#quboolhai(i do forever) episode 21


Hello guys I’m sorry i didn’t update since but my schedule don’t permit me to. I’m sorry but here is the episode of today I hope you like it because I didn’t update since I will add some parts that’s not in the recaps
This episode starts with ayan
Sid’s house
ayab get up in morning
Humera: Ayan!
Ayan is not responding
Humera: Ayan please say something
Ayan still not responding and about to leave
Humera: Ayan listen to me
Ayan (turn and face humera ):did you listen to me when I asked you not to let your mom in our lifes your oh no you didn’t listen and now you want me to listen to you
Humera is in tears and Ayan leaves badi see this and Get stress
Asad’s house
Asad’s house
Asad :goodmorning (kissing her face )
Zoya: goodmorning I love this sweet way of saying goodmorning
Asad: oh ya and I can get even more sweet
Zoya: oh really let me see that
Asad get by getting up and goes to Zoya side and hold her hands
Asad: the day I saw I wanted to love, when I loved you I wanted to marry you and I married you now I want to die with you eat you spend the rest of my life with you, love kiss you (kisses her )
Zoya :this so beautiful I love you too and now let me do breakfast for my romantic husband
Asad :you know what I (holding Zoya all around )and my wife will do breakfast together
Zoya; oh I see that that seems great
Asad and Zoya leaves for kitchen
Sid’s house
Humera: I’m sorry Ayan let me explain
Ayan is about to leave but turn
Ayan: you know what the explaination I have is a wife should obey and respect her husband stand by him and be one with him you promised me that but you break it and now….
Humera: now you will what
Ayan: I will be a lone for sometimes to think
Badi; and a husband durty is to listen to his wife
Ayan: Badi…
Badi: Ayan your wife is your life and that fact she did a mistake doesn’t mean she should be treated like this
Ayan: but Badi she break our promise
Badi: the only I want to know do you love humera
Ayan: white all my heart but…..
Badi: no but just take that to solve all problems that should be the solutions to all
Ayan:(turn to humeral) I’m sorry I just got so hurt that I forgot my love
Humera: I’m sorry to I promise you I will not let any one In our life please forgive me
Ayan hugs humera
Badi: Humera Ayan is right you should trust your mom
Shocking Ayan and Humera
Humera: why are you saying that
Ayan:it best you let go
Badi: Ayan it best she knows
Humera: know what
Badi: your mom is responsible for destroying my son life and she also force Ayan in marrying you the first time (telling her the separation between dil and rashid but omitting her killing zoya’s mom in other to protect humera )
Humera shock by this
Ayan: Humera listen to me you are different and I love you that why I married you
Humera: but she us the reason you and Zoya separate
Ayan: may be yes but Zoya and I wasn’t meant to be but you and I yes we we’re meant I love you and that’s what matters
Humera gets emotional and hugs Ayan
Ayan: I promise no one will ever separate us I just want you to promise to always trust me in all and stand by me no matter what happens
Humera: I swear I will stand by you live by you and trust you I love you
They hug
Amira get in clapping and smirking with her daughter by her side
Asad’s house
Asad and Zoya in the kitchen
Asad: oh God where does this go to
Zoya: no no Mr khan don’t put it there
Asad: oh sorry it dropped
Zoya: oh God what taste will this have oh God what’s wrong with you Mr Khan
Asad: Mrs Khan look here (Zoya turns and Asad throw flour at her )
Zoya: oh my G (get the flour herself and throw it at her turn )(laughing )
Asad keep throwing flour at Zoya and she do same suddenly Zoya feels a movement in her stomach
Zoya: Mr Khan wait wait
Asad: any problem
Zoya: I think I heard the baby moving
Tanu was coming down stairs and saw the whole scene
Asad: I can’t feel anything
Zoya: my princess only wants me
Asad:oh really but who told you is a princess I think is a prince (put his head on zoya’s stomach )
Asad: my prince please react to dad please (making funny face )
Zoya: oh God my baby doesn’t seem to listen (laughing )
Then Asad get a moment
Asad: (get excited )my son just shake
Zoya :(smiling )I feel it
Asad: I love you
Zoya: oh no no (opens the pot and all was burned )all of it
burn this is your fault
Asad: oh ya this my fault you also
Zoya: you distracted me
Asad( come close to her ):and now am I
Zoya: now i want
Asad: to
Zoya: to……
Asad was caressing her
Tanu : (thinking )i have to stop this before i completely lost Asad I can’t lose Asad no I just can’t
Dil comes
Dil: ya Allah what happened here zoya
Zoya: why look at me it’s Mr Khan
dil: asad!
