#quboolhai(i do forever) episode 5


Hello everyone the next episode will be outstanding episode with a lot of revelation
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The marriage is sucess asad is very happy but Zoya is in crys and hind it
At Ayan residents
Ayan: oh God it 2pm and the marriage might have taken place
Sheren put a sleeping pills in ayan’s dream and sent it through the servant
Flashback ends
Ayan runs out and bomb in Nitkat
Nitkat; hey what is wrong with you
But Ayan seems look
Ayan: Nitkat need help
Nitkat: anything for my brother
Ayan: i want you to bring this letter to this adress it important
Nitkat; But ayan
Ayan: nitkat please
Nitkat leaves and arrives at Zoya’s house and ask for Zoya the servant reply that Zoya is at in her room and she can’t meet her. She ask him to give the letter only to Zoya only please. She leaves
Nitkat: (thinking ) oh God please let it reach to her but I hope I didn’t do anything wrong
Server reach Zoya’s room
Servant: madam a letter for you
Zoya: thanks
Zoya open the letter and it from Ayan
“Please Zoya let meet at our usually place it urgent after this if you don’t ever want to see me I will accept it ”
Zoya: how dare him ask me that I need to comfront him
Zoya manage to go out while she leaves Asad see her and get confused because she was in tears and acting awkward so he follow her
At the garden
Ayan was standing there waiting for Zoya. Zoya arrive and feel emotional
Zoya: how dare you and slap him
Ayan: zoya let me explain
Zoya: explain what is there to explain
Ayan: I was force to accept that marriage I can’t live without you
(He explain everything to Zoya )
Zoya: I don’t know if I should trust you
Ayan: look in my see do you think I’m lying
Zoya: no!
Ayan try to come close I’m sorry I just got married
Ayan falls on the ground and in tears say how could you do this zoya
Zoya: what did you except
Ayan: that you fight for my love
Zoya: how could I when you said you we’re getting married
Ayan: love please it you and I
Zoya: what are you mad
Ayan: Zoya remember we promise forever
Zoya: but you break it
Ayan: leave with me
Zoya: but a lot is at risk her my jiji my lost everything
Ayan: what does he have to do with this
Zoya: the man I married make a deal and if I don’t fulfill the other part my Jiji can loose everything
Ayan: (shout)Zoya this time think about you
Zoya :OK wait me are the airport OK in an hour
Ayan: OK I love you
Zoya :and I you
Asad sees and hears it he break down in rage reflecting Zoya never loved me and was fakng it she knew about the deal oh God what mess get myself into.if she thinks she will leave me like my dad did she is wrong I won’t let that
At zoya’s house
The marriage but without the groom nor the bring
Amira enter oh God I’m later when she turn see Asad entering
Amira:aunty the groom is here
Zeenat: Asad you…
Asad by pass her in shock minutes later Zoya enters
Zeenat: you two we’re out
Zoya: what do you care Amira come with me
She leaves with Amira and enter her
Zoya; help me pack my things I’m leaving with Ayan
Amira: have you lost it
Zoya: yes I have lost when they force me
Amira: zoya you just got married
Zoya: I don’t care this married is fake
By they she could close her bag Asad enters
Asad:(creaming) get out amira
You and I need to talk
Zoya: what for
Asad: going somewhere oh with you lover
Zoya:yes because he is the one I love
Asad: how dare you
Zoya:how dare I how could you buy me like an object
Asad: you knew all how stupid I was. I can see your things are packed we are going back to India
Zoya: what!
