#quboolhai(i do forever) episode 19


Hi guys sorry for late update but I have an exams starting on the 2 may to 17june so from this week to 17 I will post only on Monday Wednesday ,some Friday and Sunday depending on my time of studies. Take a lot for your comments and if I don’t reply I will surely later thanks for understanding and if you may ask what kind of exam take more than a month, I’m an 18year , 1year university studient and I’m not writing everyday
This episode starts with Asad and Zoya
Asad’s house
Zoya was dressing up and looked through the mirror
Zoya: Mr Khan it not good to look
Asad: well I’m looking what’s mine
Zoya: oh really is that so
Asad: yeah
Zoya: so tell me what’s your in this room
Asad: everything and everyone
Zoya: I see but then everyone need you
Asad: is that so
(Asad approaching )
Zoya: ya
Asad: OK then I’m coming for her
Zoya: do fast or she might leave
Asad runs and catch :I don’t think she can now
Zoya: oh ya
Asad: yes, you know what you look gorgeous everyday and I wanna….
Zoya: wannna…..
Asad (saying it her ears )to kiss you
Zoya: Mr Khan not now
Asad: oh really now, not now when then
Zoya: Mr Khan someone might come
Asad :I don’t care just a kiss (holding Zoya and pushes her on the bed )
Zoya: Mr Khan your naughtiness is too much
Asad: oh I see minutes ago you wanted to play most naughty and smart now the one
Asad trys to kiss her all of suddenly Dil come in with Zeenat
Dil: oh we are so sorry
Zoya: Mr Khan what’s wrong with you and door can’t you lock while entering you so stupid stupid Ahmed Khan
Asad: sorry I was lost in your beautiful
Dil: we need you guys to start so stop fighting romancing and come
Asad: I’m not coming
Shocking everyone
Zoya: what!
Asad: not until you kiss me so get going
Zoya: oh God what wrong with you
Dil: I know my son if you don’t he won’t come and well I need him
Zoya: Zeenat please! Help
Zeenat: leave me out of this OK it a husband and wife fight
Zoya was about to kiss him when Tanu get in
Tanu see this fume but then pretend
Tanu: I’m sorry Asad but you brother is here
Asad: great it normal
Tanu: he is not alone
Asad get tense
Asad: I guess his wife is with him
Tanu: yes but not only your dad and sisters too with your grand mother
Asad enrage and Dil get tense Zoya does not understand
Living room
Asad is in rage
Dil: Asad come Down

Nahma’s room
Haider enters throught the window
Nahma: oh God
Haider; I’m crazy of you my little lunny (Nahma smile )oh this smile kills me
Nahma: ya now get out very soon they will look for me so go on
Haider: no
Nahma: what! Haider..
Haider: just hug me first
Nahma: OK than after you leave (she hugs him )
Haider: then tell me I love you till madness
Nahma: oh God Haider
Haider: do you wanna leave (still hugging her )
Nahma: ya
Haider: get going
Nahma :I love you still madness, I love you beyond limited like air I need
Haider (falling on the bed slowly );oh my God
Nahma was so shy so when to toilet
Haider: Nahma
Nahma: go first I will come when you go
Haider: OK I’m going
Few seconds pass
Nahma: Haider
Does not answer
Nahma; OK then (fakes pain )
Haider: are you OK
Nahma; I knew it you’re still there
Haider: umh you won I’m going then
Nahma’s phone rings
Haider take and a message “I having been telling you to be care so be cause today I’m watching you more closer and you will be mine “Haider get shock by this and sit on the bed. Nahma feels he is gone and comes out see Haider on the bed
Haider: when were you thinking going to tell me about this
Nahma: I’m sorry I don’t know who it is
Haider: but you hinded this from me
Nahma :in sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you
Haider: my lunny it OK but for this relationship to function you need not hind anything from me OK
Nahma: sure I love you
Haider: and I you
They hear shouts from down stairs

