#quboolhai(i do forever) episode 8


Hi guys I’m so happy that you love my ff I’m so greatfull of your support. Some of you want me to unit Asad and zoya. And I will .just be patient with me thanks for understanding
This episode start with Amira
Amira was thinking and all of a suddenly Dil came
Dil: please dear where is zoya
Amira;I don’t know but I will check
Amira goes in search of zoya, zoya was with Asad
Asad:actually you look beautiful today
Zoya (smiling );thanks Mr Khan
Asad:you’re welcome I love your smile it the first time in see it so brighten
Zoya: oh really
Asad:keep smiling for me
Zoya: thanks for caring
Asad: I can’t stand you being sad
Zoya: then set me free.
Asad: why are always pushing me away I’m getting fed up with this
Zoya:then set me free you will be more happy like that
Asad (grab her hand):never did you understand me never you’re mine
Asad leaves and Zoya is in tears Amira see this and think oh God his love for her is deep but I have to make Zoya leave with Asad at the same time Dil see it
Zoya (thinking ):what a fool I am why do I feel bad each time I hurt him
Dil: Zoya
Dill give an angry look
Zoya: sorry mom
Dil:don’t you think you should start taking responsibility of the house as Asad’s wife
This tense Zoya
Zoya: but aunty… sorry mom I think
Dil:you know every woman will want her husband to care for her as well as the husband and the wife does not the husband might……. you understand what I mean
Zoya: but mom this situation is different Asad….
Dil: you feel he brought you from your family but Zoya you said yes to it for a reason and well that reason must be you liked him a little bit
Zoya: actually…
Dil; Zoya think well cause once Asad get tried of waiting for you and get you free as you demand you might release something think well Zoya love does come twice and if it does you are very lucky
Dil leaves and Zoya think oh God what is this my love is Ayan but then I said yes to Asad why did I do that
Amira: stop it Zoya you know hate that form of my name because it sounds like mon (funny tune)
Zoya: hahaha well I love it
Amira: come let go inside someone wants to talk to you
Amira calls Ayan and pass it to Zoya
Amira: take zoya
Zoya: who is it
Amira: just take
Zoya: hello
Ayan: my love it you are you OK?
Zoya: Ayan I miss you so much
Ayan: don’t worry I will get you out of there so do you trust me
While Ayan was talking to Zoya Asad was passing with Tanu and this distracted Zoya
Zoya: Amira take
Amira: but zoya
Ayan: hello Zoya are you there
Amira; no it Amira don’t worry Zoya will call you later
Zoya goes to Asad and Tanu who were laughing and behaving lovely
Zoya: what happening here
Tanu: actually Asad was telling me a joke
Zoya(goes close to Tanu ):I was talking to my husband and not you
Asad: Zoya don’t be rude
Zoya: I shouldn’t be rude when this girl is flirting with you
Asad: what are you saying have you gone mad
Tanu: jammy don’t fight with her she’s your wife
Zoya: oh God jammy (saying ironically )
Asad;Zoya that enough apologize
Zoya: what !
Tanu:jammy I’m sorry (leaving while crying but later smirk and think now they will fight again
Asad holds Zoya arm and drags her to the room
Asad: (shouting )what the he’ll is wrong with you
Zoya: what is myself the problem
Asad:why did you shout and was rude at Tanu
Zoya: oh poor Tanu darling Tanu
Asad:stop it Miss farroque
Zoya: oh really I should stop it while she tuning around you like a puppy jammy jammy….. (saying it ironically )
Asad:you’re sick I’m sleeping in the guest room for today
Zoya breakdown start crying reflect on what dil said
Zoya (thinking ):oh God I can’t permit that……….
Asad:(thinking ):why is zoya behaving like that
Dil:can I come in
Asad: sure mom
Dil: Asad what will happen if look well you will understand Zoya reaction
Asad: mom what do you mean
Dil: think good night Asad
Asad ;mom……..
Dil: (thinking )oh God help.Asad she goes to Zoya’s room Zoya is not opening (oh God Asad must have hurt her so much she might be sleeping
Hours later Asad goes to his room and find Zoya lying on the floor with a pic of him in the arms he carries her and put her on the bed kiss her forehead and say I love you so much Zoya I’m sorry I just can’t bear loosing you you my life and breath sweet dreams he leaves and Zoya open her eye we lots of emotions
At siddique’s house
Ayan; (thinking ) why did Zoya break up the call all of the sudden oh God I feel.very bad a bout this altitude Ayan come down something might have come up relax Ayan all is well
Asad’s house
At 1 am Asad phone rings
Asad: oh God who the he’ll is this (hello)
Haider: hello I’m so sorry I just try Zoya phone and it wasn’t going through so Zeenat gave me your number
Asad; who are you?
Haider; oh sorry I’m Haider Zoya..
Asad:brother I’m happy to known you finally
Haider: oh great and I you but I really need to talk to Zoya
