#quboolhai(i do forever) episode 15(special episode )


Hello guys I love this episode coming because Asad is finding the true and unfortunately zoya has lost memory Thanks for your comments
this episode start with Asad
Asad’ office
A man is seen entering his office
Man: hello sir
Asad: welcome sir sit down please
Man: thanks,sir here are the document you ask
Asad: OK but is there nothing we can do more
Man: no sir without your wife it impossible she need to sign the document for the divorce to be final
Asad: but I don’t have enough time
Man: I advise you look for her as if she’s not found you are still
married and can remarry
Asad: OK lawyer
Man: I have to attend to other this
Asad: bye
Man: bye
The man leave and think
Asad (thinking ):even when you are out of my life your still very much present
Asad’s house
Dil had invited some family friends and had planned to married Nahma to their son
Dil: welcome
Samar: thanks aunt
Samar and his family sat down
Dil wanted someone to call Nahma but it was Amira by her side so instead of tell her she went herself
Amira smirks
Amira emotional manipulated Dil
Amira: ami
Dil: don’t call me as such as you don’t have the right
Amira get angry but compose
Amira: OK but you know what if the world comes to know about my situation with Asad Nahma might be rejected by society so i advise you get her marry fast if you see what I mean
This frustrates Dil but Amira smirk and enjoys the whole show Flashback ends
Dil comes down with Nahma
Dil: Nahma this is Samar and his mother
Nahma: welcome but mom I don’t understand why it concerns me
Dil: Nahma dear they are hear to ask for your hand for marriage
Nahma: what!
At same time Asad get in
Asad: oh Samar you guys are here
This news frustrates Nahma but Amira enjoy it
Nahma goes to her room leaving everyone tense
Nahma’s room
Nahma: oh God what do I do now oh Haider be fast
Haider on his bed with a photo of Nahma thinking love I don’t when I will come for you
Haider /Nahma; I love you so much
Asad’s house
Asad: I’m so sorry for my sister but please wait we will see what’s wrong
Dil goes up stairs to see Nahma
Dil: Nahma open the door dear
Nahma open but looks stress
Dil: what happens dear talk to
Nahma: I’m sorry mom but I can’t do this
Dil: do what
Nahma: I’m not ready for this
Dil: Nahma please dear don’t make society laught at me I begg you Nahma come down and accept this marriage
Nahma: mom I don’t want to
Dil: Nahma Asad has already disappointed me I don’t want you too
Nahma: mom
Dil: please
Nahma reluctanly say yes
Nahma meets Samar and shows him around but is very uncomfortable
Hasya: my son and you daughter looks lovely this is a good match
Dil smile and Asad notice something is wrong with Nahma as she is not happy
The day of marriage is fix and Samar and his mother leave
Asad: mom I feel Nahma does not want this
Dil do not pay attention as she is still angry with him
Dil goes to Nahma
Dil: Nahma are you OK with this
Nahma reluctantly say yes this makes Dil happy
Down stairs
Amira: Mr Khan
Asad: no Amira don’t use that name as I feel uncomfortable
Amira: OK I’m sorry
Asad: it’s OK by the way the divorce papers are ready but zoya is no where to be found
Amira: Asad it OK we will find her
Asad: how are you
Amira (smirk ):your baby is find
Asad get tense and uncomfortable
Ayaz’s house
Zoya did breakfast for Ayaz hoping to remember something as she is in her old kitchen, Zoya Burns all
Nani: Sarah what happened oh my God you burned all
Sarah: Nani I’m sorry but I don’t know if I used to burn breakfast like that
Nani: don’t worry I will take care of it
Sarah: how is my husband
Nani feels uncomfortable with it
Nani: in the living room
Sarah goes to the leaving room and meets Ayaz
Sarah: I’m sorry love but I think I should see a doctor cause I don’t remember how many months I’m pregnant I need to see a doctor
Ayaz: OK I will take you
Nani hears his while bring the breakfast
Nani eye Ayaz tensely
Sid’s house
Everyone was impatiently waiting for Ayan and Humera
They arrive everyone are happy
Badi: welcome son
Ayan: thanks Badi
Nutza: bhaiiiiii
Ayan: Nutza you’ve taken weight
Nutza: I missed you bhai
Ayan: I too
Humera: and I no missing
All say of course they hug each other
Badi takes Ayan aside and informs him of what happened with Zoya Ayan is in state of shock so decide to go see Asad but humera insist on following him
Ayaz’s house
Sarah tries to cook breakfast for Ayaz but she burn it
Nani; oh God child you burned all
Sarah: i think i also forgot the way to cook
Was I a good cook
Nani gets stress
Nani: don’t worry you will learn all again
Let me do that
Nani starts doing breakfast and Sarah goes to see Ayaz
Sarah: Ayaz I need to see a doctor as I don’t remember how many months I’m pregnant
Ayaz: it OK I will take you after breakfast
Ayaz takes Zoya to hospital and the doctor checks Sarah
Doctor: sir Ayaz your wife is 3months pregnant and all is perfectly fine i recommend that she see me every month
Ayaz: as a doctor I know that normal but I’m in pediatry (doctors concerning children )
Doctor: let your wife rest and does not stress
Ayaz: OK doctor I will make sure
Ayaz and Sarah leaves the doctors office. While leaving Tanu see Zoya and thinks oh God Zoya, she follows them still they reach home
Ayaz and Sarah get home and few minutes later Tanu rings the bell Ayaz opens
Ayaz: how may I help you
Tanu; oh God this wonderful Zoya here
Sarah: darling what is she saying
Ayaz: come down Sarah
Tanu: Sarah!