Sid’s house
Razia and Sid room
Razia: yesterday you visited your daughter and I had forbidden you to look Mr siddique …..
Sid: (shouting )stop Razia (about to hit her ) stop before I do something
Razia: you dare raise your hand on me
Sid: and thank God I didn’t but next time
Razia: look Mr Sid if you ever eye your daughter again I will destroy you in society
Sid: you too will be destroy
Razia: I don’t give a dame about it so be care (she leaves )
Sid: I don’t care too Razia for my daughter I can do all
Asad ‘s House
Asad: get out before I do something stupid
Dil: Asad
Rashid: Asad I…
Asad: I said get out
Nahma: bhai…. what…. abbu
Rashid: sweet heart you’re so pretty (Nahma in tears )
Asad: Mr Rashid Ahmed Khan you are not need here
Rashid :I’m Nahma and your dad so I have the right
Asad (shouting ):right! You dare you talk about right you’ve no rights you lost it 17years ago
Rashid: Asad I need
Manu get in
Manu: what wrong here Rashid
Rashid; manu you here Asad: Mr Rashid get out
Rashid: I’m here for Nahma only Nahma can stop me (turns to Nahma )do you want me to go
nahma get tense and recalls all the moments she didn’t spend
Nahma: Asad please i want my dad to stay
Shocking Dil and asad
Asad: after all he did
Nahma: i know but I need a dad today and tomorrow
Asad leave

Nahma: you are welcome
They all get in and guest starts coming, Haider decided to keep Nahma phone ,
Asad’s house (ayan’s room )
Ayan: get in
Humera: wait this is not your house so behave
Ayan: oh really but this my room
Humera; OK you win what you
Ayan: first touch my chest do you feel it
Humera; you’re mad feel what
Ayan: my heart beats it beats for you only listen it is sing (Humera )
Humera: oh really
Ayan: ya now it say Humera kiss me
Humera: oh God I knew we were going to that kiss me
Ayan: I’m not saying it my hearts says it
Humera kiss on the chest
Ayan: what that
Humera: I kissed your chest where your heart is so tell your heart it got it already so let’s go now
Ayan: that’s cheating
Humera: no you said you heart so I kissed your heart
Ayan: OK now my turn
Humera; no way your heart might get jelouse and I don’t want to hurt him
Humera leave while Ayan is running behind him (saying Humera come back any kiss me too )
Dil: come back and do what
Ayan :mmmm…. actually…. I…..
Dil: oh God in the Khan’s family is a genetic problem stammering
Ayan: mom you’re right it a problem
Dil: mom!
Ayan: can I call you mom cause you’re more of a figure of a mom to me
Ayan: sure darling and I will call you son love that
Ayan: yes
they hug and Rashid see it

Badi: Rashid this is the family you always wanted right
Rashid: I can’t lie to you yes but Asad well never permit it
Badi: don’t worry when Asad learns the truth he will trust me
Ayaz get at the party and start looking for Zoya, Dil and Tanu see him ,Dil is tense while Tanu smirk. The function starts Nahma says Zoya should draw her henna only with her mom and Zeenat excluding Tanu by mistake
Tanu and Nahma where talking
Tanu: when I will get married i want you to draw my henna
Nahma: ommmm married to Asad (making fun of her )OK thanks to my future sister in law
tanu :stop it Nahma
Nahma: I too you will be the one to do my henna
Flashback end
Tanu enragage but pretend to be OK eye Zoya evilly
Zoya Zeenat and Dil draws and Nahma ask Zoya to write name
Zeenat: oh God poor Haider if Zoya writes he will never find it
Nahma: that is what I want
Samar enters and smirk seeing nahma’s happiness
Samar: (thinking )enjoy as much as you can cause this is too end very soon
Zoya draws on Nahma hand haider’s name.
Haider is called to look his name but he does not find it
Haider: my name is not here
Zeenat; it is
Haider: no it is not who wrote it
Nahma: renounce so I can get my wish
Haider: first who wrote it
Dil: zoya
Haider :oh oh you should have told me I would had renounce more earlier
Zeenat: OK Nahma ask what you want
Nahma: I want two things
Haider: ah ah it Is only one thing permitted
Nahma: who said that I’m a special kind of bride so I want you bring me the moon
Haider: what hey how do you expect me to do that
Nahma: I don’t find out the second I will ask you later just you and I
Jiji: oh God see this privacy already
All laugh and Nahma release what she said and get’s shy
Zoya goes upstairs to take a gift for Nahma and Ayaz see it he follows her