Asad: it very late and Zoya is sleeping but tomorrow she will call back
Haider: actually tomorrow I will be in India so I will just see her there
Asad: great but where you stay
Haider; at the hotel
Asad: oh no OK do one thing come and stay here we are family
Haider: but I don’t….
Asad: it OK and yes you are family
Early in the morning
Ayan’s house
Sid: waji here is Ayan
Waji: in his home
Sid goes to Ayan
Sid: oh God this boy is not here
By the time he turns on the side he sees a photo on the side
Sid; oh God this pic of haya (remember this is the name he gave Zoya before she was adapted )how come it here
He goes to his room and finds the same photo
Sid: what does this means
Razia: Sid actually I was looking for
Sid: where is my daughter haya
Razia; what happened to you I stole you years ago she died in the fire
Sid: what! But……
Razia: Sid take some rest I think you need it
Razia turn and think oh God now this if siddique start asking questions I’m afraid he might get to the truth and this doesn’t soot me I can’t let this happen
Sid: (thinking )why did Ayan have that photo I have to talk to him as soon as possible
Asad’s house
Amira: good morning everyone
Dil: good morning dear
Tanu: mom where is jammy
Asad: I’m here
Zoya: good morning
Tanu :I’m sorry for yesterday I didn’t mean
Zoya: it OK
Asad: Mrs Khan I have a gift for you
Zoya: oh really actually for yesterday I….
Asad: yesterday what happened I don’t remember
Zoya smiles Amira sees this and get confuse Tanu is in rage Dil and Nahma enjoy this
Dil: Asad is the new manager coming here today well I know her coming from USA and he will staying here for something
Asad: her should be on his way
All of the suddenly the bell rings and the servant open
Asad: here he come you are amed
Asad’s manager felt india and that one of the reasons Asad was to USA because he heard of a friend’s friend there and wanted him
But when amed arrived india he had an accident and is critical ill
Flashback ends
When the supposed amed arrives
Zoya fall unconscious and all shock
Asad: Zoya
Dil: what happened
Asad: I don’t know
Asad take her to their rooms
Amira drag Ayan to her room
Amira :what all this
Ayan: he might have mistaken me for someone else
Amira: oh God Ayan if someone find you I can’t image
Ayan: I have to see zoya
Amira: not now
Zoya regain consciousness and she see Ayan again
Asad: are you OK
Zoya: I’m fine
Nahma: oh I see mom may be zoya is pregnant congratulations bhai (funny tune )
Dil: oh that great
Tanu and Amira are tensed
Asad:actually mom is nothing like that
Zoya: mom I just need to rest that all
Dill: Asad Nahma please let my princess rest OK
Zoya; thanks mom
They all leave and zoya become more shock, Amira comes to zoya
Amira: zoya wants to see come with me
She fall her to her room
Ayan see and hug her
Zoya: I miss you but what the hell are you doing here
Ayan:I needed to see you, Zoya I came to take you away
Zoya:have you looked it can’t go
Ayan: why Zoya
Zoya:because I’m married and….
Ayan: but you love me right!
Zoya does not answer
Ayan (screaming );answer me
Zoya: I don’t know I don’t know Ayan lot of this happened
Ayan: you can’t tell me that zoya it not time to be confused
Zoya: Ayan but that the truth I’m sorry (crying )
Asad was approaching the room and Amira was encouraging him to go but all the suddenly Nahma called him
Amira:oh God my plan fail due to this stupid nahma I need Asad to leave zoya very soon oh I might loose a lot
Tanu hears this and thinks :oh God see this ,this girl is actually plotting against her friend this seems interesting well tanveer you have a new friend someone said be very good friend of your enemy’s enemy
Amira: I have to keep my friend close but my enemies closer
Amira goes to zoya
Amira: are you OK
Zoya: no how can I the man I think I love is here ready to take me from here but for some reasons I don’t know can’t leave. I can’t stand to see Asad hurt I can’t see him shade tears
Amira: you love them both
Zoya: I don’t know
Asad arrives and ask amira to leave him with his wife
Asad: Miss farroque I have two gifts for you
Zoya: Mrs Khan stop forgetting it
Asad:I love that
Zoya: what is it
Asad: be patient
Zoya:please Mr Khan
Asad:Zoya wait
The bell rings
Asad: I think this is your first gift come let’s go down stairs
Zoya: Haider…
She jump on him and say I’m happy but how and when
Haider: chucky wait OK one question after the other
Zoya: Haider….
Haider:Zoya Asad helped me
Zoya turns to Asad and hugs him for the first time
Zoya: thanks Mr Khan
This makes Tanu Ayan and Amira in rage
Asad:but there is one more
At sid’s house
Sid: Sheren where is Ayan
Sheren: I don’t know mom Ayan has just disappear
Humera :oh God where is my Ayan
Nitkat: humera don’t worry Ayan is alright and I’m sure he is preparing a surprise for you
Sheren: where are you going Rashid
