#quboolhai(i do forever) episode 23


Hello guys im extremely sorry for my absent , had a problem now it ok by God’s grace I really missed you all and all the ff I did read i will read it all I’m starting from where I stopped I hope you won’t lost interest in my ff I love you all and missed you
Precap : asad find out the true
……………………………………………………………… …
Tanu is more and more tense
Asad :this isn’t true I trusted you
Tanu : jammy
Asad :how could you (shouting )
Tanu :jammy
Dil: I took you in like a daughter this is how you repay me by trying to kill my grandchild and daughter in law how dare you (holding tanveer and shaking her )
Nahma:(in tear)
Haider : you are so disspeakable
Zoya (in tear)
Dil:what did I ever do to you for you to repay me this way (about to rise her hand on Tanu) answer me damp it
Asad stop her
Asad :get out
Tanu:jammy I just. …
Asad :you just what wanted to kill my child the first poison you gave it right
Tanu doesn’t respond
Haider :of course she did
Asad:(shouting )why tanveer answer me
Tanu (screaming )because I love you … I love … you always had and always will like no one can and she came in between us can you see it we are meant jammy listen to
(This shocks everyone and more leave everyone turns)
Asad:you’ve lost it
Tanu: no I just love you so much (acting crazy)
Asad: stop!!!!!!!!!!
Sid’s villa
Ayan cane with a cake he did for humera
Ayan :love
Humera : what that
Ayan :loving cake made with love
Humera :trying to apologise but you did nothing
Ayan: thank you
Humera :for what
Ayan : for being understanding loving caring well knowleging ,for being my wife ny life my everything my world and the reason why I smile , thank you for loving me thanks for existing
Humera (feel with tears ): I don’t why you’re telling me this but it beautiful
Ayan :it you who it beautiful (humera smiles) no matter what happens from today always remember I love you more than my life
Humera :and I you
Ayan:this cake will keep sweeten over marriage and life abd fir ever I will love you
(Gives humera a split of cake looking into her eye )
Amira sees this and thinks”no matter what it takes i can loose ayan this is no (fuming in tension and hate )”
Asad’s villa
Tanu :jammy please. ..
Asad: I said get out you’re lucky I don’t lay hand on women or I swear nothing would have stopped me
Tanu : I just love you I just did it all for love I swear jammy trust
Asad furious turns and face her
Asad: trust you that what I have being doing all my life and now you betrayed me of the was way someone who loves protects and does not destroy for the last time get out
Tanu:jammy she does not desire you cheated on you with your brother qnd who knows how many others she doesn’t love you I do
Asad “fumes in anger and slaps tanu (shocking everyone) “: don’t you ever talk of my wife like that .get out before I lost the rest of patience i’m left with
Tanu (making angry face )walk out of there goes upstairs packs her things and lives
Zoya : I told you the truth always surface alone
Tanu : you might have won the fight but not the war I swear jammy will be mine
Zoya :correction he has never been your is not and will never be while he was mine is mine and will also always be mine it next to me he sleeps every night and in my worm lay his child so tell to whom does he belong
(Tanu fume even more in anger )
Tanu : mark my word asad will be mine
Zoya : till then get out of here
Zoya leave and tanu thinks “i swear it i will be the one to drive you away from this house one day just as you did ”
Sid’s villa
Humera was in the living room
Sid : humera please get me the files on my table
Humera : ok dad
Humera heads to her dad’s room and take the files and a picture of zoya being little little falls she pick it and remember seeing the same in ayan’s things long ago but with the name zoya written on it , she checks the behind and sees my loving daughter daughter haya
Humera gets shocked and tense she keep the pic in her dress and goes downstairs gives the document to her dad
Ayan’s room
Humera (thinking ): ayan has the same picture with zoya written on it and now my dad has the same with haya oh God what does this mean
Ayan : Humera !!!
Humera get afraid and the picture fall at amira feet
Ayan : anything the problem
Humera : no you already back let me help
Amira picks the picture amira : what is a photo of zoya doing in humera hands
She sees the message behind and get shock
Asad’s villa
Dining table a silence was around
Dil : zoya darling eat someone
Zoya : I’m not hungry
Asad tries to help by putting food her plate but zoya refuse
Zoya : excuse me I will go to bed
Zoya leaves
Zeenat : asad !!
Asad : I know
Dil:what are you waiting for then
Asad: help !!
