#quboolhai(i do forever) episode 22


Heloo everyone hope you all had an amazing week as well as a day. There comes the next episode hope you loved it
The episode start with Sid
Early in the morning Sid was dressing up
Sid; (thinking )oh God I can’t keep missing my daughter’s life like this I have to see her
Razia comes in
Razia: where are you going
Sid: that doesn’t concern you
Razia :it does my dear husband as we are one
Sid tries to avoid her
Razia: if you think on going to see your illegitimate child don’t even think of that
Sid: and if I think
Razia: well my dear husband you don’t give me other choose then to tell your loving daughter The true
Sid: you won’t dare
Razia: don’t dare me Mr siddique as I will never let your illegitimate child be part of us
So be care Mr gaffur ahmed siddique I’m tell you don’t do something stupid as I’m watching you
Sid: you can do what you like as I don’t care
Sid goes tense and Razia is in rage
Farah’s villa
Imran: (thinking )I can’t stay here doing nothing I have to find Nitkat
A servant who does not approve of what farah and his mom is doing
Servant (thinking ):I have to tell sir imran as he can help
Imran: (thinking )God sent me a signal Nitkat I need help please
Servant walks towards imran but then see farah come up too and get tense
Farah: what wrong why are you standing there like a dog looking for bones get lost
The servant is frustrated by all this insult
Imran: that wasn’t necessary as she was doing her job
Farah: her job is in the kitchen not here
Imran: you seem go relax they can’t even say you’ve lost your wife
Farah: what are you saying
Imran:you heard me
Farah: you’re sick

Imran: no I just think you are so relax for 3 days your wife is missing but for you it makes no different
Farah get tense
Farah: I don’t have time to listen to your nonsense
Farah leave but Imran start feeling guilty for doubting his brother
Asad’s house
Haya get up so happy
Runs to her dad’s room
Haya: mom
Nahma: sweet heart
Haya jumps on the bed and starts jumping
Nahma: darling stop you might hurt yourself
Haya: first tell me
Nahma: come here sweet heart what do you want to know
Haya: why did you go when I was born
Nahma get tense to that question tries to avoid the question
Nahma: don’t worry now I’m here and I will never leave you
Haya: you promise
Nahma :I promise
Haya: I love you so much
Nahma: I love you too so so much
Now come here
She caries Haya in her arms and start playing with her
Nahma: OK OK let do the bed together and later breakfast would you like that
Haya: yes I will
Nahma and Haya makes the bed and haider is happy seeing this

Zoya come
Zoya: haiderrrrrr
Haider: oh My God only chucky can do this why are you shouting
Zoya: oh God only Haider can watch his wife
Haider :oh really come here and I will show you how I watch
Running behind Zoya
Zoya: oh God my stomach
Haider: are you OK
Zoya: cool I got you yeah I won
Haider: that’s cheating
Zoya: no it isn’t
Haider: it is
Tanu see this and get irritated
Tanu: I have to get her out of my way as soon as possible I can’t keep taking this joy of hers
Zoya: I’m happy your happy Haider
Haider: I know Nahma make my happiness
Zoya: that great you know what I need a juice
Haider: let me get it for you
Zoya: it is OK I left juice in the freeze I will get it I’m not sick but pregnant
Haider: well I thought you we’re
Zoya: hahaha go on laughing
Zoya goes down stairs and take the juice and drinks it Tanu smirks on seeing her drinking

When Zoya told Haider about the juice in the freeze Tanu got downstairs before Zoya and mixed something inside
Tanu: (thinking )I can’t give her this poison once this has to seem like and abortion and then jammy will hate her laughing evilly
Flashback ends
Zoya was almost going to her room but sees Tanu leaving
Zoya: what was Tanu doing in the kitchen
But finally ignores it