Sarah: who are you
Tanu(thinking ):oh God Zoya might have lost her memory that why she can recognise me good this is just wonderful
Tanu (faking cry ):my sister that I have been looking for God heard my prayers
Sarah get confuse and fall unconscious due to took much stress
Ayaz takes Sarah the room
Asad’s house
Ayan enters asad house and Asad gets in rage
Asad: how dare you
Ayan:because im your brother and i love you
Asad: you love me i don’t think so if you did you wouldn’t had done to me
Ayan: Asad I swearall this was just an error
Ayan explain everything
Asad does not believe but Humera is frustrated by this story and breaks down
Asad: i don’t believe you
Ayan: you thought me everything you we’re like my dad mom you rised me and remember we promise nothing will ever come between us
Asad: but you forgot it
Ayan: no I recognize I did a mistake but trust me Zoya and I ended everything the day I entered this house. I never knew you we’re my brother it true I tried to take Zoya but she never accept she had falling for you and I left late I found out you we’re my brother and I gave up on having Zoya
Asad: that not true you we’re in France and you and Zoya cheated on during my honeymoon
Ayan is shock
Ayan: no this is not true I was never in France
Asad: I have document that proves that
Humera: that’s true Ayan couldn’t have been in France at that time cause him and I we’re together through out that month preparing our marriage
Dil and Nahma comes down
Asad: but Amira told me something else
Ayan: oh God Amira she is the devil here she propose to me to join hand and separate you and Zoya try to help Zoya escape and in the past when Zoya and I were together she tried to separate us by sleeping with me but thank God Zoya never found out, Zoya trusted her so much
Asad: but she said she didn’t know anything and that Tanu was Zoya partner in this
Ayan: no it is the reverse Asad that girl is capable of all to get what she want trust me Asad all this was planned
Asad get angry and breaks things around him
Dil: come Down Asad please
Asad: mom that woman is caring my child
Ayan: what! I know Amira either that child is not your or there’s no child is all lies
Asad follows down the ground crying saying: I sent my child and wife out of the house oh God she swore on everything she had and I didn’t trust her how stupid of me (recalling all the hurtful things he told Zoya )Ayan bend Down and they hug while crying
Ayaz’s house
Tanu: wooow darling she calls you darling
Ayaz: you’re Sarah sister
Tanu; no correction Zoya farroque Ahmed Khan
This name shocks Ayaz
Ayaz: Asad Ahmed Khan’s sisters
Tanu: no Asad Ahmed Khan’s wife
Ayaz: this is not possible
Tanu: it is she is Asad’s wife but I need her never to go back to him
Ayaz: why you hate him
Tanu: no but I love I can see you hate him
Ayaz: yes but it a long story but tell how did Zoya end up in the street where I found her
Tanu explain everything to Ayaz
Ayaz: great it pay back time for Asad I will take what he took from Me years ago
Haider lost hope of finding Zoya and calls Zeenat
Zeenat; hello
Haider; hi sister
Zeenat: everything fine
Haider: no actually Zoya is missing
This new tense Zeenat
Jiji; what happened Haider
Haider explain all
Jiji; don’t worry we are coming next thing tomorrow morning
Haider; OK I think the more we are the more it easy to find her
Ayaz’s house
Tanu: explain why do you hate Asad
When Asad and Ayaz we’re in the university they we’re best friend like brother still Sarah came in between Ayaz saw Sarah first and fell for her but instead Sarah fell for Asad but as Asad had no time for love story didn’t pay attention to her so years later she thought getting married to Ayaz will make Asad release his lost and come for her as she was crazy of him so she got married but that’s not what that happened never loved her so she constantly remainder Ayaz that the man she loved was Asad but not him this made Ayaz to hate Asad day by day still declare war on him. One day Sarah committed suicide with Asad pictures around her and her last word to Ayaz was Asad I love you. Ayaz swore never to give Asad as he took the love of his life away
Flashback ends
Tanu; I see so you and I will get what we want but Asad should never find Zoya or you will loose your Sarah again
Ayaz: trust me but even if that happens Zoya can’t remember anything
Tanu: you just don’t know how much she love him just seeing him can make her remember so deal
Ayaz: deal
Tanu: I have to leave but I will be checking on her from time to time