asad: its me oh no mom you know me I can’t mess the place like this it’s Mrs Khan
Zoya;what no mom it’s him Mr Khan you dare put the fault on me what did i tell you “stop” but no you want to play romance in kitchen
Asad: you are who burn the breakfast
Zoya: what Allah miya you’re joking it your fault
Asad: no it your
Zoya:my no yours
Dil: both you stop this
Ya Allah both if you don’t confuse me
Zoya and Asad make funny face, the bell rings and servant opens it Zeenat with haya(haider daughter )
Zeenat: oh God Zoya while did you mess the kitchen
Zoya: what why me?
Asad: i told you
Zoya about to say something but dil her Zoya making angry face
Dil; both of you don’t. Asad you clean your mess
Asad: but (Zoya smile and makes happy face )mom
Dil: asad you and your wife make one and more again she’s is pregnant
Asad: Ya I see mom if you she will use that
Zoya starts crying for no reason
Asad ;oh God love I’m sorry I didn’t mean to what wrong
Zoya: I don’t know why i always want to cry when you say something
Asad;OK (wiping her tears )
When zoya see haya she get emotional and start crying
Asad: mom what is going
Dil; Zoya is at her 5 month and well get ready she will cry for no reason constand eating and always in bad mood and gets easily irritated
Asad: what ,what’s that
Zeenat( funny face ):and she might ask what you will find difficult to get it
Zoya: haya Here
Zeenat :yes as haider and Nahma will leave in india with them
haya: aunty
Zoya: yes princess
Haya: will my mom love me
Zoya: you’re?
Haya: yes dad told me him and my mom got married
Zoya: of course she will
Haya is happy to hear this
Farah Villa
Farah and rasena are fed up with Nitkat and the comments people make on her complexion
Rasena : Farah we have to get nitkat’s wealth but this isn’t easy as she difficult to convince
Farah :i have an idea let kidnap her and force her to sign it we kill her
Rasena: that’s a good idea you prove you are my son
Rasena and Farah smirk
Sid”s vila
Ayan:what’s going on
Amira: just loving your loving emotional moment i love watching both of you
Humera: who is she ayan
Amira: the ghost from the past with a big secret
Humera: Ayan what’s going on
Ayan: I have no idea
Amira: baby go say hi to dad
Shocking Ayan Humera Nutza and Badi
Ayan: where is he?
