#quboolhai(i do forever) episode 2

Hello im coming now with my ff friction episode 2
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At Asad ‘s house
Asad im ready to go
Dil : take are i feell really awkward
Asad: Mon dont worry all will be alright
Nahma: brother take care
Asad; of course my tomato
You too
Nahma: mom!! he still calling me tomato
Dil: don’t worry tomato I will pull his ear
Nahma: mom!!! All laughter
Tanu: take care of you i eill miss you
Asad: i will miss you all and tanu please take of mom and Nahma ok
tanu: of course i will
They alk hug and asad leaves
Mom i feel awkward as if im losing him something will happen
Dill: I too dont know why
Nahma: both of you worry too much no thing will happen
Sone hours later
Zoya’s house
Zeenat: Zoya the son of a friend of Jiji is coming to stay here for some day he is handsome
Zoya: oh really handsome (she jumps on the soofer and start saying poems
Hamdsome ugly kind what do i care
Handsome ugly kind what do i care
When he is just a guedt and nothing else
All started laughting zeenat get really angry and leaves for the kitchen
The bell rings and Zoya opens the door and asad is standing there he he start looking at her and can’t stop it love at first site
Zoya:hello sir what any anything
Asad:actually i dont ……. i
Zoya:oh God what is wrong with you, are you a person who strames
Asad:actually i.. .. im… asad and i …
Zoya:oh God i, you, they, we which.of this are you. I think you have mistaken house again and shout the door
Asad thinking:actually no one has every spoken to me like this before who the hell is she
Jiji:i heard the door bell sound who was it
Zoya:yes it was some guy who lost his way
Jiji ;Oh really
Zoya:yes his name was asad
Jiji:asad!! Oh God what is not going well I your head
Goes and open the door and asad was still standing there come in
Asad :thanks
Zoya covers her mouth and say sorry
Asad: sorry is that how you we’re though to treat guest
Zoya:oh God what is wrong with you I just said sorry
Asad: you are wrong with me
Zoya: oh really see you are not stramming any more and you we’re not minutes ago I would had help you
Adad:oh sure you know what you are so badly raised
zoya:oh really you are so rude
asad:not more than u
Zeenat: stop Zoya
Zoya: but API
Zeenat: no Zoya you behave yourself so treat him well
Zoya leaves from there
Zeenat ;im so sorry usaually she is not like that i dont understand
She calls the servants to take hia things to his room
Zoya’s room
Zoya:oh God what is wrong with that guy who does he think he is to talj to me like that oh God what is also wronh with Ayan he hasn’t call me for 5 day now hope all is well
Doctor came to check on Sheren wad still prend and got in accordance with the doctor to lie to Ayan
Doctor: she is unwell and cannot be stress up or take shock or emotional stress
Ayan: hok doctordoctor leaves
Nitkat: rest OK mpm nutza lets go
nutza:ok mom take care
Sheren; ayan stay we need to talk
Ayan: OK but rest first
Sheren:lets talk now
Ayan: ok
Sheren: Ayan plus accept to marry humera for my sake please for me
Ayan: but mom i
Sheren: ayan
Ayan: OK mom everything you want
Sheren thanks son (smirk and smile evilly )

