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Hello guy I’m sorry for not answering to your comments but i just lack time and all very soon I will be unable to post everyday thanks very much for your support
This episode starts with Dil
Dil: oh God what wrong with Nahma
Asad: mom Nahma is not ready as she said
Hasya :this is too much lack of respect
Ayan enters
Ayan: what going on
Samar: mom come down
Hasya: this is excess lack of respect did you see what that stupid girl did
AYAN: (shouting )control your tongue
Asad: I think is better you before…
Dil: Asad!
Asad: my sister said she didn’t want to marry you and I support you so I think you should leave
Hasya and Samar leaves
Ayan: bhai are you OK
Asad:yes but are you ready to go
Ayan: yes
Asad: OK let me get my swit
Asad and Ayan where about to leave
Dil: Ayan Asad get breakfast first
But they don’t listen

Ayaz’s house
Sarah: Ayaz please I think I need dress feel uncomfortable in this (funny tune )(jumps on the chair )please
Ayaz (smiling ):OK but come down you can get hurt
Sarah get down but was about to fall, Ayaz get her they share romantic looks
Sarah feel strange Ayaz tries to kiss her
Sarah split
Sarah: I’m sorry but I’m not ready yet
Ayaz:it OK take your time, shall we go
Sarah: to where
Ayaz: shopping
Sarah: great
Sarah leaves
Ayaz(thinking ): you will be mine no matter what it takes me

Sid’s house
Badi ami was going to her room but passed near razia’s
Razia was talking on phone with Tanu
When Asad sent Tanu out of the house Tanu when to ask Razia help and Razia helped her later Razia told her she need her to kill Zoya and Tanu accepted as it is also good for her, so she started looking for Zoya
Razia: billorani you need to get her off this world cause the if Sid find her I will loose every thing
Tanu: don’t worry Razia Asad can never find Zoya
Razia: don’t never say never I thought Sid could never find of his daughter but every soon he will find out Zoya is his daughter haya so I have to kill her fast so take care of that
Tanu (Tanu Sony ):I will very soon nothing will stop me as she is very close
Badi see this think oh God Zoya sid daughter I have to tell Asad very fast but not now Asad is searching Zoya
Zeenat: Haider what are saying all this thing happened but you informed us just now
Jiji: come down Zeenat
Zeenat: OK haider please let look for your sister please help me look for my princess my baby, Haider where is my little girl (crying and finally felt unconscious )
Jiji; oh God Haider help me
Shopping mur
Sarah: I want this
Ayaz: what!jeans
Sarah: feel I will like this please please
Ayaz: OK take as much as you want
They do shopping with Nani

They bell rings Haider open
Haider: what the he’ll are you doing here
Asad: I’m sorry
Ayan: Haider please listen
Zeenat hears voice and goes out
Zeenat: princess
Haider: please sister it Asad
Asad: Zeenat please forgive me
Haider: get out Asad before…
Asad: Haider please I need your forgiveness
Haider: because of you my sister is missing
Ayan: ya Haider please everything (he explain all to Haider Jiji and Zeenat are shock
Haider: i knew that she was planning something but I didn’t think it was this
Asad: please forgive me please
Zeenat: Asad it OK i forgive you as I too I force this marriage knowing what is your feeling
Asad: aunty is OK
Jij: Asad is OK I forgive
Haider: well I will forgive you when i see my sister
Ayan: OK then let’s go look for her
Asad and Haider leave with Asad to find Zoya

Shopping mur
Sarah and Ayaz where leaving the shop and Asad Haider and Ayan where arriving Zoya see them and starts having headache and falls unconscious while saying Asad
Nani see Asad and understand
Nani: Ayaz take Sarah to the house I forgot something inside
Ayaz takes Sarah to car Nani follows Asad
Nani: sir
Asad: yes
Nani: you’re Asad Ahmed Khan
Ayan: Asad gets go
Asad: yes, Ayan a minute
Nani: I know where your wife is if your interested
Asad: wait can you help me
Nani: just be here at 5pm
Asad: it only 1pm
Nani leaves
Asad: madam please need
Ayan:bhai what’s wrong
Asad explain all to Ayan and Haider
Haider: I have an idea let’s go to hotel and come back at that time i feel this woman can help
They leaves for the hotel

Nahma arrived and Zeenat opens
Zeenat: hello
Nahma: hello how are you
Zeenat: I’m haider’s sister and you
Nahma: haider’s friend
Zeenat let’s her in and they talk, an hour late Haider arrives
Haider; I’m home
Nahma hugs him
Nahma: Haider please you need to talk to Asad please I can’t stay without you
Haider: Nahma! Come down
Asad is shock
Asad: Nahma what’s happening here
Haider explain his situation to Asad
Haider: I love your sister and I want to marry he
Asad: it OK but Nahma what you did today was wrong but you should have told me I love Nahma and will always support you
Nahma and Asad hugs everyone seems happy
Asad: my tomato is in love
Nahma get shy
Ayan: oh she is becoming very red now
Nahma: bhai!

Ayaz’s house
Nani tell Sarah they need to go back there as she has forgotten something Sarah accepts to go to with her
Samar’s house
Samar remember what Nahma did
Samar: I loved you Nahma since I saw you but you rejected me no one rejects Samar so you will pay for this if you’re not mine you will be no one’s (smirk )
Hasya comes
Hasya: you don’t worry son we will get you another girl
Samar: no mom the girl i want is Nahma if is not her no one then Hasya get tense to this speech
Shopping mur
Asad Ayan and Haider are there and Nani comes with Zoya Asad gets emotional
Asad: Zoya
Sarah: stay away who are you I don’t you
Everyone shock
Asad: what’s happening
Nani explain all that happened
Asad get angry
Zoya does not understand anything and fall unconcious Asad take her home

Sid’s house
Ayan arrives late and Humera get angry
Humera: since morning you left
Ayan: I’m sorry love but listen we found her she’s is with Asad alright I’m so happy
Humera: happy for what Asad or Ayan
Ayan: don’t feel insecure
Humera: but my mom told me…
Ayan: what you’re mom i thought we agreed that no family interfere in our marriage but I see you broken your promise
Humera: im sorry Ayan
Ayan leaves angry while Humera is sad remembering what her mom said
Asad’s house
Asad arrives home with Zoya and bring her to their room leaving everyone tense
He explain everything to jiji and Dil Zeenat with Nahma
All are shock
Ayaz’s house
Ayaz confront Nani to why she did that and turns the whole house inside down getting Nani scare
Asad’s house
The bell rings
Nahma open
Tanu: good evening everyone
Episode ends
RECAPS: Zoya tries to adapt to the situation, hai-ma marriage preparation, Badi tell Asad the true, Haider becomes Sid’s business partner, Ayaz explain himself to Sarah, Asad gets jelouse, Nahma receive treat note, Nitkat tell Imran she love him, Sheren angry, Rashid happy ,Sid’s find the truth about Zoya,
……………………………………. ……….
QUESTIONS: what will Zoya do now, Ayaz will let go, is Asad save with Ayaz, who is treating Nahma , how will Asad react to the information………… thanks for your comments

Credit to: alexis fayole

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