Amira: hahaha he is wearing a red shirt
Humera (tearful ):you
Ayan: what new trick is this
Amira: 5 years ago you and I had a relationship
Ayan: no no correction you tricked me
Amira trick relationship is the same in my world (smirking )anyway the result is here sahori
Ayan: no way I can’t believe this you tried to trap Asad and now me
Amira; oh oh oh you can undergo a DNA TEST and that will prove
Humera: can take this an leave
Ayan follows her but amira stop
Amira I will be waiting for you tomorrow at the hospital at 10 am so we can firm it
Amira approaches to say bye to Badi
Badi: I don’t need it
Amira gets frustrated
Ayan’s room
Ayan: Humera please listen
Humera turns and hugs him
Humera: it doesn’t mean anything it you pass and I am your present and future I promised you I would stand by you and trust you
Ayan: thanks Humera (hugs her tightly ) but I need you to know what happened in the past (explains everything to Humera
Humera: I will stand by you
They hug
Ayan: I love you for this and many reasons
Humera; I love you more
Nahma receives a message but naider reads it ” Nahma you are married now and well I can’t forget you you will be mine ” haider gets tense
Nahma: darling see this it will look great on haya don’t you think
Haider: who sent you think message
Nahma :which message
Haider give it to Nahma who gets tense to see the message
Nahma; I don’t really know who sent this
Haider (shouting );don’t take me for a fool, how don’t you know who sent this Nahma: I don’t believe me (tearful eye )
Nahma leave and lock herself in the bathroom
Haider: (thinking )how can I think this of Nahma she never lied to me Ph I’m so stupid this must be faboila tricks
He goes near the bathroom
Haider: I’m sorry it just that when I feel I am loosing you I can’t take it please forgive me
Nahma opens the door
Nahma: Haider I love you too much and I’m not fabiola please trust me
Haider: I trust you more than my life. I think this fabiola deeds to separate us
Nahma: I don’t think so because this number is the same one sending me all those treat message you remember
Haider; yes then if it not fabiola who is it
Nahma: I don’t know but for sure is not fabiola
Haider: may be it someone from your pass
Nahma: no I told you everything from my pass and I never had a boyfriend
Haider: I know that but what I meant was someone you didn’t pay attention to
Nahma: I don’t know, let change this topic cause no matter what the person does he can not separate us
Haider: (shouting )oh my God
Nahma: what!
Haider: haya will love this so much
Nahma: you scared me you think so
Haider: yes I do, Nahma (holding and caressing her face )
Haider: thanks so much
Nahma: for what
Haider: for loving me, loving my daughter and being in my life you’re the best thing that ever happened to me
Nahma: I love you now and for ever
Asad Villa
Tanu calling in her room
Tanu: where are you guy it has to be done to
Unknown person: we are all set up waiting for her to step out
Tanu: good just wait for next move
Tanu is shown talking to some guy and planing zoya’s kidnapping
Flashback end
Farah’s Villa
Farah: Nitkat get ready we are going out
Nitkat: but Farah we can go momand imran aren’t home
Farah: don’t worry I informed mom
Nitkat get tense
Nitkat :OK just wait let me go get ready
Farah smirk and think “final you will get out of my life ‘
Asad’s Villa
When Asad and the rest of family are distracted haya manages to go out. Fabiola see her from her car and get emotional thinking on how happy her life would have been if she had marry Haider she goes down of care starts approaching haya same moment Zoya releases haya isn’t there
Zoya: haya (goes out and see her there )
Haya: aunt I just wanted yo see this beautiful garden
Zoya: ya it beautiful
The goons see Zoya alone with the little
Goon1: I think it time yo act
Goon2:ya I think too
Goon3:buy what about the girl
Goon2:that true that child will scream before we can that her
Goon1: you distrat the child and I take the girl
They all agree on the process to take
Fabiola was approaching at same time as the goons while Zoya and haya where playing
Fabiola release the goons and screams
Fabiola; zoyaaaaaaaa alerting Asad and tensing Zoya
Asad: zoya
Asad runs out and see Zoya rushing inside
Asad hugs her
Asad: what happened
Zoya: I heard someone screaming my name when I looked up some guy where coming toward me with guns
Asad: what! Thank God you’re save let me see that lady to thank her for saving your life
Asad goes out but see no one
Asad: (come in) she’s gone
This situation frustrates Tanu
Zeenat: but who can want to hurt you Zoya
Asad: I know but I will find out
Zoya turns and look at Tanu making Tanu scared…
Dil: but Zoya don’t you have and idea
Zoya still looking at Tanu bring everyone to look at her
Jiji: why are you looking at tanveer
Zoya: I think I know who is behind this
Tanu is tense frustrated and scare
Zoya release it but think “if I say it Tanu it will be very difficult to believe as she was present with us ”
Dil: Zoya who
Zoya: I don’t know may be Amira as she crazy of Mr Khan.
Asad: it is not my fault I make every woman crazy.
