#quboolhai(i do forever) episode 13


Thanks so guys for your comments. Well even if I separate zoya and Asad it only for few episode for Asad to release Amira and Tanu tricks don’t worry you will love it
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Early in morning
Dubai location
Humera was looking at Ayan while he was at sleep
Ayan: Mrs Humera it not good to look at people like that
Humera: I’m simply looking what belong to me
Ayan: oh really I belong to you that sounds sweet and you belong only to me come here
Humera: no Ayan stop it
Ayan: no way (holding her )I love you Humera
Asad’s house
Asad’s room
Zoya: (thinking)oh God if Mr Khan meet Ayan what will I do I have to talk to him right now
Zoya goes to Mr Khan
Zoya: Mr Khan I need… to… I
Asad: oh God Mrs Khan stammering you look
Zoya: I need to talk to you it urgent
Asad: wait come here (touching her stomach and putting his ear on it )hello baby dad is here you that
Zoya: Mr Khan please listen to me
Asad: OK what do you want to
Zoya: it about my past
Asad: Mrs Khan you’re past doesn’t matter to me only your present
Zoya; but I need to tell you something…
Asad: I don’t want to know now let me talk to my son
Zoya: I said it a girl
Asad: oh really let see
Zoya gets dizzy and Asad lies her on the bed
At farah’s house
Nitkat think of Imran and all of sudden Farah come
Farah: Nitkat anything the matter
Nitkat: no nothing I just miss my family
Farah :I brought this sari for you
Nitkat: thanks Farah
Nitkat notice Farah has a lipstick on his shirt
Nitkat: Farah what is that
Farah: actually a woman felt on me and may be her lips might have cause it
Nitkat: OK if you say so I trust you
Farah leaves tense by this word
Nitkat was trying that sari and Imran see her
Imran: you’re beautiful with this colour it brings out your eye colour
Nitkat: get out are you mad of someone see you here you’re playing with fire
Imran: I love to play with fire
Nitkat: get out (she sent him out and close the door )
Nitkat smiles
Asad’s house
Nahma was in the kitchen and Haider
Haider: love what is wrong you texted late at night
Nahma: first what happened to you at dinner yesterday
Haider: I just wanted to see something in my room
Nahma: but Zoya tried to talk to you but you were not answering
Haider: I guess I was working
Nahma: OK we have a problem my grand ma and my Mom wants to get me married Haider I can’t marry anyone else but you
Haider: Nahma I will talk to your family in 3day
Nahma: you are serious
Haider: yes Nahma I need you like air to breath I can’t live without you
Nahma: talk to Asad fast I don’t know but I feel a stumb coming
Haider: I’m here for you you and I will get married
Amira’s room
Amira (thinking ):I have all the proves to sent Zoya out of this house my trip to France was helpful
Amira was in France to get document that proves Ayan was in France the same period with Zoya and Asad.
Flashback ends
Amira: get ready cause your down fall is today (laughts )
Dubai location
Ayan: come here Humera I want to show you see thing
Humera comes and Ayan brings her to the room where he wrote with flower “I love you Humera ”
Humera: wooow Ayan this is lovely
Ayan: it because I love you, I love you so much
Humera: i love you too
Asad’s office
Amira went to Asad office
Asad: Amira you here
Amira: yes I need to talk to you
Asad: OK come in
Amira; I didn’t want to be the one to inform you about this
Asad: what is wrong
Amira is best if you and read it I don’t have the courage to tell you
Asad: you are confusing me
Amira gives the video she had made of Zoya and Ayan and the document that prove Ayan was in France at the same time. Asad see it and get enrage and breaks everything in his office
Asad: since when did you know this
Amira: I found out 2week ago but this video was in Tanu things
Asad: Tanu knew this it not possible
Amira: Asad I just couldn’t stand all this injustice and also I think Tanu is with them in this Zoya is my friend but I didn’t accept what she was doing
Asad: I will kill them both
Asad leave the office in rage
Amira: Asad…… (thinking)oh God what will happen now I didn’t planed this
Asad’s house
Zoya and Dil were talking about the name Zoya: mom thanks for this lovely family you’ve given me I never knew who my dad is but with you I feel like home
Asad get in with an uncontrollable rage
Zoya: Mr Khan come see mom and I are looking for names
Asad: while don’t you call him Ayan
Zoya :Mr Khan what’s wrong
Asad graps Zoya by the hand and drag her their room
Zoya; what going on
Asad locks the door
Dil: Asad open it
Haider: what going on
Dil: I don’t know
Asad: you let your lover stay with us like a stupid man I trusted him (shouting )answer me
Zoya: let me explain
Asad: explain what that you are just worst then..
Zoya: Ayan was here by mistake
Asad: mistake my foot
Zoya: yes Mr Khan
Asad: you’re the worst thing that could happen to me
Zoya slapped him
Zoya: I tried to talk you you but you said that you didn’t care of my past
Asad: yes but how dare you cheat on me with that man and let me guess the child you are having is his what is his name
Zoya: no no no Mr Khan please trust me this child is your
Asad: oh no no you cheated and I’m sure is his what is his name (shouting )tell me
Zoya (screaming ):ayannnn.Ahmed Khan
Asad breaks down
Asad ask Zoya to get out
Asad: I don’t trust what you are saying you cheated with my brother
Zoya: I never did because I love you
Asad: love me but that not true you’re lying as usual
Zoya: what you are saying is hurting me
Asad: it better that you leave my life and…
Zoya: your house
Asad leaves
Zoya in tears
Episode ends
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Zoya lives Asad house with Haider, tanu and asad fight and tanu leaves ,Amira traps Asad, resena and Farah tries to make Nitkat sign some document but Imran interrupt, Zoya sees Asad and Amira ,.ayaz helps Zoya, Zoya looses her memory.
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Thanks for your comments and support
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questions: Will Haider and Nahma find a way, Zoya can forgive Asad, is ayaz a true person, what will happen when Ayan come back, is Zoya save with ayaz

Credit to: alexis fayole

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  1. Well thats ok alexis because there is no story without spice and villians you know what i mean anyways as usual i love your ff so much pls and ya upload a ep as soon as possible

    1. alexis fayole

      Thanks. For your support

  2. superb….but its short……update one more part today plzzzzz……

    1. alexis fayole

      Thanks for your support

  3. priya tripathi

    Awesome n BTW ayaz is a good or bad charcter

    1. alexis fayole

      Thanks for your comment. Ayaz is bad but comes good at the end

  4. Every one is save with me….,
    awesome episode

    1. alexis fayole

      Ya everyone cause you lovely

  5. OMG… what happened to asad??? How dare he scold zoya when he didn’t allow her to explain her point…. but I hope u unite them fast. And I also need asad n ayan scenes….

    1. alexis fayole

      Ya so sad buy very thing will be alright

  6. OMG!!So sad??

    1. alexis fayole

      Ya sad

  7. Sad one dear .. but I loved it 🙂

    1. alexis fayole


  8. Sanjana ( sanju)

    Sadd episodee…but stilll u keep me interested ??vry gud 1 at dat!?im sure HaiMa(haider najma) will find a way..??

    1. alexis fayole

      Thanks so much

  9. emotional one
    :'( update the nxt part fast

    1. alexis fayole

      Ya Sad very soon

  10. Just like always.. Amazing episode and very heart touching, I hope everything gets sorted Between asya, love you~Nusz

    1. alexis fayole

      Thanks you so much i love you too

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