#quboolhai(i do forever) episode 14

Hello guys today is a special entering ayaz
This is character that will determine the twist of my ff. Him and Tanu makes the villain part and the will make rise to I do forever.
Start with zoya and Asad
Zoya: Mr Khan please listen to me
Asad: just leave right now
Asad moves out of the room and follows him
Zoya: Mr Khan please
Asad (shouting ):I told you to leave
Haider: Asad come down
Asad: you don’t interfere I know she is your sister so you knew all
Dil; Asad!

Haider: what are you saying
Asad (shouting ):your sister is a cheater you got it
Haider: control yourself
Asad: take you tramp of sister and get out
Haider: it fine by me we are leaving
Zoya: Asad please
Asad: I’m leaving when I come back if I need you here I swear I will kill you
Zoya:Mr Khan
Asad(shouting ): I said get out
Haider :chucky prepare you things we are leaving today
Haider while going upstairs to prepare his things eye Nahma who was in tears. Zoya comes with her things fixed

Haider: let’s go
Zoya: Asad please
Haider: Zoya
Haider and Zoya leaves Nahma break down into tears
Dil: Asad what is wrong with you why
Asad: she cheated with my brother
Dil puts her hands on her mouth
Dil; but Asad I know Zoya
Asad: so you doubt me mom
Dil: is not that
Asad: it OK then where is Tanu
Dil: in her room
Asad goes to tanu’s room
Asad get in violently
Tanu: jammy
Asad: don’t jammy me you always knew it right
Tanu: what going on
Asad: you dare ask me you help Zoya and her lover to fool me

Tanu : that is not true I didn’t even know she had a lover
Asad:Tanu you know I hate lies but you’re lying
Tanu: jammy I’m telling you the truth
Asad turns and all on her table
Asad: stop lying Amira told me all
Tanu: jammy she’s lying you have to trust me
Asad: I don’t trust any woman anymore is better if you leave too
Tanu: jammy I don’t have anywhere to go to
Asad; well that not my problem soot yourself

Asad goes to his room and lock himself up
Tanu packed her bags and went downstairs to leave
Tanu :aunty I swear I didn’t know anything about that issue I too was shock
Dil :I know tanveer I know you
Amira: I’m so sorry tanveer for this misunderstanding
Tanu: indeed you’re
Dil and Tanu hugs and Amira
Amira: I told you I will help you get Zoya out of the way but you see you too
Tanu: smile as you can your turn is coming
Hotel room
Haider: explain to me all this situation
Zoya explain everything
Haider: but why didn’t you tell your husband when you felt for him
Zoya: I tried to but he wouldn’t let me
Haider: it OK I think you should wait for sometime before seeing
Zoya: I have to see mom to explain better to her I will leave
Haider: Zoya wait be careful OK
ZOYA: OK any words for Nahma

Haider: wait what do you…. mean…. I…. u
(Stammering )
Zoya: oh oh my brother is becoming red as a tomato normal he is in love with one
Haider: Zoya
Zoya: I said nothing I’m leaving
Asad’s house
Asad’s room
Amira: Asad can I come in
Asad doesn’t respond
Amira: oh God I hope didn’t do something stupid
Amira gets in and Asad is totally drunk

Amira (thinking ):oh God he is drunk, wait a minute Amira thus your chance if getting him
Amira goes to Asad and Asad confuse her with Zoya due to his delusional start
Amira manages to put him on the bed but unfortunately for her Asad falls at sleep
Amira: oh God he had to fall at sleep now what do I do know now. Anyway it doesn’t matter
She undressed him and herself to give and an image of something which did happened
Some fee hours later
Zoya arrive the house and ask the servant where everyone is immediately Nahma
Comes down

Nahma: Zoya what are you here if Asad see you here you will scream again
Zoya: I wanted to take my music box and talk to mom
Nahma :it OK I think brother is not there and I will call mom
Zoya: OK I will quickly get my music box and come
Nahma: OK
Nahma goes to talk Zoya to Asad’s room. When she opened the door she saw Asad and Amira in that state
Amira her and goes to her
Amira: what wrong Zoya? why are you crying? Asad and I had a wonderful time
Zoya: you… doing this to me I trusted you so much
Amira: and I hated you so much, you always had what I wanted for once you lost accept it
Zoya: don’t worry you can have him I don’t him anymore
Asad wakes up and notice his dress are off and lift up his eye sees Zoya in tears and Amira with less dresses on her
Asad: Zoya!
Zoya leave their present and Asad follows her
Asad: actually I…. don’t… u….. are…. here.. I can… explain
Zoya: explain what it very clear for Me you judge people why you exactly like that
Asad :you can’t compare this two situation I don’t even..
Zoya: let it go
Asad tries to calm her down
Zoya: don’t touch Me