Nahma and haider laugh
Dil: it not funny oh God asad
Asad:I’m going
Haider :good luck knowing chuckyy tge bill will be high
Asad’s room
Asad :mrs khan … I wanted to ….say …..
Zoya : I’m not ready
Asad:mrs khan I’m sorry
Zoya:sorry you’re always sorry you talk and hurt me later you’re sorry after brushing all you anger on me now you’re sorry
Asad : mrs khan
Zoya :mr khan don’t come close you told me I wanted to kill your child our child hiw could you
Asad:I didn’t know I’m sorry
Zoya: the day you will learn to trust we will avoid ourselves many problems now I wish to rest if you don’t mine please let me sleep
Ayaz’s villa

The door rings and nani open
Tanu come in
Tanu :where is your master
Nani :not around
Ayaz comes out
Ayaz:any problem
Tanu: your servant told ne you were not around
Nani :I’m sorry sir you said you did want to talk to anybody
Ayaz :it ok nani you can leave
Tanu :woow your servant seem to be at the same level as you
Ayaz : correction she’s not a servant but like a mom
What brings you here very late at night knowing asad her is not capable of letting his loving tanu out this late
Tanu :thanks to his stupid wife I am unmasked
Ayaz: not that early
Tanu :I swear it I will kill her
Ayaz jump in anger and holds tanu’s neck
Ayaz:if you ever do that I will kill you got me no one touches my little angel
Tanu:my dear God you’re crazy it fine I lke crazy people let team up and separate them ayaz of idea but if you try to double me I swear you’re going down
Ayaz calls nani
Ayaz ; nani put my business partner things in a guest room
Nani : ok sir
Ayaz:welcome partner this time around we will get what we want
Tanu :I asad and you zoya (both smirking)
Tanu (think):I’m sorry ayaz with zoya asad will never love me and I can’t bear that she has to die
Ayaz:(thinking)I can’t risj not getting zoya and only way Is for asad to die I’m sorry tanveer (both looking at each other and smiling while smirking )
Early in the morning
Sid’s villa
Humera sheren razia ayan and sahori
Humera serve ayan breakfast and was about to serve sahori want she stops her hand shocking everyone
Ayan: sweetheart what’s wrong don’t you want to eat
Sahori : I Don’t want her to serve me as she ia not my mom
Ayan get angry and was about to fume his anger out
Humera stopped him
Humera :it ok sahori I will tell you mom to come and sit with you and feet you ok
sahori :that’s better
Humera calls waji and tell him to call amira
Sahori :I’m sorry but I don’t like to talk food from people that are not from my family
Ayan get even more angry but humera still stop him
Waji comes back and informed her amira is not around
Ayan:your mom is not around so you will take what humera is given you understood
Amira : I don’t want that dad please you feet me
Ayan was reluctant as it will spoil her even more but humera signal him to feet her as she’s his daughter ayan feets sahori which make sahori to be happy

Farah’s villa
Farah got ready to go see nitkat and keep pressuring her on sign the paper little did he know imran was following him
Asad’s villa
Asad got up very early and made pizza for zoya and brought it to bed
Asad: mrs khan I’m sorry
Zoya seem not to pay attention asas stood up and put his hands on his ear not jumped up and down saying sorry zoya was so amazed by this
asad:can I stop mrs khan you’re smile
Zoya :who ask you to stop go on
Asad get do it zoya saw the pizza with a smile on it and smiled more asad seeing this is happy and pretend to have hurt himself
Zoya :mr khan oh God I’m sorry are you hurt come here let me see
Asad keeps pretending it hurts zoya is so worried was about to go get water but asad stopped her
Asad :it mrs khan just a smile from and will be ok
Zoya smiles
Asad :it almost ok but a kiss will better everything
Zoya kisses him
Asad :I’m sorry my love I swear I will never doubt you in my life it will always be you and forever no one will separate us
Zoya : you promise
Asad :I promise
Zoya :Mr khan I will forgive but on I condition
Asad; I’m in for bills
Zoya :what!
Asad:nothing tell me with conditions
Asad:no no condition
Zoya : no you said conditions and now I can I have many wishes
Asad: that’s not fear
Zoya: oh really my first condition is I want Ice cream
Asad: ok I will get it
Zoya ; wait wait I want the ice from the stand at the park
Asad:are you serious
Zoya: yes it not my fault the baby want that only
Asad :ok
As asad was leaving the house sid was about to ring the bell
Asad:what are you doing here
Sid : you have something that’s mine get use seeing me here
Dil : asad!!