Sid’s Villa
Humera and ayan we’re having breakfast then amira gets in
Humera get tense
Ayan: what are you doing here
amira: sahori go say hello to daddy
Sahori goes to Ayan Ayan: hello princess how are you
Sahori: I’m fine
Amira: that’s my girl cone on sahori tell daddy why we are here Ayan: don’t use my daughter for your selfish means, waji
Waji: yes sir
Ayan:take the girl inside
Waji takes Sahori inside
Amira: oh no no ayan you don’t expect me to to leave my daughter with you
Ayan: she’s my daughter
Amira: well dear is but also mine so for you to stay with your daughter you have to start with me
Hunera gets tense
Humera was sitting in her room and badi came to her
Badi; dear how are you Humera: not fine but cupping
Badi: you will have to be strong as this won’t be easy
Humera: I’m doing my best Badi
Badi: I know and that good, remember you should always stand by your husband cause what is coming is not going yo be easy be intelligent than you enemy and also remember keep your enemy closer
Flashback ends
Ayan: you’re out of your mind I won’t let you stay here
Amira: then I’m going with my daughter
Amira calls for sahori but Humera stops her
Humera: you can stay too
Ayan: humera what are you doing
Hunera: she’s your daughter and she need a dad a family and with the kind of mom she has I’m afraid for Sahori she need you
Ayan:I don’t know what I would do without you
Humera: I’m your wife and I love you that what matters our love can over come every thing
Ayan:you can stay but listen to me if you ever Troy something funny you leave this house and this without sahori Ayan leave
Humera: I hope I won’t regret this as I know what you want
Amira: that makes this easier
Humera: don’t show victory yet
Amira: good so we are set
Humera: we are set
Humera leaves
Amira: well well I will get what’s mine trust me (smirking )

Farah’s house
Imran remembered what happened with the servant and decide to go apologize
Imran: I’m sorry for what my brother said he is just too stress for his wife
Servant: he can’t be as he took her out
Imran: wait what
Servant: I said nothing
Imran: you said something you said he took her out tell me
Servant: sir I’m sorry to say that but your brother forced Nitkat to go him 3 days ago and she was he reluctant to go but he forced her
Imran: but he said he did know where she was he said he didn’t see her and more he said she left
Servant: no sir he forced her and she went but he came back and hour after they left a lone
Imran: this is no possible
Servant: it is as this is the the first time he does something against her
Imran: what do you mean
Servant: he used to poison her but then when I found out I started changing her tea every time he made one
Imran is shocked
Servant: sir don’t tell him I told you or I will lost my job
Imran: don’t worry I won’t
The servant was leaving but remembered something
Servant; and sir I almost forgot your mother too is helping him but I don’t know why
Imran: thanks a lot for information you really helped me
Imran: I have to help Nitkat at all cost
Asad’s Villa
Zoya was on her bed and felt a lot of pain screaming in pain
Zoya: asaddddd help me
Asad came and dil got so stress zeenat noticed blood so asked Asad to take Ger to the hospital
Zoya was taken to the hospital

At Hospital
The doctor attend to Zoya
Asad dil zeenat and Nahma are all stress
Haya: Mom is aunt Zoya going to be Ok
Nahma: yes my love she will be
Doctor come
Asad: what happened
Doctor; sir your wife had an abortion substance in her system
This shocks everyone
Asad: doctor what do you mean and abortion substance
Doctor: yes but don’t worry we cause control it and I don’t understand why your wife took the substance do you both have problems
Asad is speechless
Doctor: you can go see your wife now
Asad in the room
Zoya: Mr Khan what’s going on
Asad: you tried to kill our child
Zoya is shocked by this accusations
Zoya: what are you saying why would I do that
Asad: that’s exactly what I want to understand
Zoya is shocked Tanu enters the room with Nahma and haider
Zoya remembers seeing tanu leaving the kitchen in the morning
Zoya: you caused this
All are shocked

Asad: what are you saying
Zoya: yes you’re loving Tanu caused she is the she devil who tried to kill our child trust me Mr Khan
Tanu (in tears):jammy I don’t know what she’s is saying
Zoya: oh no don’t try to fake as you told me that you will separate us
Asad: stop Zoya don’t try to put the blame on someone else I can understand you took that substance without knowing but don’t put the blame on Tanu and why will she separate us
Zoya (screaming ):she is in love with you
Shocking everyone. Tanu(crying ): jammy that’s not true I think Zoya is confuse
Zoya(crying ): I’m confuse oh God Asad believe me
Asad: (screaming )enough
Tanu (crying ):jammy please don’t fight because of me she’s is pregnant I think I should leave from here and also the house as she will feel good
Zoya: that is the best thing you said
Asad: no tanu you won’t go as my wife just had a bad day
Dil: Asad!
Asad: mom that is final
Asad leaves Tanu smirks and Nahma sees

Sid’s villa
Humera goes to sheren room and look for prove about all what she did to Zoya in the past
Humera overhead sheren and Razia talking sheren told Razia that she tried to kill Zoya 5years ago buy it failed because zoya was too lucky
Sheren; I filmed it because I enjoyed seeing her suffer as I almost lost my son because of her, when I kidnapped her it was fun
Humera was shock
Razia: good job sheren you are doing a good job
Sheren thanks God she is out of my life now
The laugh evilly
Flashback ends

