#quboolhai(i do forever) episode 3&4

Hello everyone I’m greatfull for you comments and support I will be doing 2 episode all together hope you enjoy I have change the photo of my ff and also answer some questions tanveer is not good neither is Sheren nor razia enjoy this episode it full of surprises
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This episode start with asad
Asad reach home with Zoya wet and unconscious then he placed her on the chair
Zeenat: what happen
Asad: i don’t know i found her in the street like that
Asad brought her to her room
Zoya’s room
Asad: oh God if something happens to you i can’t stand it and in a short time i was able to like you. I can say i love….. (he releases what he was to say and compos heself
Asad stood up and left while leaving he meet Jiji
jiji:are you sure of your feeling
Asad:well uncle it new to me i can’t…… understand it …..(stammering )
Jiji: asad for first be clear
Asad:I’m sure
Jiji:OK Asad all I can say is don’t force Zoya to anything
Asad: of course uncle

In morning
Zoya’s room
Zoya wake up and see herself in her room and thought she was dreaming but later release she was not
Asad enter with breakfast
Asad: breakfast in bed
Zoya: thanks
Asad:you’re welcome anything else
Zoya: no (with sad face) wait yes that you are you happy I want you to get out of my room
Asad:what wrong with you
zoya: you’re wrong with me all of you men are I can’t stand you get out (shouting )
Asad: you know you are so rude I was trying to help
Zoya: don’t need your help get out
Asad left and zoya turn her room upside down and sit on the floor in her room
Zoya:i hate you (crying )i hate Ayan i swear you will never be happy oh God while does it hurt so much

A day past but Zoya was still in her room
Zeenat: it time to talk with about asad oh God help me this girl
Zoya’s room
Zeenat: can I come in
Zoya: yes API
Zeenat: Zoya we need to talk
Zoya:yes API about what
Zeenat:about your marriage
Zoya: what!! What is wrong with you
Zeenat: nothing Zoya you will have to get married you will do as I say
Zoya: no api i will never get married men are the same
Zeenat: no Zoya no one is like Ayan (shocking Zoya )
Zoya: but how did you know
Zeenat: i knew it since and i let you do what you wanted but what he do to you I will never forgive him so you will do as I say
Zoya: I don’t want to
Zeenat; you will have too this time
Zoya: API
Zeenat: it’s final you will get married to Asad Khan understood Zoya what Mr Khan you’ve lost it never ?
Zeenat; well stay getting ready cause my decision is taken
Zoya: API

Zeenat leave and
Zoya (screaming ) it my life you can’t force me (thinking )oh God this Mr rude it has fault Jiji come In and finds her with a sad face
Zoya: Jiji it you
Jiji;how are you
Zoya: fine
Jiji;do you know who brought you home last night
Zoya: I guest you
Jiji:no Asad
Zoya (shock):what but how did he find me
Jiji: I don’t know he was so worry about you
Zoya: ah (thinking )and I was rude with him
Jiji: you we’re so rude to him you know what to do
Jiji leave and zoya heads to the living room
Zoya; Mr Khan
Asad was about to leave
Zoya; actually I don’t know what came over me I’m sorry
Asad: come again didn’t hear well
Zoya; I’m sorry
Asad: add volume
Zoya: (shouting ) I’m sorry already
Asad: it OK don’t shout zoya: also thanks a lot for saving me
Asad: you are welcome
Zoya: can I do things to thank you
Asad: actually yes
Zoya: what is it
Asad: a dinner out since I’m going back in a week
Zoya; in a week but I thought…
Asad: thought
Zoya: never mine OK
Ayan’s house
Sheren on the phone
Sheren: hello
Razia: hello Sheren
Sheren: everything is going on well
Razia: yeah humera was do excited happy yesterday although their conversation was short
All through their conversation badi ami was listening and got shock
Badi ami (mind ):so this two wants to destroy Ayan life they did with rashid I won’t let it watch and see Razia Sheren
Badi is seen over hearing Sheren and raia on how to trap rashid to be her forever
Sheren ;i love him a lot but doesn’t not see as my more i made a mistake and i reget it razia please help me
Razia ;i too i have and issue only rashid can solve it
Flashback ends
Badi ami; I don’t know how they we’re able to trap rashid but one will find out

