#quboolhai(i do forever) episode 17

Hello guys I’m so greayfull of all the comments thanks a lot you guys are just so loving
This episode start with Asad
Dil: Asad what happened why is she like that
Asad: mom she has lost memory (Dil and nahma get shock ) it my fault (crying )I feel like killing myself
Dil consult Asad
Dil: Asad all will OK
Haider: well aunty I have to go now will be there tomorrow
Dil: alright
Haider; Nahma accompany me to the door (funny tune )
Nahma; OK shall
They leave
Dil: what just happened (making funny face )
Asad: I think they are…
Dil: they are… that not true
Asad: Haider told me himself
Dil: my tomato in love this is new but I’m happy for her
Early in morning
Sid’s house
Ayan’s room
Humera prepares breakfast for Ayan
Humera: (kisses Ayan on the forehead as he was sleeping )good morning sweet heart
Ayan opens his eye and was about to go
Humera: Ayan
Ayan:(facing the order side )yes
Humera: I’m sorry

Ayan turns and see Humera on her kness
Ayan: hey what are you, get up please
Humera: just forgive please Ayan
Ayan: get first
Humera: no
Ayan: OK on one condition
Humera: OK what
Ayan: just give me a kiss
Humera: OK (she give him a kiss on the forehead )
Ayan: no no miss Humera on the lip get going
Humera get shy but tries kiss him but nutza enter and sees them
Nutza: oh early in morning romancing
Ayan :nutza !
humera :no actuallly i…… u….. here
Nutza :ok I’m sorry but bhai Badi is calling
Ayan: I will be back and you will have to kiss me
Humera get shy
Ayan; Badi ami
Badi: Ayan you have to take me to Asad house please
Sheren hears this
Sheren: Ayan will do no such thing
Badi: Sheren I…. need
Sheren: it my son and I prohibit him from Asad so that
Ayan: I respected you mom but since what you did with my life I lost it so my brother is my life and neither you nor anyone will badi I will get a swit and we go
Asad’s house
Asad’s room
Asad was watching Zoya sleep
Asad: you look so beautiful I love everyday much Zoya forgive me please
Sarah (without opening her eye ):Ayaz for what (when open her eyes to face him )she screaming bringing Dil and Nahma
Sarah (shouting ):who are you? Where am I, Ayaz please come
Dil: sweet heart don’t be affriad
Sarah: no don’t come close
Nahma: Zoya please come down
Sarah: (shouting )stop it I’m not Zoya I’m Sarah
Asad: come down
Sarah: please leave me a lone
Asad and the rest goes out
Asad: mom I’m lost I can’t stand the fact my wife is may be in love with someone else again mom the first time it was difficult and now I feel it will be more difficult (Zoya listen to this
Dil and Nahma consults him
Haider enters with Zeenat and jiji
Zeenat: Asad where is my sister please
Jiji; please Zeenat cone down
Asad explain all to them
Zoya come out
Zoya: I thought that Ayaz was my husband I can’t remember anything but when I heard you all talking I feel I should trust you
Asad gets emotional and Dil and Zeenat hugs her
Haider: chuckyyyyyy
Zoya: chucky is also my Name
Zeenat: Haider stop distrubing your sister
Haider: OK
Nahma: no Zoya chucky is the little name Haider gave Me
Zoya turns to Asad: you are my husband and you
Nahma: I’m Nahma your sister in law
There is Jiji your brother in law and Haider your brother as you know Dil Asad’s mom and mine Zeenat your sister
Zoya: where are my parents
Zeenat jiji and Haider get tense
Haider: our parents die years ago right Zeenat
Zeenat: yes
Zoya: oh that sad
Nahma: OK everyone will get breakfast
Asad: wait I have a gift for Zoya
Asad brings pizza
Zoya: pizza (flashback of her memory comes back about her eating pizza )thanks Asad
Asad: I can do all for you
The door rings
Nahma opens and Badi and Ayan enter
When Zoya see Ayan she feel strange
Zoya: I feel like I know you how?
Ayan: I’m Asad’s brother
Asad: and he was your first love (all are shock )
Zoya: oh
Badi: I’m your grand mom so I will take care of you
Zoya: Im happy you’re (all laught )
Farah’s room
Nitkat was in bed and Imran enters
Nitkat: you here
Imran: I can’t stay away I’m trying
Nitkat: but you have too
Imran: (sitting hear her caressing her hairs ) I love you Nitkat I need you
Nitkat: no no……
Imran: say it just once
Nitkat; I …..love…..you…. about to kiss
Imran/Nitkat wake up from their dreams
Imran: this is becoming more real
Nitkat:oh God I’m losing it
Farah: losing what
Nitkat; I’m sorry……. I lost my earrings……. yesterday I couldn’t find it
Farah: yeah get ready we will be going to a family’s relation
Asad’s home
Dil room
Badi: Asad there is something you should know
Asad :tell me grand ma Badi: I don’t know how you will react
Ayan: grab ma you are scaring me
Badi: Asad Ayan Zoya is gaffur ahmed siddique daughter
This shocks Ayan and Asad
Ayan: you mean humera’s sister
Badi: yes Ayan
Badi ami tell them how she found out