Zoya; that’s true you don’t know how many is crazy and can’t say it
Tanu gets irritated by this
Asad: Mrs Khan I was joking
Zoya: I know
Dil: Asad get more securities for the house in case the come
Asad: I will Mom ,Zoya please be extremely careful as Amira is crazy
Zoya: dont worry no one can separate us
Looking at Tanu while hugging Asad
Farah’s car
Farah is driving smirking making nitkat uncomfortable
Nitkat: where are we going
Farah: don’t worry
Farah stops and remove a handkerchief fell with sleeping drug
Nitkat: what are you doing
Farah force it on her noise
Nitkat gets dizzy
Farah: sleep little princess Nitkat very soon all your kingdom and wealth will belong to me
(Evil laughing )
Samar’s house
Hasya: son you’re gold is to marry Nahma because you like her but I need the status of Khan’s family her being Asad Ahmed Khan sister and Rashid Ahmed Khan daughter she worths a lot
Samar: Mom don’t worry I will have Nahma trust me give me just time to separate her from Haider
Hasya: that is not going to be easy as they are so in love
Samar (smiling ):love is not enough mom without trust love dies
Hasya: trust is the base of marriage
Samar: and without trust a marriage can’t stay
Hasya: you’re indeed my son
They evilly smile
Farah villa
It very late and Nitkat isn’t back imran get so worry
Imran: I’m so worried Farah
Farah: it true mom Nitkat nevers go out a lone
Rasena: don’t may be she went to her family let just wait
Imran: but …..
Farah: no but Imran! If Nitkat do not come back tomorrow we will look for her but now it late and you can not look for her
Imran; you seen not to care
This irritate farah
Farah (shouting ):what do you care it is my wife and not your
Imran: yes she might be but you don’t care
This cause a fight between the brothers
Rasena: both of you stop you’re brothers have I made myself clear
Imran goes to his room
Rasena: what’s wrong with your brother
Farah : I don’t know but I will find out
Asad’s villa
Tanu’s room
Zoya knock the door and Tanu get scared and tense
Zoya: don’t be tense cause I’m still standing here rather than what you wanted
Tanu :don’t be too sure Zoya it might have fail but next time I’m taking you out of jammy’s heart
Zoya: you’ve got it nr Khan can never be your but he already mine no matter what you try
Tanu: don’t be so show cause when you’re gone Asad will remain so depress and I will console him
Zoya:you don’t get it I will never let you
Tanu: don’t be so sure just be ware of me
Zoya: and you of me
Zoya leaves
Tanu:I will definitely separate you both I don’t care what happens to that child I can’t let it come out
Asad’s room
Asad: oh God Mrs Khan where you it not good to let your husband a lone
Zoya pays no attention
Asad: Mrs Khan…..
Zoya: my love I’m sorry I will never leave you I promise I will never I love you so much and no one can separate us (hugging )
Asad: what’s wrong Mrs Khan
Zoya: I love you
Asad :I love you more and no one will separate us I swear it
They hugs
Ayaz’s house
Ayaz is seen talking to some guys
Ayaz: I need this just to be done in a planed manner in 3 days Asad ahmed Khan will be dead
Goon1: sure sir all will be done
They guys leaves
Ayaz: nani in 3days Asad will die and I will have the have my happy ending
(Laughing )
Nani: please son you’re not like your dad
Ayaz: (shouting)don’t you every talk of my dad (throwing things )
When Ayaz was little his dad used to beat him and he was maltreated and but he also saw his dad used his mom and killed her then moved to the next woman and destroy her life and get her by all cost but when growing up ataz swear he will never hurt people to get like his dad
Flashback ends
Ayaz: I will never be like him
Nani: but you’re planning on killing someone just like him
Ayaz:he desire it and I like she’ll be happy with me
Nani: if you want her to be you should forget and forgive Asad
Ayaz: this conversation is over
Ayaz Leaves while nani is in tears
Nani: my poor son what did you turn into I shouldn’t have given you away… (crying )
29years ago Nani was forced to have a relationship with ayaz’s father so as to give a child to the couple
after birth Nani was forced to give Ayaz away. She did with so much difficulties but then requested to stay his nani
Flashback ends
Next morning
Ayan Humera and Amira went for DNA test
They test is conducted
Farah’s house
Imran calls sid’s Villa to find out whether Nitkat is there but they say they havent seen her
Imran gets angry and scared but Farah and Rasena are tensed
Imran calls Asad and Ayan to inform them of Nitkat. This tense Asad and the whole family
They declear Nitkat missing
The search goes on but to no aviel
2 day later
They all tense to to get the results
Humera:( thinking )God please let it be a dream
Ayan: (thinking )no matter the result please I don’t want to lost humera
Doctor: the results are here
Ayan reads the result
Humera: what does it say
Ayan: (with so much pains )positive
Humera breaks down Amira smirks
Humera goes out to get some air
Amira: you trust me now sahori is your daughter
Ayan: humera
ayan Runs after Humera
Asad’s house /sid’s Villa
Dil’s room
Dil: i can’t believe Rashid let me down once again
Rashid: Dil will never forgive me
2 day ago Rashid waited for Dil for 5hours but Dil never come
Flashback ends
Dil: why Rashid?(holding rashid’s pic in tears )
Rashid: why Dil?
