#quboolhai(i do forever) episode 9


Hi guys actuall I’m so sorry but for the moment in ff Ayan and Asad won’t find out they are brother because there is a twist related to it but people will definitely find out including Zoya and Badi ami just keep following you will see where I want to go to thanks lot for your comments.

This episode start with Asad and zoya
Asad and Zoya where dancing romantically
Zoya (thinking )oh God why do I feel this feels went he holds me like this
Asad:are you OK
Zoya (feeling shy ):ya all is well
Asad:Mrs farro..
Zoya give angry look
Mrs Khan I just want to say something
Zoya: what Mr Khan
Asad i want you to repeat after me
Zoya: OK
Asad: I
Zoya: I
Zoya(think ):oh God Mr Khan wants me to..
Zoya: ya love
Zoya leaves Asad hand and runs back inside close the door and smile at the same time Ayan was coming down stairs
Zoya:my G are you crazy you and I are not support to know each other and what are you still doing where I told you to leave already
Ayan: what wrong with you I sacrificed a lot for you and you do this
Zoya: Ayan please don’t you say I too sacrificed a lot for you but now I can’t hurt people who loved me a lot I just don’t have the heart
Ayan: zoya do you still love me
Ayan: for God’s sake answer
Zoya: Ayan this are complex and I have never lie to you I don’t know Ayan what I feel anymore things are different
Ayan: you tell me this zoya please love listen to your heart

He was dragging Zoya’s arm and Haider saw this and was about to intervent but all of suddenly Asad was coming
Zoya: get out of here Asad
Zoya ran to her room and Ayan left too
Haider;(thinking )my G what’s going on here
At sid’s house
Humera was in ayan’s room going through his things and lying on his bed
Humera; my Ayan I dreamt of this moment where you and I will be together and now that it happening you seem far away but I won’t give up my love is enough for both of us
Razia see this
Razia: Humera
Humera: yes mom actually u where… I was….
Razia: I know humera I promise you no one will take what belongs to you
Humera: mom you are always saying that but I don’t understand
Razia: it OK that I understand myself
Come on go to bed now
Humera goes to her room while was fixing what she spoiled. Razia finds some photos in ayan’s things
Razia: what is haya photos doing in Ayan bag this is not possible if Sid find this questions will arise
When she wanted to take the photos Badi ami came in

Badi; what are you doing here
Razia: it still my house for what I remember
Badi: but is not your room for what I know so get out
Razia: yeah you old woman do not start a war you can’t finish
Badi: this war started with rashid
Razia: oh I see you actually can talk let see who talks better
Razia leave
Badi: let’s see who fight strongly
Rashid’s room
Rashid:(thinking ) I have to find dil’s number
He remembered a friend who had communication company and could get him any number as easy as he could rashid decide to call him
Rashid: hello manu
Manu: rashid long time
Rashid: ya long time
Manu: when I saw your number coming up I was very shocked but any problem
How Is your family
Rashid: find but I have a service to ask you
Manu: what is it
Rashid: I need dil’s number
Manu:oh that well I have it in my phone
Rashid: what you have it

Manu was helping dil’s after rashid left her for the 2nd his is the father figure Nahma and Asad ever had

Manu: actually I’m in contact with Dil and the kids
Rashid: how are they
Manu: find well Nahma is in collage and Asad has a contractions industry and got married few weeks ago
Rashid: I missed a lot in my sons life
Manu: why don’t you tell dil’s the truth
Rashid: is not that easy when I saw her today all my emotions where mixed up
Manu:woow then if you say so I have to go I will sent you the number by text bye
Rashid: bye
All through the conversation Sheren was hearing
Sheren: oh God if this woman come back in to Rashid’s life I don’t stand a chance this time around I have to stop it