Rashid: to the temple it been long since I visited a temple
Asad’s house
Dil: Asad today I have to go to the temple to say thanks to God for this loving family
Asad: OK mom let the driver take you
Asad you to see Zoya
Zoya: you here I taught you had to go to work
Asad:yes I had a work to do here
Asad gives here a gift
Asad:I want you to wear it today and come to this address I know you will like great in pink
Asad leave
Zoya:oh God how does he know I will look great in pink
2years ago Asad came to India with where Amira met him but when he checked off he was invited to a party and that’s where he saw Zoya for the first time wearing pink and black he found her very beautiful and couldn’t stop looking at her by the time wanted to talk to her she had left the party due to time
Flashback end
At ayan’s room
Ayan: Amira what happened to zoya
Amira: zoya is confuse and if you don’t convince her to leave with you fast you might end up loosing her
Ayan: never you got me never our love is stronger than anything and will always
Amira: if you say so but only I can help you
Ayan: why are you doing
Amira: because I know you and Zoya need it
Ayan:I know you
Zoya and Ayan where going out together but Amira too liked Ayan and did all to separate them and even gave herself to Ayan but still Ayan preferred Ayan
Flashback end
Ayan:see I know you what you want is I let the way for you to be with Asad
Amira: you got it
Ayan: if it did soot me I won’t help you
At temple
Rashid came to the temple and was praying all of the suddenly Dil collide with him
Rashid: Dil
Dil:rashid I taught you were in USA
Rashid: I came back 1week ago
Dil: oh
Rashid: how is Asad and Nahma
Dil: why do you care you left them 17 years ago
Rashid: Dil
Dil turns and leave when rashid is talking
Rashid (thinking ):if only you could know how I miss you and how helpless I am
Asad’s house
Dil arrive home break down
Asad: mom anything the problem
Dil: nothing just that I’m stress
Asad: you are sure
Dil: yes Asad but tell me how is the plan for today
in the evening
Haider: chucky you are beautiful
Zoya: thanks bhai
Haider: I see love in the air
Zoya: it complicated
Haider: Zoya I see you want to talk about that guy in collage
Zoya;yes but tomorrow OK
Haider; talking of couple I can see 3 beautiful girls
Zoya: hey hey control yourself OK don’t even go close to Nahma OK
Haider:ya ya
Zoya leaves
At Amira’s room
Ayan: where is Zoya going
Amira: out with Asad Ayan we have to do something
Tanu’s room
Tanu:I can’t let this I have to find a way this is not possible I have to use Amira or I might loose oh God Zoya Asad is mine I don’t want her to touch him go close to him he’s my love no way I can’t loose to that stupid girl
At the garden of the house
Asad arrange a romantic table for two with lots of petal of flower rose lily mixture Zoya coming wearing Asad’s gift
Asad: Mrs Khan
Zoya: Mr Khan
Asad: you look outstanding
Zoya: you look great
Asad: come where I need you to sit down
Zoya: Mr Khan thanks
Asad took Zoya and started dancing romantically
Episode ends
RECAP: Zoya find out she feels something for Asad
Haider find Amira behavior awkward, rashid finds dil’s number and call but is Asad who take it
Haider meets humera and find out she’s is siddique daughter, Zoya confess her love for Asad they consummate their marriage, Tanu fume in rage when seeing zoya with Asad shirk, Razia finds lots of pictures of Zoya little in Ayan back, Sheren find out rashid meet Dil, Nitkat engagement, Ayan enrages when Zoya say she loves Asad
………….. ……………………………………. ……………………………..
Do you think Ayan will join with Amira after finding out zoya consummated her marriage, what is Haider plan, Razia will she find out about Zoya, Sheren can stand the truth, Asad and zoya will finally be happy. Thanks for commenting and answering the questions. It important for me to know your opinion and modify if needed. Thanks love you all

Credit to: alexis fayole

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  1. superb……cant wait for next……

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  2. Make them know that ayan and asad are brorhers

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      Hello just be patient on me soon will find out

  3. very nice story….. superb
    i don’t want ayan to join with amira…
    and let him know that asad was his brother

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  4. zuha (Asya fan)

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      Thanks a lot dont worry not now they wont

  6. don’t let ayan join with those hypocrites
    let asad and zoya be happy

  7. alexis fayole

    Don’t worry they won’t. Be keeps ready someone else will. It isnt tanveer. new entering soon to Chang the story hope you enjoy

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