Asad: unless you want your Jiji to bear it all you have 5minute to come down or else
Asad leaves Zoya breaks into tear she write a letter and ask Amira to give it to Ayan
Zoya and Asad say good bye to everyone
Jiji; by darling take care OK God bless you
Zoya; I love you jiji
Zeenat: angel God stay bless
Zoya: thanks and hug saying you destroy my life
Zeenat: I didn’t you say thanks one day
They both leave for airport
At airport
Ayan waiting but all of a sudden see Zoya coming with Asad and get shock that she choose Asad over him someone touch him from behind and it Amira
Amira: zoya left this for you
Ayan: Amira you’re back
Amira: yes
Ayan open the letter and reads “Ayan I’m sorry but I have to go with him he is blackmail me and always know you mean a lot me I love ”
Ayan run to catch them but they had already check it
Some hours later in India
Asad’s house
Nahma: mom Asad is coming back in 4 day I can’t wait
Dil: yes but today I felt really bad it an impression
Nahma: mom stop it all is OK
Tanu come down and she is feeling awkward Nahma: oh not you too Tanu; it is such a sad feeling
All of a suddenly the bell rings
Nahma: I’m going
She opens the door and Asad is stand with Zoya
Nahma(shouting );Asad! and hugs him I’m so happy to see you
Dil and Tanu comes in welcome Asad
Dil; son you are welcome
Tanu: hug Asad and ask who is this girl wearing a bride bride
Dil; go on come in
They all came in
Dil: Asad who is this lovely girl
Asad: actually… I… she…
Dil: Asad please don’t confuse
Asad:she is my wife
This leave everyone shocked and Tanu falls unconscious Asad take to the room with dil.
Nahma; come sit down (she call the servant )take this bags in sir Asad
Zoya:wait we will..
Asad:take it to my room Nahma please leave us a lone
She leaves
Asad;listen you and I will behave as married couple
Zoya: what for
Asad:just do as I say
Dil come and ask Asad to come with her
Dil: how could you Asad you deprevate me oh the right to attend your wedding
Asad: mom I’m sorry everything went on fast and I really love her she want her family to be present and we have few days
Dil: Asad but we could come
Asad: I’m sorry mom (goes on knee)sorry
Dil: it OK the done have been done. I will go and see my daughter in law
She down stair and see Zoya
Dil: daughter come
(Zoya came )What is your name
Zoya;zoya farroque
Dill: are you not forgetting something
Zoya release and say Zoya farroque Khan
Dil try to correct her but Nahma comes and say dinner is served
At tanu’s room
Tanu: thinking this is some kind of a joke Asad can do this to me after all I sacrifice
tanveer was married to a man and because he become poor she tried to leave him but he became difficult to live with him. One day she saw Asad on tv and he became successful so Tanu though of changing husband but had two problems her son and her husband so one day she was fight with her husband and he wounded her eye and she couldn’t see with it anymore and she kills him and leave while burning the house. She later leave her son with her sister and leaves for Asad house where she arrive in tears tell them that her house Burned and she lost everything including her sister and mom
End of flashback
Tanu: never Asad is mine watch and see (laught eviling and smirk )
At Ayan’house
Ayan (thinking ):I have to go to India to get Zoya back I have to find a way oh yes humera I will accept to marry her for fake that what I want
In the living room
Nitkat: mom went are we leaving
Ayan: yes mom went are we leaving
Sheren: I don’t understand
Ayan: I agree to marry humera for your peace and happiness
Sheren that’s my son
Ayan: you I love you and will do everything for you (smirking )
This Badi ami shocked later she meets Ayan in his room
Badi: what is wrong with you Ayan after all I did
Ayan: Badi don’t worry it all fake I just have to go tl India to take back Zoya
Badi: but Ayan she is married and belongs to someone else
Ayan: I don’t care
Badi: destiny have separate you guy so she was not mad for you
Ayan: destiny can separate us
This shock Badi ami
At Asad’s house
Asad and Zoya ‘s
Asad: sleep on the bed I will sleep on the chair Zoya: OK
Asad: thinking God help me to go through all this i just love her so much
Zoya: Oh God help me I can’t do this I love Ayan and here am
Asad(thinking ):I will make you happy
Zoya(thinking ):I will make your life living hell
Asad:you are the only
Zoya: I will get out of here
Episode ends
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RECAP: ayan and his family back to india, humera is happy to see ayan. Asad and zoya fight, Tanu see this and take advantage, Zoya feels jelouse, Dil find out that she doesn’t love her son, badi ami confront sheren, Sheren blackmail her, Tanu put pinuts to which Asad can eat and accuse zoya
Dil slap Zoya…..
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