#quboolhai(i do forever) episode 18

Hello guys I’m happy you loved last episode I’m greatful for all your comments I love you all.
This episode starts with Asad
Early in morning
Asad’s room
Asad get up but zoya is no where to be found
Asad get tense
Asad :zoya! Zoya!
Goes outside
Asad; mom Zoya
Dil: Asad relax please
Asad :but she….
Zoya come form behind
Zoya: Asad breakfast
Asad gets emotional and hugs her
Asad: Mrs Khan breakfast
Zoya: yes try it you will love it
Asad: actually you know… I….
Dil: Asad!
Asad (to Dil in low voice ):mom but it poison
All go to the table
Zoya: I did breakfast
Zeenat; (thinking )breakfast
Haider: guys I have work
Nahma eats the breakfast
Nahma: oh my God this pancakes are so delicious Zoya please more
Asad: sure
Asad and all eats
Asad:oh God my wife is a good now
Haider: what happened it a miracle you did burn it and also it so yammy that I want more you know what you should lost memory more frequently
Zeenat; Haider ”
Zoya: was I that bad
Haider :bad is an under statement you we’re horrible
Dil: dear how did you learn
Zoya.: actually it was Nani and Ayaz special Ayaz (showing a little smile )he always ask me to cook if it good then I had pizza and a hug
Asad get uncomfortable
Asad: excuse me (he leave )
Zoya release she hurt him
Tanu was coming downstairs and saw that Zoya is confuse
Sid’s house
Sid’s room
Razia: Sid what going on since last night you are acting strange
Sid does not answer
Razia: as wall don’t you have decided to follow them as fool
Sid: (shouting )enough how dare you talk of being a fool when you’re the biggest fool itself
Razia get shock
Sid: you lied to me.17year ago and now you’re talking of foolishness
Razia: so you know
Sid: that Asad is married to my daughter.
Razia: well sir Sid you will have to keep seeing her as dead or I will…
Sid: don’t treatment me Razia
Razia: remember what happened years ago it better she thinks you dead then her hating you
Sid; you know well you committed that crime and not me
Razia: if I fall you fall with me
Sid: you are sick my biggest mistake is you
Sid leave
Razia :and I will become your biggest problem watch me destroy your daughter life like her mother destroy mine (make angry face )
Badi’s room
Rashid: mom you call me here
Nutza; dad just guess
Rashid: I can’t OK let me try you’re getting married (funny tune )
Ayan: oh Nutza who is he so I should congratulate him for support a brat kid like you
Nutza: oh really you will see the brat in me now (jump on his back )all laugh
Ayan: oh nuyza get down now!
Nutza :no Ayan
Ayan; Humera darling it your back too ask to come down
Humera: no it not mine it yours
Ayan: what do you mean it mine what belongs to you belong to me so verse visa
Badi; oh really
Humera: get down Nutza it paining me
Nutza: OK because it paining Humera
Ayan hugs Humera that why I love you your the boss
Badi: Rashid I have a good nice
Rashid: better than this love scene I saw today
Nutza: this goes on every day ya the order day I saw…… (Ayan release what she’s about to say and cover her mouth )
Badi: what happened why are covering her mouth
Ayan: she talks too much can’t believe this (knocks Nutza head )
Badi: Asad is going to be dad and he found Zoya
Ayan was a little not shock and Humera notice it
Ayan: that great means I’m going to be uncle
Nutza :and I aunt
Rashid: I will be grand dad oh my God my first child is giving me my first grand son
Badi; yes
Rashid: but he hates me I’m sure he won’t allow me to come close to his son
Badi: even if he wants he can cause you will have your rightfully place trust me
They all hugs with so much joy to this new Sheren see it an fumes I’m angry
Sheren: (thinking )what is this old witch thinking that o will permit that never I won’t let Dil have what belong to me never
Asad’s room
Zoya: Asad
Asad: yes
Zoya: Mr Khan (some memories of how she use to call him Mr Khan came back )
Asad: is everything OK
Zoya :yes Mr Khan I just remember how much I loved to call you Mr Khan
Asad: OK (he is about to leave but Zoya hugs him from behind )
Zoya: I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you
Asad: I know it not your fault what I have a question that has been going through in my head
Zoya: what is it
Asad: did you…. I mean… he….. was…bed
Zoya: you mean if he slept in same bed with me
Asad: yes
Zoya; no I don’t know why but it always sound wrong so we separate rooms and be for you ask he didn’t touch me nor kissed we just hugged some few time and still I felt strange
Asad hugs her I love you so much and your child
Zoya: I….