At Asad’s house
Dil:oh God what is wrong with Asad he doesn’t answer his phone I feel awkward
Tanu: I too mom
Nahma; nothing is wrong don’t worry OK
Tanu leave for her room
Tanu; oh God I hope Asad is OK because without him my plan can’t function I lost I had to bear a lot reach her I sacrificed a lot
Zoya’s room
Zoya (thinking ):oh God I have to get out this mess Zeenat is imposing on me but how
Zeenat see her this come in
Zeenat: Zoya
Zoya: please not again
Zeenat :we need to talk
Zoya:any thing new what the he’ll do you want
Zeenat: don’t be rude
Zoya: I’m sorry
Zeenat; you know this marriage is a good
Zoya: you’re kidding me right
Zeenat; No actually it an opportunity to go to india in search of your without no restrictions
Zoya is show in india a year ago in search of her dad but had to go back due to her visa
Flashback ends
Zeenat:what do you think
Zoya: but that not a reason to get married
Zeenat: but you can fall in with time he is such a nice person and gentle Think well and she leaves
Zoya:oh God what is wrong with api has she gone mad using someone to get something
She leaves for he living room and sees Asad there
Zoya; Mr Khan actually I wanted to tell it OK by me for the date
Asad:wooow it great and OK by me
Zoya; but pleade put on a light colour not your black and white as you are boring like this
Asad: OK miss I know it all u do what I want
Zoya: Hahaha for funny (funny tune)
Zoya leaves and Asad smiles Jiji sees this and think it Zeenat doing I have to talk to Zoya but to no aveil

At Ayan’s house
Ayan was holding a photo of Zoya and was crying saying I love you do much I want you as my wife but destiny Is putting this challenge on my way what I do .Badi ami see this and thinks I have to proof to Ayan that his mom is not sick she come in and
:Ayan ate you alright
Ayan: yes Badi ami
Badi ami; who is she
Ayan: my friend actually she unwell so I feel bad for her
Badi ami: oh is that so Ayan I want you to delay you trip to India of 4 day more
Ayan: but Badi it is in a week
Badi ami: do you trust me
Ayan; yes i do
Bad ami: do as I say and you will not regret it
Ayan: OK
At living room
Nitkat: I think Ayan and humera will be good together
Nutza; like you and farah woow you and Ayan are getting engaged in 2 weeks (all laughting and nitkat feel happy )
Ayan: mom have to talk to you
Sheren; yes what is it
Ayan: about the trip
Sheren: OK what
Nitkat; I know brother can’t wait to see humera
Nutza: they person who can wait is you for farah (funny tune )
Ayan;shut up
Sheren :Ayan speak you’re stressing me
Ayan actually can we delay the trip to 4day more I have and important issue to solve
Sheren: but Ayan they ate expecting us
Ayan: mom I will have to do it first
Sheren; OK all for my big boy
Nutza: mommy’s boy
Ayan; shut up (funny tune)
Zoya and Asad face and she was putting on a pink dress while hime a black shirt
Zoya: oh God I said no black
Asad: that what I have black shirts and white
Zoya: oh really (funny tune)
At the restaurant
Asad: do you like it here
Zoya; yah it nice
Asad: I’m glad you like it here
Zoya: well we’re here now
Asad; yes want do you want to eat I will too
Zoya: hahaha Mr Khan you can’t stand it
Asad: yes I do but for you I can….
Zoya; you can what
Asad: actually I… don’t…. I think… u….
Zoya; oh God not again you stammering leave it before you finish you phrase the whole restaurant would be gone
Asad: oh really (funny tune)
Zoya; yeah
Server: have you order miss
Asad:miss trouble
Zoya;excuse me
Asad: sorry
Server: order
Zoya:pizza and chicken soup
Asad:chicken soup
Server leaves
Zoya; oh I also wanted cake
Asad ;don’t worry i will get you one later
Zoya;thanks that so sweet
Asad leave for the restroom his phone ring non stop and Zoya finally picks it’s tanveer
Zoya; hello
Tanu; who are you and were is Asad
Zoya; I’m Zoya a friend to mr khan and he is in the restroom and you
Tanu ;adad best friend ok I will call him later
Stop the call
Asad; anything new
Zoya: not really
Asad: OK
Zoya: yeah this girl Tanu call you
Asad: oh I will call her later
The Server comes with food they both eat and Asad keep eyeing her so much he is lost in his taught
Zoya; Mr Khan…….. Mr Khan (waves her hands infront of him)
Asad; I’m sorry go ahead
They eat all of a sudden the restaurant plays a music and Asad invite Zoya to dance they dance romantically And kept on looking at each other non stop later they release themelves and compose. Late Zoya and Asad went to the bowline and play
Asad won a big doll for zoya
Asad: miss farroque i won this for you
Zoya: thanks a lot so sweet
Then she saw a boy giving a doll (in the for of a dog )and remember when ayan gave her one and asked Asad to take her reaching home , outside the house in the car
Asad: thanks a lot miss farroque i really love it
Zoya: I should be there one saying thanks
Zoya’s room
Zoya (thinking ): actually I enjoyed myself and API might be right he is such a good man different from
Guest’s room
Zeenat: now Asad do you have your confirmation
Asad; yes aunty but let zoya not know about this deal I help you to raise your husband financial and you let me married zoya if she wants it before family and not a lone but if not I will collect the loan when Jiji is ready ok
Zeenat: ok
And she leaves thinking Zoya will say yes at all cause it spots me in all the direction