Ayan’s room
Thinking oh God how do i now phone rings and it Zoya
Ayan does not respond
Ayan: im sorry my love but i cant face you i love you but I equally love my family
Zoya’s room
Zoya (mind) : oh God what is wrong with ayan he is not answering his phone zoya come down it nothing he is just occupied I’m feeling awkward
Asad was passing and saw her talking alone and was amazed by her beauty zeenat see this and think thank God luck is ob my side
Asad leaves from there and oh God what the hell is wrong with me
Receive a call from Tanu
Asad :hello
Tanu: hello Asad are you OK
Asad:yes I am and there everyone is fine
Tanu :yes everyone ok
Tanu: i iss you
Asad: i miss you guys too
Zoya was assing and heard I miss you
Zoya(mind):og God i miss you ya it
Tanu; Asad when are you coming back
Asad;soon I have to leave yoy a meeting when he turn off the call he see Zoya there
Asad(mind):oh God trouble is here(funny tune) goes close and say do you ant any thing
Zoya:no , your poor girlfriend she miss you
Asad:hahahaha my girlfriend
Asad:no she’s lije a sister and best friend
Zoya;oh that
Asad:yes anything more miss trouble
Zoya: come again miss trouble Mr rude Asad Khan i prohibit you from calling me that
Asad: oh boss I’m sorry i do what I want
Zoya in rage leaves from there and smiles
Zeenat: Asad
Asad: goodmorning aunty
Zeenat; i know what you are starting feeling and Zoya too
Asad;i dont i….. u….please…i…
Zeenat:you know i cant of not understand you
Asad; aunty i…..
Zeenat: OK yoh don’t understand your feeling
Asad; aunty it new for me
Zeenat: so I was right
Asad:Zoya is not kind of girl i excepted but I don’t wknow why my heart feel this way
Zeenat: love always comes unexpected trust me
Asad: but this is awkward she can’t stand me
Zeenat: that the begin if love
Asad: but auntt i….
Zeenat: asad do you or do yoy not like Zoya
Asad;aunty…. i, you know…
Zeenat:I will take you stramming for a yes so get ready ti propise to Zoya soonasad leave and Zeenat thinking: thank Gos asad lije Zoya and accept this deal but then how do convince Zoya oh Goh this is impossible
Zoya’s room
Zoya(mind):tomorrow Ayan will come to api oh God I’m so happy
Ayan’s room
Ayan(mind):tomorrow the love of my life will be heart broken and I can’t avoid it oh God I’m so helpless i can’t risk my move health I hope yoy understand me Zoya
Sheren come in
Sheren: Ayan tomorrow dont forget to call humera
Ayan: OK mom i will
Early in morning
Zoya’s room
Zoya thinking good morning Zoya today is the big day oh my ayan is coming for me
Zeenat come in and say zoya i have to talk to you
Zoya: API not now please
Zeenat: but Zoya….
Zoya;API leave it for other day
At Ayan house
Ayan; oh God i help me (crying)
Sheren see this and think have to do something
At 1 pm and still not there zoya russ to her room leaving everyone shock and asad see thisand thing something is wrong
Zoya: oh Goh what us wrong with Ayan how can’t he do this no no no something is definitely wrong let me call him
Ayan’s house
The phone of Ayan ring bur in the living room and Sheren see it and pick
Zoya;hello please can I speak to Ayan
Sheren :he is sleeping but come here so yoy cam talk to him
Zoya:ok thanks a lot aunry
Sheren hand up and smirk
Zoya’s house
Asad:miss faroque you going out
Zoya:what doo you care (crying)
Zoya leaves and Asad think something is wrong
At Ayan’s house
Sheren saw here and headed to Ayan room and force him to call humera now
Ayan: hello humera
Humera :hello (smiling ) how are you
Ayan: fine actually how are yoy prepare for your exam
Humera:fine but I’m also preparing for our engagement
Ayan: yah our engagement is in a week right
Zoya was already there and was standing behind him and heard his conversation
Ayan: in a week I’m coming back to India and you and I will get married
Zoya break down and say that’s why.
Ayan turns and see her
Ayan: i have to go and hand up the phone zoya let me explain
Zoya:explain what Ayan that you are getting married is clear i was a fool all this years
Ayan: Zoya listen
Zoya; what you break my heart and dreams i hate you as much as i loved you Ayan Ahmed khan i hate you
Ayan: Zoya
Zoya was leaving and ayan following
At Zoya’s house asad: oh God that careless girl is our this late it 8pm
Zeenat: Zoya has never stay our late lije this asad remember she left crying
Asad; aunty i will look for her
Asad left in search for Zoya by the time he crossed a street he see her walking on the rain unconscious before she fall asad caughts her brought her in his car
Asad; oh God what happen
Episode ends
……….. …………………. …………
Recap: razia plans go well. Asad and Zoya fight. Zeenatg
Get Zoya accept marrying asad. Asad info dol he will spend more days in USA. Ayan pushed. Ayan find out the trust Zoya and asad get married
Thanks for your comments and support hope you love it

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