Early in morning
Asad’s house
Amira pretends to have headache and ask Zoya to stay with her avoiding her closer with Asad
Amira I can’t stay alone you know when I’m sick I need friends to stay with me
Zoya: but first I have to go prepare breakfast for my husband
Amira: husband you’ve gotten used to that already but you can’t cook at all
Zoya: ya but I can’t learn
Amira: you want to learn for him you should really love him
Zoya smile and leave
Amira: oh God her feeling is increasing every day I need to do something
Down stairs
Asad,Haider and Ayan where on the dinning table
Asad: you know when I look at you Amed I feel like I know you and I’m some how close to you
Ayan:well I too (thinking )oh God what he is saying is true but do I feel like this
Haider:(thinking )I’m confused it Ayan or amed oh God what’s happening here
Tanu: jammy I did breakfast for you
Zoya was coming and see this
Zoya :thanks tanveer but that my duty and I don’t need help
She turn to Asad and give angry look
Tanu: I’m sorry but as you where not here I taught of…
Zoya: thanks for thinking
This words put Tanu in rage but she pretend all is good
Zoya: go to the kitchen and start fixing something for Asad
Haider: (thinking)oh God poor Asad he doesn’t know what he is in for
Asad: my wife will do me something good
Haider:indeed very good (funny tune )
Ayan: something is burning
Asad: yeah it is ,it everything OK Zoya
Haider: get ready
Asad: what
Haider: nothing
Zoya come with a plate of pancakes burned and tea full of sugar
Zoya: here you guys can start eating
Ayan: all of sudden I feel full (funny tune )
Haider: I have digestive problems it can’t pass
Asad: well… I..
Zoya: please Mr Khan test it
Asad: Mrs Khan I am very late
Zoya: if it was Tanu you would had
Asad :OK OK I’m eating
He start eating and can not swallow it
While Zoya looking at him lovely with chinky eyes
Asad: it good (funny tune )my wife is a good cook
Haider: wooow love can make people become stupid
Zoya: yeah haider
Actually Mr Khan I will cook dinner for you
Asad(he shouted ): noooo.
Zoya: why but you said that….
Asad: it not like that I wanted to bring you out today
Haider: sounding interesting
ZOYA: OK i have to check on Amira
Zoya leave

Haider: oh outing
Asad :all but just not test her food again
Ayan: her food has always been bad
This leave Asad shock
Asad: how did you know
Ayan (tense ):actually I assumed that
The.house phone rings Asad pick it
Asad: hello
Rashid: hello
Asad: yes who is this
Rashid: Asad is that you
Asad: yes and you are?
Rashid: sons I’m happy to hear your voice I….
Asad drop the call and is extremely angry Rashid call back Asad doesn’t pick
Nahma: bhai the phone
Asad still in shock and rage Nahma picks
Nahma: hello
Rashid: Dil
Nahma: sorry mom isn’t home
Rashid; this means you’re Nahma
Nahma: yes but you are
Asad stop the call and deconnected the phone line
Nahma: what bhai
Asad(shouting ):Nahma
Leaving Zoya Haider and Ayan shock
Nahma leaves .

Haider: Asad what’s wrong
Asad: sorry I just got irritated by the ghost of the past and this ghost real and well come hell
At sid’s house
Rashid try to call Asad again but it not passing Badi ami see this
Badi: Rashid what’s wrong
Rashid: Asad!
Badi: Asad! You got to talk to him
Rashid: yes and explain everything to her
Badi: don’t worry one day I’m sure Asad will understand and forgive you
Rashid: mom I miss my family my son and my wife my daughter whose voice is so lovely Badi:Rashid trust God all will be OK Sheren lives and go to Razia
Razia: what wrong Sheren for you to be crying
Sheren: that old witch wants to separate me from Rashid
Razia: I told you already be careful with that old witch
Sheren: she won’t suicide I swear it I will make sure Rashid stay with me at all cause and this secret will never be out
Razia: that like it by the way where is Ayan
Sheren: I don’t know but I’m sure he will be for Nitkat we engagement to
Razia: when are we getting humera and Ayan engaged
Sheren :as soon as possible I don’want Ayan change his mind
Waji comes and info them that rasena farah and some guest arrived for Nitkat’s engagement

At nahma’s collage
Haider was picking Nahma from school as Asad asked him to as a service. Haider was waiting for Nahma when bombed into Humera
Humera: Gud!!! Can’t you see where you are going
Haider :I’m sorry I didn’t see you
Humera: how can you see when your eye are in your bag
Haider: excuse me I just said sorry no need to add more
Humera: oh really sorry I don’t need your sorry
Haider: OK then i take it
Humera:no you can’t you already said it
Haider: what!
Humera shout him up with a finger on his mouth and leave
Haider: what what rudeness
Nahma: what did Humera want
Haider: Humera OK
Nahma: actually humera ahmed siddique
This name shocked Haider
Haider: daughter of
Nahma: gaffur Ahmed siddique
Haider (thinking ):what a luck destiny is with me
Nahma:everything ok
Haider: yes get in the car let’s go