Dil comes down
Dil: what’s happening here
Zoya: your son can explain it better
Dil: Asad!
Asad :listen to me miss farroque you have no right to judge me I think if you were raised by you parents you been more matter
Dil: Asad!
Asad: that true you’re lack respect and dignity too
You approaches him and give him a tight slap shocking everyone

Zoya: this is for myself and you make go through the insults (give a second slap )this is for my family and (a third slap )this is for my child because as from today you cease to be his dad you are the worse thing that could happen to me I regret letting you in my life
Asad: how dare you (tries to rise his hand on her )
Dil: asaddd!have you lost it can someone explain what going on here
Zoya points at Amira state
Dil is in shock
Dil: Zoya please wait
Zoya: mom I love you a lot but I can’t stand this anymore
Zoya leaves on tears
Amira smirks thinking now there is no way him and Zoya can make up if there’s one thing Zoya can’t forgive is cheating
Dil approaches Asad and give him tight slap

Dil: I don’t recognize you as you did exactly what your dad did as they say blood is thicker than water is a Gen in your blood no matter what you proved law nature
Asad: mom I….
Dil leaves and Nahma too
Amira: Asad I’m sorry but I tried yo stop you and you forced yourself on me I was helpless I really tried but could I have done
Asad is tensed by this words
Asad: Amira is best if we don’t talk about this anymore
Asad leave to his room and Amira smirks
Asad break down into tears remembering what Zoya said and crys uncontrollably
Unknown location
It was raining heavily

A man in the car talking to himself: oh God it raining heavily I have to get home fast
Zoya on the street in the rain lost in her taughts (how could he do this to me I so much loved him but he turn out to be a nightmare I want to forget I have to let go why does it hurt so much )crying all of suddenly due to excess stress Zoya falls on conscious in front of a man’s car and hits her head on the ground
The man comes out is no one other than ayaz
Ayaz: oh God what happened miss are you OK
He notice she isn’t responding and decide to take her to the hospital
Dubai location
Ayan; miss Humera
Humera: ya
Ayan: I know we have to leave back tomorrow but I have a gift for you
Humera :what’s it
Ayan: we will be going to Spain for a month I was preparing surprise for you for a long time now
Humera: thanks Ayan I love you so much it is the best new
Ayan: I love you too so so much and yes don’t worry I informed everyone of our change of program
Humera: you’re the best husband in the world

Ayan: pizza..
He romantically give Humera the pizza and eyes her lovely
Haider: oh God Zoya is not back yet I had this strange feeling something went wrong
Gaffur: I feel worried something is going on with my daughter but which
He decide to call Humera but Ayan picks
Ayan: hello dad
Gaffur: hello Ayan please how is Humera
Ayan: she’s at sleep now she’s OK
Gaffur: OK I just wanted to know. I heard you are coming back in a month time when you come I want to talk to you
Ayan: ok dad sure
Gaffur :bye

Ayan: bye
Gaffur: if this feeling is not for Humera it means it for haya
GOD protect my daughter where every she is
Haider: God keep my chucky save
Asad’s house
Asad’s room
Asad was at sleep and dreamt of Zoya being in danger he wakes up screaming zoyaaaaaa
Asad: (thinking )I have to get her off my mind after what she did I still love her (crying )I love you so much
Ayaz brought Zoya to the hospital and the doctor took care of her
Ayaz: is she OK
Doctor: yes she is but the hitting of her head she went through may have consequences we have to wait she wakes up

Ayaz :but all will be fine
Doctor: yes all is fine by the way your child is OK. Your wife had a lot of chance
Ayaz: actually….
Nurse comes and interrupt
Farah’s house
Resena: farah you have to make Nitkat sign this document before someone find out what we are doing
Farah: I think we have to keep drugging her
Resena: no Farah we have to poison her little by little but before she has to sign this papers. You see this poison it can kill taking a month or more depending on the way you administer it so be fast cause I have to start giving it too her today itself
Farah: OK mom I will try
Nitkat was coming
Farah: Nitkat come here for some time I want you to sign some document
Nitkat: but Farah what for
Farah: as my wife I need you to sign it
Nitkat feels strange and feels as if she had seen this conversation in her numerous dreams at the same time Imran stand up feels like he has to stop Nitkat, he goes downstairs and see Nitkat about to sign
Imran; farahhhhhh