Haider:don’t you get sir sid
Zoya( comes Down ):anything the problem
Zeenat:no zoya
Sid : how are you
Zoya : im fine thanks , mr khan what did I tell
Asad:ice scream sorry I’m gone
Haider:ice cream oh he paying bills how far
Zoya; don’t know yet
Zoya :what! Are married to him tell me , no right or do you wanna pay his bills
Haider:no thanks ..ah .. nahma is calling (thinking”i have to get out of here beforw she passes me asad bells )
Zoya; what
Haider:nahma I’m coming wait I’m almost there
Zeenat:but nahma isn’t calling him
Zoya:yes I know haider when crazy
Sid : I see you’re ok
Zoya: yes I am thanks a lot for caring each you are here I feel a connection I just can tell why that
This tense zeenat and dil as they know why but it make sud happy
Sid: one day you will know
Zoya:ok tell me how is you’re family I guess you have one
Sid :yes I have one
2daughters one closer to me but I can’t touch nor hold and one at home
Zoya :I’m sorry sir I hope one you will touch her
Sid :and you
Zoya:I have Mr khan my mother my sister zeenat my uncle jiji my brother haider nahma and Ayan
Sid (get shock when zoya says her ): your mother
Zoya:yes my mother dil she’s Asad mom but to me she’s mine toi I wish I had a dad
Sid:you would love that
Sid:I can be yours now I lost a daughter and you a dad I can become your dad and you my daughter what do you think
Zoya :it a nice idea sir still I find my dad
Sid :zoya dad ok
Zoya:ok sir …. I mean dad (both smiling ) zeenat hear this and get even more tense

Sid’s villa.
Sheren was In room on the phone with an unknown
Sheren :it has to fast as I dont have enough time or I will loose my family
Unknown:ok madam it already done just waiting for confirmation
Humera hears thinks abd thinks she is planning something
Humera :any problem
Sheren get tense
Sheren :what are you doing here how long have you being here
Humera :enough to hear
Sheren get even more tense (thinking)oh God if this silly girl heard everything I did to nutza rashid wilk never forgive me as I’m doing it for nutza well being I don’t want her to end aa nitkat and ayan I have high hopes for her
Humera:I heard you saying to something to do it well or you will loose your family what did you do mom
Sheren is now is able to relax as she does not kbiw any thing
Sheren : you are becoming a problem in my shoe stop putting your noise in my things or you will regret it .it was a mistake marrying you to my son
Humera is shocked at this while sheren leaves she’s still lost
Living room in sid’s
Amira:it seems humera is on your case and knowing how she’s she won’t let you be that easily
Sheren :wouldn’t have never she would turn against me
Amira:but is the case and from what I know is ayan trust he so much
Sheren; I made a mistake I should have taken zoya instead
Amira:too late but you can change it by taking me
Sheren:while should I trust you .you’re worse than humera
Amira:and smarter and plus I can be a good help in controlling this how as that what you want
Sheren :you’re not wrong but how can I trust you
Amira :help me get ayan and as long as you are on my side I will be loyal
Sheren :I have a doubting questions
Amira :which is
Sheren :is ayan sahori dad
Amira:she’s is a pure khan
Both smile qnd smirks
Asad’s house
The bell ring and nahma opens
Fabiola :hello
Nahma :hello how may I help you
Fabiola :my name is fabiola
Nahma gets tense
Nahma:come in
Fabiola :I know I’m disturbing but please I just want to see my daughter as I know have no rights over her but please help me
nahma :I will what I can do
Nahma goes up to see haider
Haider room
Haider :zoya we have track the person how is sending this messages to nahma
Zoya :ok leave it me
Haider :by the way where is asad
Zoya : he hasn’t come yet I guess he buying the ice cream from paris
Zoya : no seriously it hours since he when
Nahma come in
Nahma :haider can you come for a while
Zoya ; I did I should go it husband and wife this
Nahma :no no stay
Haider someone is here
Haider :who!!