At sid’s house
Farah nd rest of the guest. Nitkat came down stairs wearing a green sari sheren makes he sit down
Sheren: I’m proud of you princess
At the same time Ayan enter the house and left his things on the table
Ayan: my little sister is pretty
Nitkat: where we’re you
Ayan: recuperating my happiness
The function started while Ayan was busy
Razia took ayan’s bag and found two photos of Zoya one when she was little and the other a recent with a word writen behind “from your Zoya with all love a photo of yesterday and today to express my love ”
Razia: (thinking )oh God haya and Zoya are the same. What do I do now
Ayan started looking for his things and Razia secretly dropped it back. The function when on and Nitkat placed the ring on Farah and Farah did so too all clapped for them
At asad’s house
Amira was in her room fuming on the date of Asad and Zoya
Amira: if the keep on going closer to each other I might loose Asad and there is not what I want
Tanu: I can help
Amira: why will you do that
Tanu: because I like you more than Zoya
Amira: that not true I’m not a fool
Tanu: because I hate her bossy altitude and also trying to separate me from asad’s friendship so what do you say
Amira :OK as long as Zoya is out of my way then let’s say deal
Tanu: deal just tell me all you know about Zoya that can destroy her
Amira: of course
Tanu leave and arima thinks you take me for a fool right as if I don’t see you like Asad too I will use you and get you out too. My info I will use it at the right time

Tanu’s room
Tanu: I know you don’t trust me and that will be your weakest point watch me get you and Zoya out of here
Amira’s room
Amira; I won’t let Asad Asad and Zoya be together he is mine mine alone
As that same time Haider what she said
Haider;I have to info Zoya
He goes to Zoya where put he didn’t see her
Dil’s room
Dil: Zoya everything set
Zoya: yes mom I’m impatient
Dil: relax Zoya all will be OK
Zoya: today will be special
Tanu hears this and think oh God what will happen and wait still Zoya comes out and follow her
Zoya: I’m going
Dil: good luck OK

At Asad and Zoya’s room
Asad: why is the light off
Asad on the light and see romantic decorations
Asad :wooow all this
Zoya: Mr Khan all this
Asad: I taught we we’re going out
Zoya: no last time you prepared something romantic now I too
Tanu here this and is in rage goes directly to Amira room to info
Amira: are you sure
Tanu: absolutely sure
Amira: we just have to wait till tomorrow to confirm
Asad’s room
Asad: mr Khan
Zoya: I want you to repeat after me
Asad: OK
Zoya: I
Asad: I
Zoya; love
Asad: love
Zoya: you
Asad: you
Zoya: I love love you Mr Khan, my Mr Khan, Mr life and happiness
Asad: I love you more
Zoya: I will always love you me now and forever
Asad: for this I love you
He puts his hand around her and lay her down
At the same time Ayan feel a strange and can understand. Zoya and Asad consummate their marriage
At Sid’s house
Humera :Ayan what’s wrong
Ayan: I feel I’m loosing something
Humera :I’m here for you

At Asad’s house
Zoya and Asad are consummating their marriage. Tanu feel a feel of lost. Amira can’t stand the taught of…
Early in the morning
Asad’s house
Asad’s room
Asad: good morning my Mrs Khan
Zoya: Mr Khan stop looking at me
Asad: you’re my wife
Zoya: oh really
Asad :yeah thanks for this gift
Zoya; what gift
Asad: allowing me to be first
Zoya: what did you think that because I was raise in USA mean I’m a flirt
Asad: no it because I knew you love someone and..
Zoya: I loved Mr Khan
Asad: but.
Zoya: but nothing Mr Khan I never gave myself to Ayan may be because I didn’t love him enough and also for me marriage passed first
Asad: I’m proud of you for this I love you more
Tanu knocks on the door Zoya opens wearing Asad’s shirt
Zoya: anything
Tanu: actually I …. was… I wanted to ask Asad something
Zoya: he is occupied for the moment you will later and closed the door
Asad: you don’t like my jealousy but I love your
Zoya: oh really well I will..
Asad:come here (and put here on the bed )
while playing with Asad Ayan hear it and is in rage
Tanu is in rage and think it not possible and break all on her table (thinking ) this is over my dead bodies

Episode ends
RECAP: Zoya tells Ayan she loves Asad, Ayan goes back to his house breakdown, Badi ami goes to Asad house and find out the true about Asad and Ayan, Badi ami tells Rashid, Zoya and Asad go for honeymoon.
Please I have a request
I have to twist but I don’t know what you will like so comment please
Should Imran love Nahma and Haider loves Nitkat or imran loves Nitkat and Haider loves Nahma
Thanks for your comments

Credit to: alexis fayole

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