Asad: don’t pressure yourself to say I love you too I will give you time he hugs her so tightly
Living room
Haider: sweet tomato
Nahma: Haider stop calling me that
Haider: but your so sweet
Nahma: oh really
Haider: yes
Nahma: OK then in this relationship there are rule
Haider: I’m at your service my little luny
Nahma: luny
Haider: my crazy Nahma
Nahma: oh I’m luny for you
Haider: you get more beautiful when you’re angry come give me a kiss here on the lip
Nahma: have you lost it
Haider: ya I’m crazy for you so a kiss please
Nahma bends to give him a kiss but Zeenat and Dil come
Dil: kiss scene
Nahma stop meet way and get shy
Nahma: actually mom Haider had eye problems so I was looking at it for him
Haider: ya that right it paining again
Zeenat: oh eye problems since you we’re kids you never one
Haider: (faking )oh I have a call
Suddenly Nahma phone rings a text message
Nahma reads “watch your back cause I’m right behind you every step you make I’m watching ”
Nahma get tense and scare
Haider: any problem
Nahma tense: no
Haider: I insist you’re strange
Nahma: (screaming )I said no
She leaves leaving everyone shock
Dil: what happen
Haider: I don’t know but I will find out
Nahma’s room
Nahma: oh God what’s this I can’t take this who is there
Very nervous
Farah’s room
Farah: mom we have a problem
Rasena: what problem
Farah: Nitkat is strange she isn’t trying to come close to me anymore
Rasena: is that any problem I taught you did want her close to you
Farah: but I need close for sometimes so she can sign on
Rasena: you are right but now you need to bring her close to you
Farah: of course I will trust me
Nitkat’s room
Imran get in
Imran: we need to talk
Nitkat: stop torturing me please leave already I’m begging I can do this anymore
Imran: is not easy for me too but I need to.understand
Nitkat; I too
Imran: Nitkat I love you
Nitkat: you’re going crazy
Imran: crazy for
Nitkat: to a man you don’t love he is my brother but I know it me you love I can feel what you feel. I hear your hearts beats from away and you can’t stop thinking of me
Nitkat hears Farah approach
Nitkat: oh God get out
Imran get out through the window and Farah come in Nitkat get tense
Farah: Nitkat get ready we going out to night
Nitkat: ok
Asad’s house
Asad and Zoya where watching a movie
Zoya gets scare by a scene and hugs Asad
Asad: scared
Zoya: what no I’m very strong
Asad: I can see (Zoya is holding shirt )
Zoya: you know what you look handsome six packs
Asad: six packs (Asad removes his shirts completely )
Zoya: oh my God all this is mine I think I love it
Asad: oh really just that
Zoya: yes (making funny face )
Asad: I’m jealous of six packs
Asad stray pretending having pains
Asad: oh God it pains
Zoya:oh sorry how can I help
Asad: just a kiss on it and all will be find your kisses I magical and I have billions of reason to love you
Zoya (flashback of the Asad giving her 11 reasons )
Zoya: OK where should I
Asad; here
Zoya kiss
Asad: there also
Zoya kiss
Zoya kisses Asad everywhere and
Zoya: I love you
Asad gets emotional
Dil and Zeenat nahma and tanu saw all this
Tanu fumes in angry
Dil: (coughing)
Asad: mom…actually….. I… u see…
Zeenat: Asad your shirt Asad puts his shirt
Asad (said to Zoya ):it you’re fault
Zoya (shouting ):oh really my fault did I ask you to removed your shirt tell me go on tell Me
Asad: slow down Mrs Khan
Zoya: OK on this I will say a poem
When everything is bad the husband day it is the wife
When everything is bad the husband day it is the wife
And stupid amhed Khan says it my fault
Asad: I stupid
Zoya: yes
Asad; then you are also stupid
Zoya: oh really you’re crazy
Asad: you too as we are one
Dil: please stop both are stupid
Nahma and Zeenat laugh
They door rings
Nahma opens and get shock but Tanu gets disappointed
Sid get in
Sid: Asad I need to talk you
They go up
Asad: what Mr Sid
Sid: I need to see your wife
Asad get tense
At the same time Haider gets in
All are tense
Haider: what going on
Zeenat: nothing
Asad: well you can’t
Sid: you can’t stop me
Asad: I’m her husband
Sid: and I her father so know you will be seeing often cause I won’t give up on my daughter
Asad: but you abandoned her years ago so you have lost Your rights as a dad
Sid: how dare speak to me like that you know nothing
Asad : what I know is enough
Sid :I will see my whether you like it or not
Tanu’s room
Tanu calls Ayaz
Tanu: where the he’ll ate you
Ayaz: on my way be patient I want this as much as you do do our plan will function
Farah: do you like the dinner
Nitkat: yes
Farah: OK
Nitkat see Imran everywhere
Nitkat: please Farah take me home I feel uncomfortable
Farah: but….