Haider fume in anger :what does she want
Nahma :hear her out
Haider : nahma she’s trouble trust me
Nahma:please first hear her out ok and you see what you can do
Haider leaves for the living room
Zoya:nahma be careful with fabiola as she’s good at pretending
Nahma gets tense but follows haider down stairs
Haider : what do you want
Fabiola :I know you’re mad at me but please let ne see my daughter as she’s mine tooo and I love her
Haider:now you love you specifically told me years ago you did not care now why the sudden change
Fabiola :now I released my mistake anr I’m sorry
Haider:my daughter’s life is peaceful and I don’t want to disturb
Nahma :I have an idea am doing it because you seem sorry but it dare anything funny I will be they one to take her away from you
Just go home and I and my husband will see a way
Fabiola :thanks
Haider goes up being tense
Fabiola:thanks nahma
Nahma :just don’t take advantage
Nahma lead fabiola to the door
Fabiola ( my daughter back and if I have her it will be easy to get all other thing back )
Haider’s room
Zoya :haider what’s it
Haider:this sudden change of altitude of fabiola is more than strange we both she care about no want but herself
Zoya:I know but try to see good in this and be care
Haider:I don’t know what’s up to but it fishe she act nice
Zoya :trust your wife she knows what she’s doing
Haider:I hope so by the way any result so far
Zoya:ya but first need to congratulate me
Haider (opens his hand for hug making funny face ):chuckyyy darling
Zoya:you’re kidding me right
Haider:no left
Zoya (making sad):haider
Haider:ok I Will find asad for you
Zoya:asad is not lost
Haider:but you did he went out with haya
Zoya:come again?
Zoya:ok by the way I sent a message to you unknown messenger tell him to meet you at the restaurant
Haider:?and he agree to meet me
Zoya:? no he think he is meeting nahma
Haider:good plan perfect now you’re becoming smarter
Zoya:what I Wasn’t before that’s mean
Haider:you know you’re beautiful when you get angry
Zoya:oh really you can say that again ?☺
Haider:and also fast
Zoya:what! ( following with the pillow why haider run zoya fakes a pain and haider rushes to her ) I got you
Haider:that’s cheating zoya:learned from the best
Haider:thanks you
Zoya:you’re welcome

Sid’s villa
Ayan plans on taking sahori got with humera in order for them to know each other
Ayan :baby wont you want to go out with dad
Sahori; ofcourse dad I will love that
Ayan:ok go get ready we are going out
Sahori goes up while amira heard everything abd think on taking advantage
Amira:love you going with right
Sahori : yes mom to take some ice scream
Amira:baby you want dad .and mom to be together right !!
Sahori: yes I will love them
Amira:then ask dad to take me along with you guys (caressing sahori hair while smirking )

Coffee shop
Smar get there and sits on a table waiting for Nahma but to his greatest surprise it haider who arrives
Haider: you sat on tge chair next to the Window as indicated in the message so I presume it you the unknown messenger
Samar ( samar get event more confessed as to what is happening there ): who are you
Haider:no no the game doesn’t soot you you know me and I am sure I saw you but before
Haider flashes back and remember he was the ex guy nahma refused to marry and all become clear
Haider:I understand every thing now you are despite person
Samar:who loves nahma more than you
Haider (shouting in anger ): shout up I’m asking you kindly stay away from my wife or next time you won’t even be able to stand up
Samar : what would you do
Haider:just dream again of her and know you will see what I can do to you
Haider leaves
Samar fumes in anger
Sid’s villa
Ayan:shall we go
Sahori ; I don’t want to go with her
Ayan: sahori ( in anger ) don’t want to go ok then
Humera thinks ayan is too hard on sahori as he needs to know better and go close to her
Humera:it ok you guy can go another I will go and more again I have work
Ayan: but….