Asad goes downstairs
Asad: Haider I need to talk to you
Haider: sure
They go upstairs
Asad: Haider who is your father
Haider: he die but why do you ask
Asad: siddique is Zoya daughter
Haider is shock
But the tell Asad the truth
Haider: he abandoned Zoya and my mom years ago and never came back remarried we don’t want to tell Zoya as she was very close of him when she was little
Asad: I understand not
Haider: please don’t…
Nahma comes and tell Asad that Ayaz is downstairs
Ayaz: Sarah I’m sorry
Asad: how dare you…..(get shock to see ayaz)
Asad: get out
Zoya: I want to talk to him a lone
They go outside
Ayaz: Sarah
Zoya; I’m Zoya
Ayaz: please I didn’t tell the truth because the doctor said you should not be contradicted
Zoya: it OK but my husband is the person I should be with now
Ayaz :can I visit you to find out how you are
Zoya: sure
They hug and Asad opens the doctor
Asad get jelouse
Badi: Asad we are leaving
Asad: bye Badi
Ayan: Ayaz let’s go
Ayaz bye Sarah
Asad: Zoya
Zoya: bye
Ayaz go close to Asad
Ayaz; I’m back and I will take what belongs to you watch me remember if you say anything then Zoya will pay for you you know me well right (loud voice )bye Mr Asad ahmed Khan
Sid house
Ayan get in tense
Humera: you’re back darling
Ayan: yes love by the day you are woow
Nutza: (coughing )very sweet how long you guys will give us a baby (funny tune )
Humera: what baby
Ayan: ya baby when Humera
Humera get shy
Humera: food is burning and leave
Ayan :Badi this is not fear
Everyone laugh
Sid: Ayan I need to talk to you
They go way
Sid: Ayan I saw some pics of a girl in your bag last time how do you know where is she
Ayan: she is your daughter haya and Asad Ahmed Khan wife’s
Sid is shock to this news
Ayan: you abandon her and mom what a shame of a dad you make
Ayan leave
Sid :she is my daughter (crying ) my daughter
Asad’s house
Zeenat: I think we should start preparing Nahma and haider’s marriage
Nahma get shy and Haider: hey my sweet tomato is so shy Zeenat she is going red (all laugh )
Nahma: oh God Haider
Zeenat; Dil what are you saying
Dil: I think in 2week is perfect
Nahma gets happy
Dil: see Nahma will completely go ref
Haider: my tomato
Haider receive a call goes to answer it
Lady; sir the document are back and signed by Mr siddique sir you and sir siddique are now partners
Haider: that’s perfect
He drop the call and smirks
Asad:so Nahma
Nahma: this food is good
Dill: ya
Haider: sister we have to go
Dil: Haider I and Zeenat agreed you can stay here still you what than to pay the hotel
Haider: OK aunty and by the way I am finding a house here
Zeenat: that is get
Dil: Nahma show Zeenat and Jiji
The guess room
Nahma goes
Tanu comes back
Tanu came back yesterday and leave because she did want Zoya to see her and say anything about her being at Ayaz house but decided to come back as she needs to take risks
Asad: Tanu where you
Tanu: out side had some work
Zoya: I feel like I saw you before yes at Ayaz house you said you’re my sister
Tanu get scare
Asad: Tanu what is she talking
Tanu: Asad I found out where Zoya was few day go and I passed myself as her sister to protect her cause I knew Ayaz was lying
Asad: thanks Tanu
Dil: yes Tanu you’re a darling
Tanu feels relief and smirks
Nahma receive a message
“You love your life right watch your back as I’m coming for you I’m coming hahahaha ” Nahma get tense and scare
Nahma: oh God what’s this
Asad’s house
Asad: Mrs Khan you sleep on the bed and I on the chair
Zoya have another flashback of when her and Asad first slept together her slept on the chair and her bad
Zoya: Mrs Khan what is the the you gave me
Asad: yes
Zoya; OK then Mr Khan
Asad smiles
Zoya: sleep near me cause I need you to remember
Asad gets emotional
Asad goes to bed Zoya puts his hand him
Asad: (thinking )thanks for bring her back to me
Zoya (thinking ):it not strange with him I feel comfortable with him and a lot of feeling I don’t want to lose this may be last time I did things wrong but this time I won’t I don’t remember what happened last time but time it won’t
Episode end
RECAP; Ayan and Humera get more closer, Sid fight with Razia, Rashid is happy to hear is going to be grand father, Asad and Zoya romance, Sid face Asad, Haider lost control, Nahma receives another treat message , hai-ma henna ceremony,Tanu and Ayaz puts a plan
…………………………………… ……………………………..
QUESTIONS: what will happen with Haider, how far can Ayaz and Tanu go, will Asad let Sid see Zoya,
………………thanks for your comments

Credit to: alexis fayole


  1. Sanjana ( sanju)

    Woww!! Episode wuz solidd !!??i hope Zoya remebers her past soon?n precap…asad zoya romance?huyaan scenes were also really cute…n that tanu?god noes wat she will plan along wid ayaz…luv yaa☺✌

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