Nitkat; please Farah
Farah keeps insisting but Nitkat dizzy
Asad’s house
Sod come down and goes near Zoya and hugs her
Sid; i love….
Haider: (taking his hands off zoya’s face )I think you should leave before I loose my patient
Zoya: Haider why…..
Dil take Zoya away
Haider: get out already and Asad how could you inform him of Zoya
Asad: I didn’t he already did
Sid: you nor him stop me from seeing my daughter
Sid leaves
Haider: we will see about that
Asad: Haider I think concerning this it his daughter
All get tense
Sid’s house
Ayan room
Ayan: Humera are still angry
Humera: I am not it just I feel indecured something
Ayan: don’t because it you I love and you alone
Humera: sure
Ayan kisses her all over : I love you, I love you te amo
Humera: what!
Ayan: te amo (I love you )
They fall on the bed
Asad’s house
The ring again
Haider open
Haider: I told you to leave, oh it you instead Asad get tense and jelouse
Ayaz’s house
Tanu; I think Zoya is confuse in between both of you so just take advantage to make her more confuse
Ayaz: OK so that Asad enraging jelouse will make Zoya leave him
Tanu: I’m not so much but we will make Asad doubt of Zoya love so he will let her go
Ayaz: it won’t be easy
Tanu: trust me it will
Ayaz: I think killing Asad is a solution
Tanu: don’t dare touch him OK
Ayaz: OK.
They shake hands and flashback ends
Zoya: Ayaz come in
Ayaz: thanks
Zoya: we get you something
Ayaz: no I was just checking on you I miss you
Asad enrage and leave Zoya feels uncomfortable
Ayaz: I think your husband like my presence here so I will leave by they way I have the check for the movie tomorrow you remembered we had to go so it OK tomorrow
Asad is hearing from his room and enrage more
Zoya: tomorrow I can’t it Nahma henna function so I can’t
Ayaz: OK I see but can I attend
Zoya: I…. you….
Haider: sure
Dil: Haider !
Ayaz leave (
trying to hug Zoya but she rejects )
Asad room
Asad faked sleep
Zoya;Mr Khan (does not respond )
Zoya fake pain
Zoya: my stomach it hurt
Asad: are you OK come please
Zoya laugh; jelouse
Asad: jelouse my foot
Zoya: I love only you
They hugs
Early morning
Asad house
Everyone preparing for henna function
Nahma receives another message
“Prepare henna cause I’m preparing for you the thicker your henna the more my love ”
Nahma gets tense
Episode ends
RECAP: Rashid badi and nutza humera ayan come to the function , Asad and Zoya romance Asad gets angry, Haider find out about the treats made to Nahma, Razia blackmail Sid, Samar come to henna function, Ayaz trys to kiss Zoya, Asad and Ayaz fight, Tanu takes advantage , nahma’s get kidnap, hai-ma marriage
QUESTIONS: will Haider save Nahma in time, what will have to Ayaz, how far can Tanu go, who kidnaps Nahma, how will Asad react seeing his dad
…………………………………………………………………..thanks for your comments

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