#quboolhai(i do forever) episode 20


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This episode starts with Asad
Asad: Mrs Khan
Zoya: Mr Khan not again get ready
Asad: oh it not my fault when I see you I just lost it you make me crazy
Zoya: oh really get ready first then you and I……
Asad: eh ya you and I..
Zoya: yes you want know
Asad (kisses her all over ):yes I want to know
Zoya: you and I at the wedding that’s it
Asad: oh really that’s not fear
Zoya: yes but I love you
Asad: I love you more you’re my life
Zoya: and you mine

Everyone is coming to Nahma and Haider marriage
Rashid badi Ayan Humera and nutza arrive later rasena farah nitkat and Imran come
Ayan: miss humera do you want to visit my room
Humera :wait what it nahma’s wedding
Ayan pass his hand around Humera
Humera: oh God Ayan stop being naughty
Ayan: come with me if you don’t want me to shout I love you Humera
Humera: you won’t dare
Ayan: oh really then
Ayan starts shouting I love
Humera: (covers his mouth )OK OK let go
Then Nitkat and nutza comes
Nitkat: Humera come with us we need to help Nahma
Ayan: wait wait but…
Nutza: let me see Ayan still romancing
Nitkat: romancing!
Nutza: they do that everyday
Ayan: oh God shut off and well I need Humera right! Humera
Humera: I don’t think so
Ayan: I’m shouting
Nitkat: shouting! Well well Humera let’s go
Asad: oh my my Ayan you are so sweet
Ayan: ah brother she’s my life
Asad: you’re life see that my little brother is in love
Ayan :ya but you are madly in love
Asad: we both found happiness in the sisters
Ayan; talking of that I can keep hinding that from Humera
Asad: I neither I can’t keep this is anymore but what can we do it not the right time
Ayan: sure

Zoya: woow tomato you look sweet and red Nahma: Zoya!
Nitkat: tomato
Zoya: ya it because when she get shy she becomes red like a tomato
Nutza; oh really I will start calling you like that too
Nahma: oh God Zoya
Zoya: I’m happy you’re becoming my sister in law
Nahma; and I you
Nitkat: I’m happy for you
Nahma: Nitkat you’re my sister and I’m happy we are together today I would have loved to be with you during yours
Nitkat get tense
Nitkat; don’t worry we will be for Nutza
Nutza: oh God let me out of this OK
All laugh
Zoya: that means you don’t want to marry
Nutza: of course I want be he should be rich handsome and gentle
Nitkat: oh really
Nutza: like my Asad he should be caring ,loving like Ayan, romantic like my brother in law Haider, and kind like Farah
Nitkat is even more tense
Nahma; I see perfect man
Nutza: ya (making funny face )
Zoya notice something is wrong with Nitkat
Zoya: any problem
Nitkat get even more tense
Nitkat; nothing
Samar arrive

Samar: let’s see Nahma if you stay happy for long you might marry him today but you will end up mine and never his (smirk)
Manu arrive and see Dil talking with Rashid
Rashid: there’s something we need to talk
Dil: the talking was done years ago
Rashid: Dil I…
Dill: Rashid please
Rashid: Dil you need to know something but I will tell you in some other please please later
Dil: OK after Nahma marriage
Rashid; thanks
Manu see this and gets jelouse
Manu (thinking );17 years you left her and now you want her back I can’t let this never will Dil find the true never
17 years Rashid explained his whole situation with Dil and Sheren to manu
Rashid: I need you to give this video to Dil and Asad when Asad turns 18 years it very important it contains all the true
Manu; yes I will you can trust me
Rashid: thanks a lot I’m happy your my friend take care of Asad Nahma and Dil please they are my reason of life I will be sending you money every month to support Dil and send Nahma and Asad to school

Manu: OK I will
Five years later manu’s wife die and he became close to Dil and feel in love with her but he couldn’t tell her. 1 years after many destroy the DVD given by Rashid
Flashback ends
Manu; I won’t let this happen
The marriage start and Nahma come Down
The priest starts the marriage
Priest: Nahma Ahmed Khan do you accept Haider farroque as your husband
Nahma: I do
Priest: Haider farroque do you accept Nahma Ahmed Khan as your husband
Haider: I do
Everyone clap for them
At that time Zoya see the scene of marriage and feel bad and falls unconcious
Asad: Zoya!