Tanu leave and Nani heard all their conversation
Nani; (thinking ) I love Ayaz but he is planning on destroy a poor girl life I can’t let that I have to help her
Ayaz goes to Sarah’s room
Sarah was at sleep but was saying Asad come I need you
This enraged Ayaz
Ayaz; I will never give you back to Asad (smirking )
Asad’s house
Asad get up and goes to amira’s who was celebrating her success everyone follows him to control him
Asad: Amiraaaaaa(shouting )
Amira: Asad what happened
Asad drag her while everyone is following him he takes her to the car and goes with him
Farah’s house
Imran was dressing while Nitkat was passing, she was him without a shirt and turn
Imran: it is not good to look
Nitkat: I didn’t mean that
Imran: my life belong to you already
Nitkat get tense
Nitkat: stop it Imran
Imran: I can’t as you are a magnate that attracts me
Nitkat had a flashback of her dreams as Imran always said that. Nitkat leave for her room
Imran: oh God what took me tell her that I need to control myself she’s my brother’s wife but I can’t stay away
Nitkat’s room
Nitkat: oh God what is going on he made me lost control I’m falling for him
Asad’s house
Asad get in with Ayan and Amira (crying )
Dil: what happened
Asad took Amira to the doctor for check up and the doctor said Amira is 3months pregnant which means that child is not Asad’s flashback ends
Asad: get out of my life and my life
Amira: I’m sorry Asad I just loved you so much I did it for no one can love you as I do
Asad (shouting ):get out
Amira goes and packs her things to go Asad break down
Asad: Zoyaaaaaa
Ayaz’s house
Sarah: Asad oh God who is Asad why did I say that name
Asad’s house
Asad feel bag Amira is leaving But Dil stop her and give her a tight slap shocking Ayan and Nahma
Dil: you destroy my son’s life
Dil take Asad to his room
Ayan: Nahma where is Humera
Nahma: bhai she left already but in tears
Ayan: ok I will leave tell Asad I will come tomorrow to help him find Zoya
Ayan leaves
Dil: son rest OK I tomorrow is a great day
She leaves his room Asad keeps crying
At sid’s house
Ayan come back and explain everything to Badi and Rashid but late leaves for his room
Ayan: Humera I’m sorry
Humera: sorry this is something you should had told me months ago OK tell me you still love her
Ayan: no I love only you Humera trust
Humera: I feel insecure Ayan I don’t want to loose you
Ayan: you have me you will never loose me
Humera: OK I love you
Ayan: I too it OK let me get a shower
Razia takes advantage of this
Razia: Humera you have to careful
Humera: mom what are you doing here
Razia: I heard everything they say first love always remain so be extremely care you’re my daughter I want the best for you don’t let him look for her and so find a way to keep him away from Asad
Humera: but how mom I don’t have an idea
Razia: convince him to work for your dad so work keeps him away think about it
Razia leaves while Humera is tense
Early morning
Asad’s house
Samar and his parents came for Nahma engagement party as it was today but no one remembered
Dil: sorry but we almost forgot Asad please call me Nahma
Nahma come down but to all surprise
Nahma: I’m sorry but I do not ask this marriage
Asad: Nahma what happened
Nahma: I’m sorry mom but my heart belongs to someone else I love
Him only and only him I want to marry
Dil: what are you saying
Samar tries to approach Nahma but she run away from the house shocking everyone
Episode end
……….. ………… .. . ……
RECAP: Zeenat and Jiji arrive India, Asad ask Haider forgiveness , Ayan anf Humera fight,Zoya see Asad from a far and fall unconscious, Nani calls Asad, Asad see Zoya, Badi ami find out Zoya is sid’s daughter, Samar swore to take revenge on Nahma, Ayaz is in rage, Tanu is back, Haider tell Asad his feeling for Nahma,
…. ……………………………..thanks a lot for your comments I love you
QUESTIONS: will Haider forgive Asad,is this new problem for Ayan and Humera, what will Badi ami do with the information, is Nani right, Zoya will she remember, what is Tanu new plan,Samar is becoming problem for Nahma, will Nahma and Haider be happy
……. …. …………………..
Guys I will give you Samar character
Samar: an ambitious man ,in love with Nahma and hate Sid. Adopted by this actual family, wants to destroy Nahma and Haider, Sarah really brother
I will give you surprise for episode to come
Amira becomes good due all what she will go through, Sarah is not dead but faked it all through, Rashid and manu fighting for dil’s love.
Keep reading for more things to come

Credit to: alexis fayole

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