Shocking Farah
Farah: any problem
Imran: you have to come with me now it urgent
Farah: but I was about to..
Imran: don’t worry you will do it later
Resena fume in anger
Farah is frustrated Nitkat feel relief
Nitkat: it OK Farah I sign it another day I have to go visit my dad he needs me
Nitkat leave
Farah; what did you want again
Imran: I think I forgot it us strange I don’t even remember why I came here in the first place
Farah: you are kidding me right
Imran: no all this strange to me
Resena is frustrated Farah fumes in rage Imran leave
Farah; mom I think Farah knows something
Resena: no way it impossible it just a reflect
Farah: I hope so if not he is our biggest problem
Imran’s room
While did I stop Nitkat from signing I felt like stopping her at all cause my love for is driving insane
In the car

Nitkat: (thinking)Imran I don’t why I think of you every second I wish you here
Imran’s room
Imran(thinking ): I wish I was with you
In the car
Nitkat(thinking ): I have to admitt I love you
Imran’s room
Imran(thinking ): I love you so much
Nitkat /Imran: (thinking ) this wrong I have to stop thinking of him/her
Zoya regain consciousness
Zoya: who are you
Ayaz: Ayaz relax don’t stress yourself
Zoya: where am I

Ayaz :at the hospital
What’s your name
Zoya: I don’t remember I can’t why can I remember (screaming )someone my head hurts
Doctor comes and tries to stabilize her
Doctor ask Ayaz to follow him in his office
Doctor: sir your wife X-ray result show a problem in her brain I’m sorry to say this but your wife has lost her memory
Ayaz: what doctor is this very serious
Doctor: I think she went through a shock but this memory lost can be temporal or forever depending on your wife desire to remember
Ayaz: I see
Doctor: it can take 2-3 month or even days depending on her will you need to bring her close to things she used to love
Ayaz :OK doctor I will try my best

Ayaz goes to Zoya
Zoya :are you my husband
Ayaz: yes I am but you have to rest OK
Zoya: please tell me my name
Ayaz (remembers his late wife and response ):Sarah ponce I’m Ayaz Ponce
Zoya: Sarah. Sounds nice do I have a brother sister friend and children mom dad when did we got married
Ayaz: you have no relationship in this world you’re an orphan and we are going to be parents soon
Zoya: I’m sorry I can remember you but don’t worry I will try
Ayaz :don’t over stress yourself
Doctor come
Doctor; you can take you wife home now itself
Ayaz: OK I will just sign the papers OK
Ayaz leaves with the doctor
Zoya (thinking ):why can I remember him I feel a lot of love but then I feel is the wrong person everything seems new and strange
Asad’s house
Haider get in with rage
Nahma: Haider..
Haider; where is your brother

Asad comes
Asad: what do you want now
Haider: where is Zoya
Dil: Zoya left last night
Haider: she hasn’t come back her
Asad: have you checked her at her lover house he should be back by now
Haider drags Asad on the wall;don’t you ever speak of my sister like that or I swear I will kill you
Dil: come down haider
Zoya might have gone to a friend house
Haider: she doesn’t know anyone here in India
Dil; relax OK she will come back
Haider; aunty I had a strange feeling since yesterday I have to go look for her
(He turns to Asad )If something happened to her I swear it on chucky I will kill you
While leaving he eye Nahma. Nahma follows him
Nahma; Haider how are you
Haider: not fine but each time I see you I feel better you’re my medicament (holding her face )
Nahma: I hope Zoya is find
Haider: I know I promise to see your family today but I have to find my sister first I will come for you OK just wait me

Nahma: I know you will I trust you more than myself
They hugs emotionally Amira see this and smirks (thinking )I can’t let Zoya’s family close to Asad again I’m so sorry Nahma you will marry someone else rather than him watch and see
Ayaz’s house
Ayaz comes in with Zoya the servants welcome him special his nani since he was little she brought him up and took care of him like a mom after his parents dead
Nani: son you’re back I was very worried for you last night
Ayaz: I’m sorry I had something to do
Nani: who is she
Ayaz :please take her to my room
Nani: what! have you lost it
Ayaz :do as I say please I will explain later
Nani takes Zoya to Ayaz’s room

