#quboolhai(i do forever) episode 7


Hello i hope you enjoy yourselves with this ff. Zoya have new challenges including herself. Check it out
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This episode start with Dil
Dil slap Zoya
Dil; what do you want to say that you did mean it well I know you meant it
Zoya: mom actually I….
Dil; don’t want to listen to you
Dil leave turn to Tanu and see her smirking and smiling
Zoya: you did this to make everyone mad at me right
Tanu; what are saying
Zoya: I’m right and you that
Tanu: of course you are, you took away my happiness
Zoya: but you don’t even know circumstances which lead to this marriage in the first place
Tanu: I don’t care this is the fight to get my happiness back
Zoya: you risked his life just to get me in trouble
Tanu: bingo! You understood
Zoya: you’re crazy and I won’t let you
Zoya leave and Tanu thinks well that is if you can stop me no one can not you nor he
Sid’s house
Ayan(thinking ):oh God why is that detective not finding info about Zoya
The door rings and waji opens
Detective: hello please may I speak to sir Ayan
Waji:wait sir I will find
By the time Waji wanted to go Razia came and ask him what is happening
Waji:madam he wants to see sir Ayan
Razia: go in side I will handle him

Waji goes
Razia: yes what the problem
Detective: actually no madam just that sir Ayan ask Me search for a girl called zoya and well here is the report
Razia:give it to me and I will give it to him when he comes back
Detective: I’m sorry but my work does not permits it
Razia:well here something that can make you permit it (she gave him some. Money )
Detective: in this case it change all (takes the money )
Razia: good choice any way tell Ayan you haven’t found her in case he call and everything he ask tell me and I will pay you well
He leaves and Razia opens the envelope in the envelope it was said “Zoya is married to Asad Ahmed Khan son of rashid and dil Ahmed Khan has a sister and has a construction industry one of young successful men in India “the address was included .this shocks razia and makes her happy because the two brother are fight for the same woman and this can seperate the two family for ever but also disturb because her daughter might suffer so to save her daughter life she Burns the information and tell Waji never to tell anyone about the coming of the detective
Dil: come in son
Asad: thanks mom but the doctor say I’m OK and I didn’t eat enough of pinuts
Dil; but still
Asad: where zoya Nahma?
Dil; son don’t worry about her
Asad: I need to know ,where is she?
Nahma: in your room
Dil; Nahma, Tanu, leave me with Asad please
They leave
Dil: Asad don’t do that
Asad:doing what
Dil :keeping a woman who does not love you, Asad let her go cause like this she might end up kill you
Asad: no Zoya is not like that she is loving attentionate caring and loving she sparkly sweet just
Dil:wait she almost kill you and you find her outstanding
Asad: that the word mom she is outstanding she didn’t know that I don’t eat pinuts
Dil: ask you really love her
Asad: yes mom
Dil: then tell why doesn’t she and why did she marry you
Asad explain all to Dil and it shock Dil
Dil: how could you Asad
Asad:I was just helping her family at beginning and things went out of hand mom
Dil;Asad do something fast OK I don’t know how I should react to this news
Dil leave while Tanu was in rage after listening to this conversation
Tanu: OK God this is going to difficult to separate Asad from her my only comfort is to know she doesn’t love him. I have to do something fast before her feeling change at all.

Asad and zoya’s room
When Asad got In Zoya was so happy to see him ok
Zoya: are you OK come sit down actually I didn’t mean to hurt you I taught you love pinuts so I did that cake I’m sorry
Asad: it OK but why did you taught of pinuts
Zoya (thinking ):if I tell him tanveer told me to do that he might not trust And love her more
Asad: Zoya…..
Zoya: sorry actually it because I love pinuts so I was finding some similarities with you
Asad: oh is that so
Zoya: yeah any way lay down OK and rest
Dil see this and understand that Zoya feels something for Asad but her herself don’t understand it yet so decide to make her understand
Tanu is in rage of seeing Dil smiling on seeing Asad and Zoya acting so sweet
Asad: Zoya thanks
Zoya: for what
Asad: taking care of me
Zoya: it nothing it my duty
Asad: Zoya
Zoya: yes
Asad:tomorrow .I have surprise for you
Zoya: oh really what is it
Asad:something you will like so much

At sid’s house
Ayan is on phone talking
Ayan: really you’re coming tomorrow
Amira: yes Asad ask me to come and stay with Zoya for sometime and I get the address will tell you
Ayan: I tried calling Zoya but her line is not going through
Amira: when the arrive India Asad took her phone
Ayan: Asad is his name
Amira: yes
Ayan: my elder brother name too is Asad
Amira: wooow very funny hahaha imagine one minute that your brother Asad is the one married to your love this will be terrible
Ayan: don’t joke with such things
Amira: it OK don’t get mad OK any way have to go bye
Ayan: bye (thinking )if that the case I won’t be able to hurt my brother but still I can’t loose Zoya no no this can’t happen to me
Humera knock at his door
Humera: can I
Ayan:sure you can
Humera: Ayan when you and I will engage next week a long with Nitkat and farah i want you to tell me what you feel
On hearing this Ayan feels awkward and avid the topic by saying Humera I’m feeling really sleepy and well let talk about this some other time
Humera: but I……
Ayan:good night sweet dreams
Zeenat’s house USA
The bell rings and the servant opens
Haider: chucky…….
Zeenat: Haider
Haider: sister (they hug )I’m so happy to see you
Jiji: Haider
Haider: brother you, I miss you more (funny tune )
Jiji:you have not change
Haider; change to go where (funny tune )
Jiji and Zeenat: hahaha to go up
Haider: chucky…….. sister chucky is hiding OK I know you but fought again
Jiji and Zeenat Ben down their heads
Haider:what’s happening where is Zoya
No one answer Haider goes upstairs look for he but to no aveil he get angry shout where the he’ll is Zoya
Jiji(shout);to India
Haider breaks down and ask what is doing there again
Jiji: she is there because that’s where she is supposed to be
Haider :what do you mean
Jiji explain all to Haider
Haider: Zeenat you should have allowed Zoya to go to India
Zeenat: what would I have done she was so happy and in love with Asad and what is The problem
Haider: a big one imagine Zoya to look for her dad again
Zeenat: the orphanage said her dad is dead remember
Haider(shouting ):no he is not dead I lie years ago

