram “Surekha…Ragini will stay here for 1 week”

Surekha “Really?”

Ragini “Yes Auntyji.Sorry i’m giving trouble to all of you”

Surekha “No beta…Don’t you dare to say like that again?You are like my own daughter.So this is like your own house. You can come and go at any time?”

Ragini hugs Surekha.Surekha hugs her back and brushes her hair softly.

After having dinner,all went to their respective rooms.

Sanskar to himself “This girl and her eyes are killing me.Babaji…I think i fell in love with her.Babaji…She’s my Dulhania…I won’t leave her…Sanskar ki Dulhania…”

Ragini to herself “Today i’m so happy,after meeting ram uncle’s family i came to know what family really means?”

2 days passed by,

Ragini is so happy with Maheshwari family.She loves Sanskar’s company.

Ram and Surekha went outside to attend their relatives wedding.So they won’t come for next 3 days.

Sanskar “Ragini…I LOVE YOU”

Ragini “What?”

Sanskar “Yes…I said,I LOVE YOU…”

Ragini “You are saying so easily like drinking butter milk.Do you know who i’m?”

Sanskar “I don’t know and i don’t want to know?”

Ragini “I’m Ragini Malohtra”

Sanskar “So what?I’m loving you…I’m not loving your name and fame.I like your eyes.I love your smile”

Ragini shocked to the core listening to his words.

Ragini “Within 2 days…You fell in love with me?”

Sanskar “No…”

Ragini “What?”

Sanskar “I mean i started loving you from the second i saw you…”

Ragini opened her mouth.

Sanskar “Please close it?”

Ragini “What?”

Sanskar “Your mouth”

Ragini closes her mouth.

Sanskar “Then?Now you can open your mouth”

Ragini “Sanskar…I’m not like what you are thinking?”

Sanskar “That’s what made me fall in love with you.You are something special”

Ragini fell down on her knees and cries.

Ragini “You don’t know about me Sanskar.

I have everything except two things in my life.One is peace and second one is love”

Sanskar made her sit properly.She slept on his left shoulder.

Ragini “I lost my parents in an accident. My step mother loves jewellary only not me.My mother’s brother and his wife loves my money.None loves me.I want someone who loves me whole heartedly.I want someone to feed me,talk with me,share my pain…

I know it’s impossible.This is my life Sanskar”

Sanskar wipes off her tears with tissue.

Ragini looks at him with hope.

Sanskar “Ragini…The word impossible itself says i’m possible.Can’t you leave all your property behind for me?Can’t you give all your property to Anath Ashram? Because my salary is enough to run our family”

Ragini totally shocked and confused at the same time.

Ragini “What do you mean?”

Sanskar “The money which won’t give you peace and happiness..,what is it for?The status which you won’t love..,what is it for?The mother who won’t love you as a daughter..,what for?”

Ragini hugged Sanskar tightly.He rubs her back.

Sanskar “Cry…Cry your heart out and say good bye to this pain and tears”

Ragini stops crying and looked into his eyes.He kissed her forehead.

Ragini “I’m Queen to whole world.But i only know what i’m?”

Sanskar “You are Queen of my heart”

Ragini smiles…

Sanskar “Are you ready to become Mrs.Sanskar Maheshwari?My house is not big like your’s?But my heart and my parent’s heart is so big.

When i will come back from office to home,i want my wife to receive me and give me one hug and kiss to relax me.If you cut your little finger while cutting vegetables.I will come to kitchen with vampire speed and bandages your finger. Then after 1 year i want Ammu,Bunti, Bubblu,Cheeku,Chintu,Chinnu,Mintu…”

Ragini blushes…

Ragini laughs and said,”Please stop it…I will die giving birth to that many kids”

Sanskar “Awww…That means you are ready to become my wife?”

Ragini smiles…

Ragini “Yes…Mr.Maheshwari”

Sanskar “Don’t you think you are trusting me too much?”

Ragini “Till now i listened to my mind.But for the very first time i want to listen to my heart.Hope you won’t break it.If that happens i will d…i…e”

Sanskar covers her mouth with his hand.

Sanskar “Trust me Ragini…I will never hurt you…”

Ragini “I trust you and I Love You too”

Sanskar hugs her in happiness.Ragini hugs him back with the same happiness.

After 3 days,

He told this matter to Ram and Surekha.

They happily agreed for their marriage.


After 1 week,Ragini went back to Malohtra Mansion.

After 3 days,she went to London for business deal.She crack the deal but didn’t come back.Her phone is switched off and in T.V. they showed a shocking news that,

“The great Ragini Malohtra the main pillar of Malohtra family”,who have acheieved a great name in whole world that too in very young age with her brilliance,hard working nature,dignity and great business skills is no more.

Actually Ms.Ragini Malohtra went to London for business deal.She cracked the deal.When she was returning to Mumbai, due to climatic changes,

Ms.Ragini Malohtra’s chopper has blasted.


***Malohtra Mansion

Ragini’s step mother started her drama.

She called their family lawyer.She asked him about property.He said that the whole property transferred to Anath Ashram after Ragini’s death.After knowing this news,she died with heart attack.Her brother and wife escaped from that place.


???Maheshwari House

Ragini “Sanskar…Thank you so much for everything”

Sanskar “Without you nothing is possible”

Ragini hugs him.Sanskar hugs her back.

Sanskar “Ragini Malohtra died in chopper blast.The chapter of Ragini Malohtra ended forever.From today your name is Tejaswi.You are my Tejaswi,my love,my wife,my life…”

Ragini “I will live as your love Tejaswi.By the way,i like this name.When will you marry me?”

Sanskar “Now”

Sanskar takes her to temple.There he marries her infront of god.From there on words,Ragini lived happy life with him.He gave her all the things which she missed from childhood.As he said,from there on words,Ragini said bye to tears and pain.

            ……Queen of my Heart……


I wrote this OS few days back…So i thought to post it now…I don’t know whether it’s good or bad.I want to know through your comments.I will post my FF shortly.Do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…Thank you so much…


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