Everyone gets tense Tanu smirk thinking oh God drama act
Nitkat goes upstairs due to the fact of her feeling, Imran follows her
Nitkat: stop Imran please I can’t take this anymore
Imran: I can’t
Nitkat; it making me sick
Imran: you’re making crazy I love you and I know it wrong but I can’t stay away
Nitkat: Imran I love you too very much I love you
Nutza hears this
Nutza: what did you say
Nitkat get tense and leaves
Nutza: Imran!
Imran leaves tense
Nutza (thinking ):oh God I’m dreaming this can’t happen

A servant important Haider a gift came
Nahma: oh God a gift from USA no name
Haider gets tense
Nutza comes
Nutza: Nahma please come with me something is going up
Haider: it OK go it girls talk
Haider opens the gift and there are pictures of him and fabiola back USA
With a message “you might have forgeten me but you took too two this from me and I want it back.you know I mean my daughter no no our daughter and you loose I’m coming for you, and you know me nothing will stop me ”
Haider get tense
Haider meet a girl in USA years ago and they started a relationship and he loved her very much they had a child and he was ready to marry her but she cheated on her on him the day of their marriage and abandoned their daughter to leave with the other guy
Flashback ends
Haider goes to Zeenat
Haider: Zeenat fabiola is in India
Zeenat: oh God jiji has made haya to come to India you have to tell Nahma the true
Haider: I hope she understand but please stop haya to come back I don’t want that crazy woman to come close yo my daughter
Zeenat: we won’t let it
Nahma see a gift on her bed Nahma get scare she opens the gift. She see a a dress full with blood and gets scare a message was accompanied by it
“This time it a cloth but next time it would be your husband hahaha you’re mine “Nahma get scare and goes to Haider but Haider in turn was getting in the room
Haider: Nahma we have to talk
Nahma; Haider see this please
Haider see this and get even more scare thinking that it might be fabiola
Nahma: I don’t understand who can do this Haider I’m scare
Haider hugs her and explain his past to her
Nahma is shock
Nahma: Haider this can’t be true
Haider falls on his knees
Haider: I’m sorry Nahma I just didn’t want to losses you so I hinder that from you
Nahma get shock
Nahma: stay away don’t touch me
Dil come in
Dil: Haider Nahma it time to go
Haider: OK mom
Dil: Haider let me talk to Nahma first
Haider gets tense and leave
Dil: Nahma now you’re married and you have to know your husband is all to you
Nahma: I don’t know mom something you might find out thing that change everything
Dil: your husband had a life before you and if you love Haider you should love his daughter
This shocks Nahma
Nahma: mom you knew
Dil: yes but every thing Haider told you true don’t let that separate you both

Zeenat and jiji told Dil and Asad the truth 2days ago
Nahma: I…
Dil; just trust him I will miss you
Nahma: mom I’m going for honeymoon for 2 week and we come back
They hug
Dil bring Nahma to Haider everyone wish them goodbye, they hug
Haider: too bad chucky isn’t well I feel bad
Dil: she’ll be OK very soon
They hugs and Haider and Nahma leave for London
Later Nitkat find out Farah and rasena left so she has to go with Imran she tense but Nutza is even more tense as to what she found out
Imran and Nitkat leave
Ayan Humera Nutza badi and Nutza where about to leave
Rashid: dil don’t forget we will meet
Dil: OK
Asad get tense to see the close ness of his mom and Rashid
Manu: (thinking )I won’t let them meet as I will lost everything if they do and I can’t lost Asad Nahma and Dil love as they are the family I always dreamt of
They all hug but Asad doesn’t allow Rashid close to him and his mother.
Manu :I too have to go
They all leave