Humera; it ok darling don’t worry just go with her don’t be angry she’s a child and she will change too more it not her fault as sge does as amira ask her
Ayan :what would I do without you … sahori let go
Sahori: lets wait for mom
This shocks ayan humera razia but sheren enjoys tge whole show
sahori:I want mom to come with me
Ayan:it’s a no
Humera:if you want qin you’re daughter just go ok I trust and love no matter what amira does she won’t succeed
Amira come down will dressed with her pregnant stomach sahori takes her hand and ayan towards the door (sad song )
When they are gone
Sheren:be careful dear
This tense humera more
Sheren:if she was able to fall for her when he was with zoya imagine when he is with you what she will do (smirking )
(Humera fumes more in rage and leaves )
Razia: what do you think you’re doing with my daughter
Sheren:relax just telling her the trust
Razia is confused as to what is happening
Asad’s villa
Asad enters with haya and see zoya
Asad :mrs khan …… actually. ….I ….you …… Haya
Zoya: oh God give my ice cream before it melt
Asad gives her the ice cream
Zoya : oh God I’m hungry
Asad: really (asad was about to call for servant)
Zoya:I want my husband to do the food
Zoya: oh really you’re asking me
Asad:no no I was just singing a new song which is (what what what????)(zoya gives funny looks ) I’m going boss
Zoya laughs sit and enjoy her ice cream
Haider’s room
Haider see nahma from behind and hugs her
Nahma:hmmm I love you become this sweet haider; thanks you
Nahma:for what
Haider:for being unique and loving me I love
Nahma:I love you too
Haider:my loving wife sit here (puts her on hus legs )
Nahma with her hands around his neck
Haider:did I tell you I love you
Nahma :yes but I love you tell me
Haider:I love you more than my life never forget that
Nahma:I love you too
Dil saw this
Dil:(thinking )thanks God for this happiness
Dil gets in the kitchen
Dil (screaming): what !!!!!(alerting everyone downstairs )
Zoya:mom any problem
Nahma and haider joined
Zeenat:oh my God
Haider: wow you did it hot
Dil:asad my kitchen
Zoya:mr khan (laughing)
Asad:actually. ….. I….. you… mrs khan. … cook
Zeenat: what!!! I don’t understand
Dil:asad please dont confuse
Asad:mrs khan
Zoya:how could I mess up the kitchen when he is in and more he has all the kitchen tools in this hands
Asad :she …. u….. I ….cooked
Haider:I ….u … she… he…it… they …we ..you …asad can I add herself. ..himself. .. itself. …yourself. ..yourselves. …themselves
Dil:haider! !!
Haider:I was just helping mom
Dil:asad clean this up before you can finish your sentence I… u…. they …silly boy
Haider:we can call it asad’s language
Everyone laughs
Asad:dude you’re not helping
Haider:sorry dude
Unknown location
Imran had followed farah and saw him entering in a house
Imran manages to follows him inside despite all the 3goons men
Farah take the mask off nitkat’s face shocking imran
Goons 1:sir she hasn’t eaten yet
Farah :you don’t want to eat find but you have to sign this papers
Nitkat:never I rather die
Farah :you will sign it I swear I will find a way
Farah tight up again
Farah:she must sign this
Goon1: you have to threaten her with something or someone she loves
Farah:her family but I can’t use them
Goons1 : there should be someone
Farah:I will find
Farah drives off in his car
Inside the house
Imran untights nitkat
Nitkat : imran !! You
imran:I will get you out of here I swear it
Nitkat:how did you….
Imran:I followed farah dont mark noise oj
Imran hit the goon which was standing on the back door then runs away with nitkat
Asad’s villa
Haider and zeenat where talking about sid
Zeenat :we have to stop him from here
Haider:it won’t be that easy
Zeenat: mrs siddique should stay away from zoya
Zoya over hearing this
Zoya:while should he stay away from me
Zeenat get tense
Zeenat:no we meant he should not come here to much ad it can stress you
Zoya:oh ya that what you found to say
Haider: it just we thing it is not good for him to remind you of your dad
Zoya:over dad
Haider:what ever
Zoya:don’t worry he’s very good person
Thus irritates haider and zeenat
Outside sid’s villa
2unknown people hits nutza from behind while she falls unconscious they take ger away
Episode ends
RECAP: nutza is kidnapped , ayan tells humera the truth about zoya , haider accepts fabiola to see haya , sahori throws away food given to her by humera, Rashid plan on reuniting his family
Asad fumes in anger , everyone is looking for nutza, imran and nitkat are cut , amira play a trick on humera badi ami find out tge trust behind nutza disappearance , zoya-asad ronance ayan says sorry , nahma Is pregnant.
…. ………………………………………………..
QUESTIONS: what is amira’s trick , what is sheren’s new plan , will imran and nitkat survive , what will farah do , will Rashid be able to reunite his family, what will humera do with the truth
Thanks a lot for your comments hope you all enjoy and I will post every day or every 2 day I missed you alll
Will be introucing new characters (2 main characters) help me find names . I know in the original version no story was written about nutza but I want her to have a story in line with the title of my ff hope you love it ………………………………………….

Credit to: alexis fayole

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