Haider was 11 years and Zoya 6years when the doll factory burned. When the police found Haider and Zoya out of the factory due to the fact Haider was able to bring zoya out and later both feel unconscious. They brought them to the orphanage while Haider regain consciousness Zoya was in start of shock. They asked if he father oh mom is alive he reply they both are dead their dad die first and now their mom burn in the doll factory
Flashback ends
This leave Zeenat in a state of shock and now regret her action because due to this she might loose her sister’s love to her real family feels really insecure all of a suddenly
Asad’s house in the morning
They table is set for breakfast Nahma place everything correctly Asad and Zoya coe for breakfast
Zoya: aunty I’m sorry for yesterday…
Dil: mom Zoya you are my daughter now
Zoya: mom I…..
Dil;it is OK zoya
Zoya is more confused to this altitude but plays along .Tanu see the change in Dil and can’t understand anymore
Tanu(thinking ):I have to do something fast the bell rings and the servant opens it is Amira
Zoya jump off the chair and hug her
Dil: Asad I thought she was coming this evening
Asad: I too
Nahma: who is she
Tanu;yes who is she
Asad: zoya best friend she will be staying with us for sometimes
Nahma: ah OK
Tanu(thinking ):OK first the wife now the friend what next what
Asad:Amira welcome meet my mom and my sister
Amira: thanks a lot aunty for welcoming me and smile (smirk)
Zoya:girl friend I miss you so much
Her things is taken to the guest room

Sid’s house
Gaffur is reading the new paper while Razia bring him coffee all of sudden people walk in is farah and rasena
Gaffur and rashid well come them
Rashid: please sit down
Rasena: thanks you rashid, we are here to see the future bride where is she
Sheren come down with Nitkat
Rasena: oh my God she’s dark skin I’m not sure this well make
Nitkat and Sheren are tensed
Ayan is about to enrage due to Rasena reflection on Nitkat colour
Farah: that does not matter to me what matter is the goodness in her heart and purity of her soul
Nitkat smiles and Sheren is relief
Nitkat and farah go to have a private talk
Nitkat: thanks a lot for defending me
Farah: I said what I felt like
Nitkat: I’m so greatfull you do not judge people by their colours
Farah: you.are welcome
Asad’s house
Tanu see Asad in the living room and goes to him
Jammy I want to talk to you
Asad: sure Tanu
Tanu:you know I remarked that Zoya does not love and is constantly.sad I think you should let her go if you love cause that is the most wonderful proof of love
Asad: tanu actually…
Tanu:Asad do you trust me
Tanu: let her go

When Tanu leave she smile evilly and smirk too thinking let see Zoya farroque how Asad set you free
Nahma was seeing this think oh God why will Tanu do this
Asad: Tanu might be right I should let her go if I love her
Nahma: no Asad try alll you can
Asad: Nahma you here
Nahma: bhai zoya is a good person and I’m sure she will love you soon just her release her feeling trust me she smile with Asad. Amira see this and decide to call Ayan
Amira: Ayan did you see the address I texted you
Ayan: yes I did thanks a lot
Amira: you’re welcome just do fast and take Zoya away from here
Hand up the call and thinks
I won’t let Asad and Zoya close as I saw him first
Asad had landed in USA two year back check in a hotel where Amira was working and she instantly like him but he check out the next was unable to see him again but this year as Asad was arriving USA she was living for some days and ask a friend off her to check how many today’s he is staying. He said that Asad is staying 2 weeks but he couldn’t find where he will be staying. When she came back she couldn’t find Asad still the day she arrived Zoya’s wedding and was shocked to see Asad as the groom
Flashback end
Amira:no one can take Asad away from me I love you Zoya but I’m tried of seeing you always getting what I want this time around I won’t let it Asad is mine while smirking
End of episode
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RECAP: ZOYA and Asad romantically ,Ayan arrive Asad house by accident, Zoya ask him to leave alone as she is married, Amira pretend to be sick, Tanu make some juice for make Zoya extremely jealous leaving Ayan shock to this altitude. Amira find out Zoya is confuse with her feeling, Razia tell Humera to be careful, Sid find in Ayan back a photo of Zoya when she was little and is shock,Haider comes to India, Dil tell Zoya she feels something for Asad……………………………….. ……………………………………..

Thanks a lot for your comments and hope you enjoy It
A question.:do you think Amira is a good friend is she bad and does she really love Asad how far will she go. When Tanu find Amira trick what will happen. Zoya and Asad can they over come this

Credit to: alexis fayole

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  1. Whatever zoya scold ayan, that’s right. She started feeling for asad. That’s good. Haider wow nice entry. Make him come back to India.

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  2. Aw what an amazing episode, you’re very impressive~Nusz

    1. alexis fayole

      Thanks a lot well this episode show some thing. Zoya really accepted the fact that she is married. I know you might think im out track but i saaid in the beginning this story well be similar but very different from original thanks for your support i love you and your ff hope you enjoy yourself,

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  6. Heyy!! Wonderrfull!! I think wen tanveer cms 2 noe abt amira..they both will join handz..n i hope zoya realises her feelings 4 asad soon!!?n haider super entry

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      Well check the next episode to see where you are right or wrong thanks lot for commenting

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