Ayaz: Sarah wait
Zoya: Ayaz it Zoya please don’t forget again
Ayaz: I’m sorry but I just wanted to see you
Zoya: OK but I have to go ready
Down stairs
Tanu saw how Ayaz followed Zoya
Tanu: Asad please where is Zoya
Asad: she’s upstairs getting the gifts
Tanu: but it a long moment now
Asad: ya you’re right
Tanu: I can’t see Ayaz anymore
Asad get tense and goes for Zoya
Ayaz: Zoya please come to me my life have no meaning without you
Zoya: Ayaz stop it you’re hurting me
But Ayaz does not stop and tries to kiss Zoya forcely
Asad see it and he runs and catch him the fight
Asad drag out him to the door
Asad: you never come here
Zoya is been talking to insist and protected
Asad on his way to his room
Tanu: you can see zoya always bring you problem I’m sure that it is not knew and that he did that because something might had had her between those bad month months so I think that why he behaved minutes Ike minutes ago
Asad goes to Zoya
Asad: are you OK
Zoya: when no you’re around
They hugs and all a turns to Zoya all of the suddern they hear a scream ,
Haider :Nahma
Asad: what!
They all go out side and fond Nahma ring on the floor.
Asad and Haider goes out and see the goons car leaving, they immediately take Asad’s car and flows them. Haider pass by them and stop them in front, Haider and Asad start fighting with the goons and they ended up putting them on the floor, Haider and Asad brings back nahma .all are worried
Dil: What happened
asad:I don’t know
Haider explain what he found out
Haider: I think they are same people and won’t l see t them enter

Farah’s house
Imran in the living room and Nitkat coming when she saw him started going back
Imran: Nitkat please
Nitkat: Imran please let stop this as I’m falling for you and it not right I need you to leave
Imran comes loser and hold her
Imran: do you see till want me to leave
Nitkat is speechless but then they see rasena coming. Imran leave quickly
Rasena; I taught I saw Imran
Nitkat get tense
Nitkat: oh no there’s no one here (see he leaves scared )
Rasena: (thinking )something is going on Sid house
Ayan’s room
Humera; I’m sorry for what happened to your sister
Ayan: it OK but come here
Humera: Ayan wait
Ayan: miss Humera I love you
Humera: I love you more
Ayan caresses her hair and get intimate

Asad house
Nahma’s room
Haider you scared me I don’t ever want to pass through this I love you so much more than my life
Nahma: I love you too
Haider: I promise you we will find out who is behind this I swear to you
Nahma: I know and I’m greatfull to have you I love you
They eye each other and hugs
Zeenat come
Zeenat: Haider out you can’t see the bride
Zeenat drag Haider out nahma’s room by the ears
Sid house
Rashid room
Sheren see Rashid sleep and takes a pilot to kill him but end up stopping
Sheren (thinking ):I swear Rashid if you ever leave me I will kill you if you ever leave me o swear it (making angry face)
Samar’s house
Hasya: did everything go well
Samar: no mom someone else kidnapped her it seem I’m not the only one who wants to hurt her
Hasya: so what will you do
Samar: push through with my plan she can married but at the end will be mine (they laughter evily )and she will pay me all the imuliation me watch and see mom she will pay (smirk)

Asad house
Asad’s room
Asad thinking of what Ayaz did and what Tanu said said
But then Zoya holds him from behind
Zoya; I’m sorry Mr Khan for Ayaz did
Asad: it OK
Zoya:listen to me I love only you got it
And need you like air to
Asad: get emotional and shade tears for what Zoya said
Zoya: I might not know how it was before but all i know is I love you
Asad: I love you too Mrs Khan
They hug and get to sleep
Early morning
Asad house
Everyone is busy with the marriage preparation,
Nahma’s room
Nahma get another message “did you love my gift of yesterday if you did then you will adore what’s coming hahahaha ”
Nahma get’s tense
Episode ends
RECAP :Nahma and Haider get married, Samar sent a gift, Amira is back, Zoya regain memory, Asad and Zoya fight, Tanu make Zoya a treat, Ayaz apologize, manu feels insecure with Rashid around, Nitkat tell Imran she loves him, unknow person sent gift to Haider Nahma, Haider offers Nahma a gift, Zoya sees the divorce paper Asad did back then
Ayan and humera fight because of Razia
QUESTIONS: who do you think kidnapped Nahma, will Zoya forgive Asad, what will happen when she finds the divorce paper, why is Amira, who is not save this time around,what will manu do
…………………………thanks for your comments I love you all

Credit to: alexis fayole

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