His queen and her devil ss (part 6) (last part)

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So let’s start
Swara angrily bangs inside her room
Swara – what does this sanskar think of himself …. How can he love me n after knowing that I’m only queen still he ….. How is it possible ….. Why can’t he just stop loving me …..

She was interrupted by a voice

“N why can’t you understand that loving someone is not in our hand”

She very well knew who he was …. Obviously it needs to be him otherwise no one cares to come in her room like this

Swara in dead serious voice – stop your nonsense ARJUN

He turned her with a jerk holding her arms in his tight grip

Arjun – it’s not nonsense it’s truth ….. n if you can’t respect his feelings then you are no one to criticize them

Swara mockingly – oh …. So now you started taking his side

Arjun – I’m not taking anyone side …. I’m just saying what is right

Swara pushed him harshly n shouts at him – then let me remind you that it was not right also to kill my papa but they did …… They killed him

Arjun – for God sake Swara stop digging the past

Swara in broken voice – it was not just my past but my life arjun
Swara (determined) – n tomorrow this 15 years chapter will be closed

Arjun sighed in defeat after all she is the best example of stubbornness

Next day …
Swara came down in hall where arjun sanskar were already waiting for her

She glanced at sanskar for once before turning her face to arjun

Swara – let’s go arjun

Arjun nods ….. He was about to move when sanskar jumped in front smiling widely

Sanskar – ha ha chalo chalo i am ready ….

Swara glared him while arjun suppress his laugh seeing Swara face

Swara – you are not invited

Sanskar – n why so

Swara – because I said

Sanskar – n why you said

Swara – look I have no time to argue with you so just get lost

Sanskar – I’m saying same thing we don’t have time to waste so we should get lost together (he smiles widely)

Swara looks on frustrated ….. Only she knew his much she wished to kill him right now ….

She angrily marched towards him ….

Arjun sensing her anger gets worried before Swara could reach him he came n stood between them

Arjun – Swara leave him ….. You carry on n I will see him

Swara passes death glares to sanskar who was standing behind arjun looking at her innocently ……
She turned her face away from him
Swara – come fast

Saying this she left from there
Swara stood in front of a old cottage with crack n dusted walls in middle of a deep green jungle ….. Many guards with loaded fund were surrounding that cottage
She calls one of the guard
Swara – is everything ready

Guard – yes mam ….. He is inside

Without wasting any time she moved inside only to encounter a man in his late 50s tied around a chair in his unconscious state …..

Swara signed one of the guards something he nods n went from there

After sometime he came there holding a bucket full of cold water n poured all of it on that man resulting him to gain his conscious

He was coughing badly n trying to figure out his surroundings in the dim light of a bulb hanging down from the ceiling

His concentration was gained by Swara who was looking at him with with burning eyes

Swara – welcome to hell Mr ops correction …. Dcp raj malhotra

Raj – who are you ….

Swara smiles with her red eyes – itni bhi jaldi kya hai dcp first let us complete our incomplete work …..

Raj – you girl leave me you don’t know what I can do with you

Swara said in fake scared tone – ary mai toh dar gayi ( getting back to her form ) you already did what you can but now it’s my turn

She moved a step forward getting in front of his eyesight from the darkness

His face lost his colors seeing her …. He starts to sweat

Raj stammering – wh…..who…..are…..You

Swara in cold tone – world knows me as QUEEN but for you Swara …. SWARA GADODIA

Now dcp was trembling in fear …. His whole body turns cold

Raj whispers in shock – Swara gadodia

Swara shouts – yes Swara gadodia daughter of shekhar gadodia whom you killed without showing any mercy Mr dcp

Raj body jerks in fear listening her voice

When someone said from behind
” cool down wild cat ”

She turned around only to find arjun standing there but what irked her was the other person standing beside him

Swara angrily – what is he coming over here

Arjun – oh sanskar …. Actually he insisted me so much that I was not able to say him no

Swara – fine .. …

Arjun – waise let me see our prey

Swara moved aside giving him way

Arjun smiled looking at the fearfull face of Dcp but sanskar looks in shock

He immediately went near him

Sanskar – sir are you alright ….. Shit I hope I’m not late sir …….
He panicked seeing him there …… He was about to free him from ropes but before he can do so he felt something on his head

He lifts his head only to see Swara standing there blazing fire from her eyes …… She points gun on his fore head

Swara – dare you untie him n I will shoot you next sec

Sanskar – why are you doing this Swara ……. For God sake leave him what wrong did he do to you …..