Nani come down and demand explanation which Ayaz gives
Nani: Ayaz this is wrong she might be someone wife daughter sister and you are keeping her here
Ayaz: I will find out who is her family but for the moment doctor said it risky for her to force herself to remember and we shouldn’t bring her close to things that well make her remember just leave her to remember herself(lying ) I will pretend to be her husband still she remembers
Nani: this seems wrong but if you say you will look for her family it OK by me but please sleep in another room OK
Ayaz: OK Nani you’re the best love you
Nani: you always do this smile when you had something you wanted but anyway I’m happy you’re back from France
Ayaz: yes I too
A month past and Zoya is still no where to be found, Haider is crazyly looking for her
Zoya and Ayaz are becoming close but Zoya still feels strange around him and doesn’t allow him to sleep in the bed with her, Dil found a finance for Nahma under Amira influence,
Amira: oh God I hope this is not what I’m thinking

Doctor comes
Doctor: congratulations you’re two months pregnant
Amira:two months pregnant

Doctor: yes you should take vitamin always I well you from Time to time
Amira leave the doctor office
Amira (thinking ): oh God this is not good for me I have to get it out because I need nothing in between me and Asad for a month now he has been avoiding me. Wait Amira this get new I will new this child to force Asad to marry me (smirks and smiles evilly )it great everything cones for my good even this child but this child is Ayaz’s and it two months instead of one
Ayaz meet Amira in France for one of his medical conference he had and they become friends and later more. Later Ayaz found out that she knew Asad and wanted to destroy his marriage which equally soot Ayaz as he was looking for revenge against Asad anything to hurt him is OK. Amira and Ayaz had a relationship through out their trip in France and also help her to make the fault document concerning Ayan

Flashback ends
Amira: I have to find a way for this report to say I’m one month pregnant
On the road
Rashid car was passing and he saw Dil car break down so he stopped to help her but she refused
Rashid: how is Asad and Nahma
Dil: all I can say no matter my up bringing your blood still contaminated Asad
Rashid: what do you
Dil: why do you care
Rashid: because he is my son I can’t stand the fact my sons love the same woman
Dil: so you knew all of it
Rashid explain to Dil all what he knew
Rashid: as you see it Sheren fault the Ayan and Zoya are not together
Dil is shock
Rashid: Ayan and Zoya are innocent if there is one thing I’m sure is that that child is Asad’s child and not Ayan , Ayan was never in France and Humera can prove it
Dil turn to face the road
Rashid; how are you Dil
Dil: that’s a question you should have asked years ago, atleast through letters
She see a taxi coming and stop it
Rashid (thinking ):I wrote many letters but couldn’t send everyday I wrote a new one still day
Asad’s house

Amira packed her bags to leave Asad’s house
Asad: Amira why are you leaving you don’t have somewhere to go
Amira: I will stay at the hotel still I find a place to stay or go back to USA
The bell rings and a letter is delivered
Asad: from hospital
Amira (pretending ):no don’t open it… it mine
Asad: let me see
He opens it and it says Amira is 1 month pregnant
Asad: you are pregnant of me

Amira: yes that’s why I was leaving I don’t want to cause more problems
Asad: you’re pregnant I want to take my responsibilities
He calls the servent to take her things up Amira smirks thinking my plan worked how manipulative you are
Dil hears all this
Dil : tell me it is not true
Asad: it is mom
Dil: you….
Asad: and I will marry her immediately the divorce is said and Zoya signs it
Dil: you have lost it
Asad; mom my child is important to me
Dil:and Zoya is important to.me
All of a sudden dil falls unconscious due to too much shock and emotional stress
Episode ends
RECAP: Ayan and Humera are back, Ayan and Asad confronts ,Humera reprimand Ayan for hiding his history with Zoya, Razia take advantage, Ayaz find out Zoya is Asad’s wife, Haider loose hope and inform Zeenat and jiji, Nahma runs away from the house, asad asks for a divorce, Ayan open Asad eye to amira’s, Tanu find out Zoya lost her memory and pretend to her sister, Nani find out something is wrong with Ayaz, Asad find out the truth, Dil in rage, Nitkat see Imran without a t-shirt and feels every she’s leaving she has already seen it in her dreams

Thanks for your comments and for the moment Zoya will be called Sarah
And I love you Ayaz I know this personage is not like you but it just a friction and my imagination love you Ayaz
Asad can forgive himself , will Humeraleft her mother use her, will Nahma come back home, what will happen to Amira, will Zoya trust Tanu, Nani will she find out the trust, how far can Ayaz go, Will Asad and Ayan unit, will Nitkat understand what is going on with her dreams ,will Zoya regain consciousness
or will she keep trusting Ayaz

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  6. Heys guys sarah here i just started a ff try to read i don’t know telly updates did not publised it ! Byt try read it pls

  7. Heys guys sarah here i just started a ff try to read i don’t know telly updates did not publised it ! Byt try read it pls and tell do you like it

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