Zoya’s room
Zeenat :can I come in
Zoya: yes you can
Zeenat: how did you find you date
Zoya: nice and before you start you talk yes I will marry Mr Khan
Zeenat: good dealing that the best decision you could make
Zeenat goes and meets Asad and tell him to propose to Zoya in the days to come say is very positive Zoya will say yes
3days pass and Asad Zoya became very close and Asad love grew more. Asad prepare a romantic outfit for Zoya to propose
Zoya come see flower all around her room with a doll holding a paper written will you
And she turn Asad standing there with a ring and
Asad (on his knee );marry me
Zoya;yes Mr Khan(with confuse emotion sad,satisfaction, guilty, and joy
Zeenat and Jiji comes in and clap for them
At ayan house
Badi ami inform Sheren that Razia is calling and smirk when she leaves
Badi ami is show 5day ago ordering for a record which they inset in the phone to follow both conservation
Flashback ends
Badi ami goes to ayan room and ask to follow this with her
Sheren and Razia where talking about the way their plan functioned and the she had been blackmail by the doctor for sometime now for his acting and need to go to india before he can tell ayan. This shocks ayan and puts him in rage .he goes down stairs and blow off all to his mom
Ayan: mom how could you do this to me
Sheren: let me explain son
Ayan: you destroy my happiness without any trouble
Sheren: Ayan please listen
Ayan:no mom I will never forgive you
While Ayan was leaving Sheren fell on the ground but Ayan turn ayan And said I will not fall for this again and left, Sheren got up and on rage
Sheren(thinking):I will never let you marry that girl over my dead body

At Zoya’s house
The preparation of asad’s marriage Asad is on phone
Asad: hello mom
Dil; hello son I’m so happy you coming back in 2day
Asad: actually mom I will coming in 6days
Due a surprise which in one side you will like and another not
Dil: Asad!
Asad: mom i just want your blessings I need it Dil;you alwat have it
Asad hand up and thinks oh God mom you always want me marry and participate in it but I promise we will do something when we get home
Ayan’s house
Ayan keep calling zoya but to no aveil and then decides to call home and zeenat pick
Zeenat: hello
Ayan: hello please can i talk to Zoya
Zeenat: who is this please
Ayan: Ayan amhed Khan
zoya comes ;api who is that
Zeenat: no one, get ready for your henna function. Zoya goes and Zeenat sa to Ayan I don’t want you to come close to Zoya anymore she is getting married in a day and you are not needed bye forever
Ayan; oh God I have to stop it
Badi ami: what is it Ayan:Zoya is getting married I’m sure she is doing it because she thinks I betrayed her
Badi; go Ayan before it late
Ayan: I can’t now it too late but tomorrow first I will be for 1pm
Badi:all the luck

At zoya’s house
They henna function goes well and Asad is unable to find his name and zoya ask for france .she goes to restroom but then in her room too many people and uses her sister’s restroom on coming out see the document on the bed which said in case she does not marry Asad the money he gave jiji becomes a loan Zoya is shock that her sister sole her and Asad the man she thought perfect brought her
At henna function
Zoya altitude change shes betrayed and confront her sister
Zoya: how could you

Zeenat: I’m sorry you found it like this but there is no turning back if you do your poor Jiji will bear the consequences is that what you want I’m doing it for you go trust me
she Leave and Zoya feel horrify ?
Marriage day
Asad is wearing a cream white dress and Zoya a red sarri they are place facing each other. They praise comes and starts the marriage
He ask Asad amhed khan (while the praise calls asad name zoya was lost in her toughts but zeenat remark the similaries between ayan and asad name )do you or do you not accept
Asad: I DO
They repeat the came to zoya but still she doesn’t listen to asad full name.
Zoya is reluctant to accept but turns and look at jiji and say I DO
……….. ………. …….. ……
RECAP:Nitkat helps Ayan, Ayan and Zoya meets, Zoya want to leave with Ayan, Asad find the true and is in rage, Zoya and Asad Asad back to India, dil is shock and Tanu breakdown, Ayan fake and accept to marry humera to go to India for Zoya…
Hi I will be introducing amira a friend of Zoya who help her a lot and knows about Ayan
She is kind but don’t last in a relationship and ended not believing in love
Thanks for your coments

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