(In tears with Dil’s pic )
Manu ‘s apartment
Manu: how easy it was to put you apart 17years ago it was easy and now even more (laughing)
Manu went to rashid home hour before his meeting with dil .when rashid was distracted he took rashid’s phone and texted Dil another address
Flashback ended
Manu: life is easy when you’re intelligent
Asad’s Villa
They servant opens the door
Haider: we are home
Everyone are happy to so them
Haya: dad!
Haider hugs her and gets emotional
Haya: I missed you dad
Haider: missed you so much come see
Haider show her Nahma
Haya get emotional and hugs Nahma
Haya: I missed you all this years and place don’t every leave me
Nahma get tense and confuse but play along with Haya
Nahma: I will never leave you come let’s go and I will show you what I brought for you
Haider release everyone is tense
Haider: what’s going on
Asad explains everything
Zoya: Asad I had Ayan on phone it happens that amira’s child is ayan
Asad: what’s this new problem
Haider: I’m not getting it how come the child she is going to have be Ayan
Asad: will explain everything later
Zoya: poor Ayan I don’t understand what is Amira new plan
Sid’s house
Ayan’s room
Ayan: Humera please
Listen to me I beg you (on his knees )
Humera: Ayan it OK I understand it not your fault we will go through this I will stand by you remember I promise you that
Ayan: thanks for loving humera:I love you
Ayan: I love you too
They hug
Asad’s Villa
Asad :Mrs Khan we will go through it I promise you
Zoya: I know Mr Khan I swear the day you die I die too
Asad: both of us for ever I love you
Zoya: I love you too
Farah’s villa
Imran’s room
Imran is dreaming
Imran: Nitkat
Nitkat; Imran help me
Imran: Nitkat where are you
Nitkat: Imran (Nitkat screams )
Imran wake up screaming Nitkattttttttt episode ends
……………………………………………………………………RECAPS:Tanu tries to kill Zoya again, Ayaz plan fails, Imran suspect Farah, Rashid release many is again him, Haider doubts again, Haya love and spend time with Nahma, fabiola tried to come close to Haya, Amira decide to go stay in Sid’s house and force Ayan to marry him, Farah blackmail Nitkat, sheren tell razia to control her daughter, Sid visit Zoya and tries to tell the true, razia blackmail Sid, Asad and Zoya fight due to tanveer, Zoya accuse tanveer of trying to kill her but Asad doesn’t believe but Zeenat, Haider and Nahma believes her Dil has doubt, Tanu tries to kill Zoya a again but fail, Tanu -Asad face to face
QUESTIONS: what will happen after the face to face of Asad and Tanu, what while happen to Ayan and Humera can they face Amira, will Nahma and Haider trust each other, what’s fabiola plan, is it good to lie to Haya about her mom,will Sid listen to razia
Thanks for reading and well I have a question I want to bring magic in this stories can I. What do you think of a little of magic in this. Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed

Credit to: alexis fayole

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