Swara – sanskar it will be better if you stay out of it

Sanskar – no I won’t what will you do

Swara clenched her fist to control her anger ….. She signed something to arjun
He nods n looks towards his men’s pointing towards sanskar

With in no time sanskar was in tight grip of four men’s which were holding him bt his hands …..
His all tries to get out of there hold was getting in vain

Here Swara looks back again at dcp

Swara – so get ready to sleep for life long Mr dcp but before that just remember your past deeds so that you can atleast reduce your punishment in hell

Raj tried to free him liking at sanskar asking him to help …. whereas sanskar looks at him helplessly

Swara – no one can save you dcp this time …… You made us to run behind you got past two years right now get ready to run behind death …..

Swara – prepare his death bed …..

Her men came in front holding kerosene bottles in there hands

Raj n sanskar looks in shock while arjun n Swara smirks

Arjun – don’t worry raj uncle we will make sure you feel the same pain which you gave to others

Raj – no stop ….. Don’t do this …. I beg you

But all stood there with dead ears ……

Soon men starts to put kerosene around him in a circle

Sanskar got furious seeing this …… He some how freed himself n started beating all the man coming in his way ……

Arjun marched towards him to stop him but sanskar was not in his senses
He just knew one thing that the person they were going to kill was head of his department n it’s his duty to save him

Arjun tried stopping him holding his hands but sanskar pushed him with all force making him to fall in ground
His eyes reached to the him in arjun pant …… Before arjun can stand back sanskar took out the gun n points towards swara …… Who was looking at all this drama with emotionless face

Arjun shouting – no don’t sanskar

Sanskar – it’s enough Swara …. Now ask your men to stop there guns ..

Arjun got up n tried moving to sanskar but he stops as sanskar loads the gun

Sanskar – date you to show your intelligence here arjun ….. Just ask your men to stop there guns or else I’ll shoot Swara

Arjun signed his men’s to drop the guns

Sanskar – well atleast here you got some brains
Saying this he moved towards raj n freed him still pointing his him on Swara

Raj – well done sanskar I’m proud of you …… (he smirks looking at swara) now shoot this girl

Sanskar looks at him then again at Swara …. He pointed the gun at her but will he be ever be able to shoot her ….. His love ……

His hands trembled on the mere thought of him shooting her

Now it was Swara turn to smirk
Swara – tch tch tch Dcp you told him to shoot me but I doubt will at all he be able to do so

Sanskar looks at her sadly n downs the gun ….. Dcp looks on in anger ….

Raj – if he can’t shoot you then I will do this good work …..

Before anyone can understand he snatched gun from sanskar hand n points on Swara

Arjun n sanskar together – NO …..

he was about to pull the trigger when sanskar ran n stood between them …..
Swara on seeing this gets shocked

Raj fired the bullet before it could reach sanskar
She instantly turned him around hugging him tightly taking the bullet on her back

All went numb for few sec ……
It was sanskar who first came out from shock feeling her whole weight on him …….. He parted from her n held her firmly from her waist

Arjun gained his senses hearing a small painful moan from her mouth

He immediately grabbed one of the gun fallen on ground n emptied all on dcp raj malhotra chest

Here sanskar slide down on ground taking swara in his arms

Tears fell uncontrollably from his eyes
Sanskar in broken voice – why you did this swara ….. Why …..

Swara hardly controls her eyes which were getting heavy from closing them

Swara smiles a painful smile ….. Her voice break with each word
Swara – I’m ….. sooo ….. sorry sanskar ….. But …. now I have …. To leave

Sanskar – no Swara don’t say like this nothing will happen to you

Swara – please … let me say …. before leaving I want you to know one thing …..

Her breath starts to get uneven …… She managed to cup his face from one hand

Swara – I….lo….love…..You…..sanskar

Sanskar was shocked ….. He was not able to belive what he heard just now ….. But he was bought back to reality by a slow whisper

Swara whispers – sanskar

He looks at her painfully

Swara – won’t you say those three magical words to me for last time

Sanskar angrily – stop talking nonsense I’m saying na nothing will happen to you

More than telling her he was trying convincing himself that she will be alright

Swara – please

Sanskar lovingly – I love you Swara …. I love you

Swara smiles n her hand sloped from his cheek falling in ground … Her eyes closed with a satisfaction in her face

Sanskar shouts – SWARA
He cries miserably

Arjun came running towards them
He checked her pulses

Arjun – her pulse rate is dropping ….. Fast sanskar let’s take her to hospital I’ve called the ambulance ….

Sanskar wiped his tears with determination clearly visible on his face

Sanskar in mind – you have to live Swara you have to for us Swara if not for yourself than for me …..


Precap – epilogue


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