Humera ;oh God where is that filmed video
I have to find it
All of a suddenly sheren comes in
Sheren: what are you doing here
Humera (tense):nothing Mom just was searching for you
Sheren: OK
Sheren sees Ger things mixed up and down and understand that Humera was looking for something else and decide to go Razia
Razia’s room
Razia: what going on
Sheren: keep your daughter under control Razia: what do you mean
Sheren: you know me I don’t keep my time without use
Razia: don’t you dare
Sheren : then keep her under control
Razia: well be care then
Sheren leaves
Asad’s house
Zoya: I’m going to my room
Asad: should I help you
Zoya: why so you can accuse me of trying to kill your child no need
Asad: I didn’t mean too Zoya: well you did
Asad: Zoya!
Zoya: mom I will rest in your room
Zoya goes
Tanu smirk

Nahma: well I believe in Zoya as I know your motive
Asad: Nahma!
Nahma leaves with her daughter
Zeenat follows while looking at Tanu
Haider: I hope you opening your eye soon as I know this kind of girl
Haider so leave
Dil is confuse as she saw Tanu grow up so leaves in silents
Tanu starts pretending
Tanu(tearful eye ): jammy I’m sorry but I don’t want to cause problems it better I leave
Asad: Tanu don’t worry I know zoya and all will understand you trust you
Tanu: thanks jammy for your trust
They hug while tanu smirk
Manu’s villa
Rashid was coming in manu house and overheard a conversation
Manu: I need you to keep an eye on Dil for me
Caller; I will sir as it my work
Manu: don’t allow her to meet with Rashid 17years ago still today I kept them a part and I will always do So do your work
Rashid: so this is your face
Manu: what the hell are you doing here
Rashid: I came to say thanks for your 17years of friendship but I see you don’t desire it
Manu: what did you think you always had all but I won’t let that again
Rashid: I will tell Dil the true
Manu: well what do you that will happen will she believe in the man who left her 2time in her life or the one who stood by her for long years
Rashid: you won’t get away with this as love always wins
Rashid leaves but manu is tense

Early in morning
Asad’s Villa
Dil’s room
Dil: sweet heart are you OK
Zoya: yes mom
Dil; I love you and will stand by you I trust you
Zoya: thanks mom
The door rings
The servant opens it
Haider: who is it
Sid: it me
Haider: what are you doing her
Sid: I came to visit my daughter
Haider: you don’t have the right
Asad comes
Asad: what are you doing here
Sid: see my daughter
Dil: let him
Haider fumes in anger
Sid goes upstairs
Zoya: yes come in
Sid comes in
Sid: how are you
Zoya: fine but why are you here
Sid get emotional and caresses her hairs
Zoya get confuse
Zoya: sir what’s going on
Sid: Zoya I’m……….. (remembers of razia said )
Zoya: sir
Sid: can I just spend time with you
Zoya: it OK by me by why
Sid: because I know you since you we’re a child and I missed you
Zoya: is that so
Sid: yes
Zoya: it means you know my dad
Sid get tense
Sid: for today let’s not talk about him
Zoya; but
Sid: please I will tell you when the time is right
Zoya: OK I hope you will
Sid spend time with Zoya
Haya: mom come let’s go outside and play
They go outside
Haya and Nahma spend time and play together
Haya: I love you mom
Nahma: I love princess Fabiola hears this breakdown
Nahma: let me get juice for my loving princess
Nahma goes and Fabiola tries to go close to Haya but Haider come out
Haider; where is mommy
Haya: get juice for me
Haider see Nahma phone and reads the message entering
“Nahma darling are you ready for me to night ”
Haider fumes anger and starts doubting but remembers what Dilshad said
Dil: Haider always trust your wife no matter what happens as trust is the key to happiness no matter what always trust her
Flashback ends

Nahma come
Haider: you received another text
Nahma Get tense
Nahma: Haider… I… don’t
Haider: I trust you and will never doubt you again
Nahma: thanks
Haider: now can I have a reward for this loving words just a kiss
Nahma: oh God Haider Haya is here
Haider: OK wait let me close her eye so she doesn’t see this (funny tune )
Nahma: oh God Haider they play in family
Haya: I’m happy I have my dad and my mom now together
Nahma: come here princess
Haya: you know what I don’t want to be call princess
Haider: OK then queen
Haya: no
Nahma; angel
Haya: no I dont want to be the only princess Nahma: what do you want my love
Haya: a brother
Haider: oh That good (funny tune )I will work on it right my love
Nahma feel uncomfortable
Haya: cool
Fabiola is watching all this
Fabiola: she taking my daughter away and my Haider u just can’t let this happen. I can’t loss my family never