Asad is the more worry for Zoya
As Asad wanted to close the door Ayaz show up but Asad wanted to let him in
Ayaz; Asad I just want to apologize to Zoya I don’t know what came over me
Asad: she is not OK
Ayaz: I just….
Asad :I said
Zoya: I’m fine
What do you want
Ayaz: say sorry please forgive me
Zoya: I do but they only thing I can offer you is friendship and nothing else
Ayaz :I am OK with that
Zoya: fine please leave now I have to talk with Asad
Ayaz :OK have a nice night
Ayaz leave and Zoya close the door
Asad: Mrs Khan what is wrong with you how can you do things
Zoya; don’t Mrs Khan me as I remember everything
Asad :I’m happy you do
Zoya: no don’t be cause I remember everything I remember you cheated on me with amira for this I can’t forgive you
Asad: (approaching Zoya )Zoya that’s no true what you saw was wrong
Zoya: don’t touch me I had eye and I saw everything
Asad: Zoya please believe me please
Zoya: when I asked you to believe me you didn’t you sent me out of your life out of your house
Asad: Zoya
Zoya: please let me finish as you Asad you can’t stay with someone like me so I will go
Zoya goes in her room was packing things
Asad :mom please help me
Zoya falls on the divorce paper and gets even more angry and signs it
Zoya: Asad I completed your wish here are the divorce paper sign isn’t what you wanted
Zeenat jiji and Dil Asad gets shock
Asad: Zoya !
zoya :isn’t what you wanted
Zeenat: Zoya what have you done
Zoya: what he wanted
Asad: I don’t accept this you will remain my wife
Asad Burns the paper
This makes Tanu more angry as now Zoya and Asad are not more divorce
Tanu (thinking ):minutes ago they we’re divorce and now they aren’t what stupidity Asad did oh God he don’t stop hurting me
Zoya breaks down

Asad: I’m sorry Mrs Khan I’m sorry please forgive me I can’t life without you please (in tears)
Zoya approaches Asad and hugs him
Zoya: I’m sorry too and I promise I will never leave you as I love you more than life but please don’t every leave me
Asad: I won’t I love you so much
They hugs
Sid’s house
Razia call Humera
Razia: humera have you told Ayan to work with your father
Humera: no I…
Ayan hear this
Ayan: what! Humera come with me
Ayan room
Ayan: I can’t believe you let your mom in between us
Humera: I didn’t do what she asked me to do
Ayan: but you taught of
Humera; I…. please… I’m sorry…
Ayan; you disappoint me as you will let your mom separate us
ayan Leave
Humera: oh God what do I do
Asad’s house
Asad’s room
Zoya: Mr Khan I am going to the kitchen
Asad in bathroom
Asad; OK

Tanu comes from behind and see Zoya
Tanu: woow you regained consciousness
Zoya: I know your plans and I won’t let you
Tanu: but jammy trust me
Zoya; not for long as I will make him know you
Tanu: listen I will take jammy away from you no matter what it cost me
Zoya: in your dream
Tanu: stay away as you will know the other side of me
Zoya: tanveer my husband is waiting for me in our bed and my child seeks for him
In my stomach there is his child and in his heart there is love for me you can do anything so excuse me
Zoya leave and Tanu fume in anger
Tanu: we will see
Haider: Nahma I’m sorry
Nahma: it OK it your past and now I’m your present
Haider: here a gift for you
He gift her the document to the house he’s building and to all his property bearing both their names
Nahma get emotional
Haider; we will be in our house in 1month and more I love you so much
Nahma: I love you as much as you child
Haider: are you serious Nahma: yes I promise to love her as much as I love you when we go back she’s is going to leave with us and also I want to be her mom
Haider: I’m the most happiest man in the world I love you
They hug and get intimate

Unknown location
In the car
Imran: what do we do now
Nitkat: I don’t know but I need time
Imran: OK I won’t pressure you
Nitkat: thanks
They leave for home
A lady is show pregnant is no one other than amira
Amira: (thinking )I have to get back the man I always loved the one my heart want (holding a picture ) I love you always had and always well you and I have a strong born (a child of 5 years is shown )you and I have a future another what happens your mine Ayan Ahmed Khan
Episode ends
RECAP: Zoya and get more romantic bring Tanu out of her mode, amira face Ayan with the true, goons are sent to kidnap Zoya but fails, haya is rought to India, fabiola see her, Sid visit Zoya, manu stop Rashid and Dil to meet, Humera and Ayan make up, DNA test show the truth, Samar text Nahma making Haider to doubt, Ayaz plans on killing Asad, bad I expose Razia to Humera Farah kidnap Nitkat.
………….. ………………………………………………………
QUESTIONS: what will Haider do, who’s DNA test was taken, will Rashid ever tell Dil the truth, how will Humera react, will Ayan tell Humera about Amira,will Ayaz be successful ………………………… thanks for responding I love you all
New character
Manu: Rashid friend who loves Dil and helped Razia years ago, very calculating and ambusious
Fabiola: am America, the mother to haider’s daughter very wick want to separate Nahma and Haider abandoned her daughter at birth, cheated on Haider the day of this marriage, and doesn’t love any one not even her daughter but loves haider’s money
………………………. hope you enjoyed yourself

Credit to: alexis fayole

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