Sid’s Villa
Humera was fixing the bed
Ayan come from behind and hold her
Humera: my love this feel good
Ayan: so loving like always
Humera: I love you
Ayan: I love you more than my life
Humera: and I more
Ayan:I more
They started playing while Amira see this fumes in anger
Amira: Sahori you have to help mommy to get daddy will you
Sahori; yes
Amira: (thinking )watch and see Humera
Asad Villa
Zoya come down with Sid
Zoya: thanks you Mr Sid
Sid: thanks you dear take care
Zoya: thanks you for caring
Sid leaves and Haider come in
Asad: Zoya!
Zoya pretends not to listen all of the suddenly goons get in and holds Haya asking Asad to follow him in other to release Haya Asad obey but Zoya is stress. The two goons exchange Haya against Asad but Haider hits one of them distracting the other and Asad fights with the goons
They police comes and arrested them
Unknown place
Farah bring food to Nitkat
Farah: Nitkat you know you could stop suffering
Nitkat: you devil you will pay for this
Farah: my dear wife sign the paper and you will regain you freedom
Nitkat: never
Farah: OK then no food for you
Nitkat(crying and screaming ): no you monster
Farah’s Villa
Imran notice Farah is not there and thinks he went to see Nitkat
Imran; I will get to the bottom of this
Asad’s Villa
Asad: tomorrow I will see to that they speak I think they are also responsible for Nitkat disappearance
Haider: don’t worry we will
Zoya get up and leave
Dil: Asad solve your problem with Zoya
Asad: I will mom trust me
Ayaz’s villa
Ayaz receive the news that this plan failed
Goon3:I’m sorry sir but the 2 others where arrested
Ayaz: you useless a simple job you couldn’t do it
Goon3:I’m sorry
Ayaz: get lost
Goon was about to leave
Ayaz: make sure they don’t talk
Goon3: don’t worry they had no information about you
Ayaz breaks everything near him
Ayaz: I will get you Asad I swear it I will get you
Asad ‘s Villa
Tanu; (thinking )I have to find a way for Zoya to take another portion of this poison as she need 3 drop to lost her child and this is going to be the 2nd drop
Tanu see Nahma drop pizza and thinks it perfect as zoya can’t resist it
Tanu put poison in it Dil see this and say nothing she called Haider who took a recording of her putting poison in pizza
Asad’s room
The servant brings zoya’s pizza
As Zoya was about to eat
Dil: stop
Asad get shock and Zoya is tense
Dil: I want Tanu to eat it first
Tanu get tense
Tanu: I can’t,……I don’t
…like and…
Dil: tanveer stop just eat it
Asad: tanu it OK just do it to prove them wrong and for Zoya to trust you
Dil: go on Tanu
Nahma: you can’t right
Tanu is more and more tense
Haider shows the video to Asad
Asad fumes in anger
Asad: Tanu I want you to eat this pizza
Tanu: Asad please trust
Asad: I’m trusting you already
Tanu is tense
Dil: go on
Asad: Tanu please prove this video wrong
Tanu tries to eat the pizza but she drops it on the ground

Episode ends

RECAP: Asad face to face with tanveer, Ayan Humera romance, Humera finds pic of Zoya when she was little in her father’s things with a note behind, asad apologize, Zoya Asad romance, fabiola face Nahma, Haider tracks the person who sents message to Nahma, Samar is confuse, ayaz and Tanu team up once again, Sid visit zoya, Haider Nahma romance, imran finds.Nitkat , nutza falls unconcious,Sheren get irritated with Humera, amira take advantage, sahori reuse to take from Humera as she’s not her mom, Ayan get angry , Zoya overhears Haider zeenat talk about Mr siddique
QUESTIONS: what is Tanu and ayaz plan? Is sahori ayan’s daughter will he be able to change her? What will Farah do next ? Will Zoya find out the true about Sid? Or is it Humera how finds the true about Zoya? Can Humera find Amira and sheren?will Razia help her daughter?
………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..thanks a lot for your comments i hope enjoy this episode as it is my birthday today and i hope you you love this episode

Credit to: alexis fayole

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