#quboolhai(i do forever) episode 11


Hi guys i just want to say thanks for your comments I’m sorry for late upload but I had a digestive problem due to what my sister cooked yesterday I really had a horrible day but I’m alright now thanks to God
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This episode starts with Asad and Zoya
Asad: happy Mrs Khan
Zoya: so super happy Mr Khan thanks a lot you’re the best
Asad: you’re my life Mrs Khan
Zoya: and you my miracle
Asad’s house
Nahma: oh God Im already late
She bomb into Haider they share some romantic look but then release themselves and compose
Haider:Nahma be careful beautiful girl you should not be running
Nahma: I’m sorry I am late for collage
Haider: can I take you
Nahma: sure! Let’s go
They leave

Sid’s house
Rashid: oh God this can’t happen my two sons in love with same girl
Badi:destiny knows why this is happening
Rashid: destiny ! No it my fault due to my mistake
Badi: Rashid!!
Rashid: no mom life is unfair Ayan have to understand that Zoya belong to Asad
Nitkat: dad Ayan wake up
They go to Ayan’s room
Rashid: son how are you feeling
Ayan: lost my life have no meaning
Badi: Ayan! Don’t say that
Ayan: Badi ami I lost her to him what hurts me is that I know he is someone good and make her happy may be more than me
Badi: I’m sorry Ayan but you have to forget her
Ayan: it not possible I love her and need to get her more
Rashid: Ayan!
Ayan; no dad I can’t lost the woman I lobe like you did
Rashid: (shouting) Ayannnnnn you will have to
Ayan: (shouting)why dad why should I
Rashid (shouting ) because he is your brother he is Asad Ahmed Khan
This leaves Ayan in all mixed emotions happiness joy guilty sadness….
Ayan: what! This is not true it not possible
Asad: I feel like calling you brother it like I always knew you. Can I call you bhai
Flashback ends
Ayan: no I… taught.. no
Rashid: it true Ayan he is your brother and nothing should separate you both
When Ayan and Asad we’re little
Asad: nothing shall ever come between us no matter what happens you will always be my priority
Ayan: I promise no one will separate us we a link for ever
Flashback ends

in France
Hotel room
Asad: Mrs Khan (he drag her on his legs ) wooow you are so beautiful
Zoya: oh really
Asad: yeah you lighten my life (he trys to kisses )
Zoya: Mr Khan you’re becoming nutty day by day
Asad: you cause this effect on me (caressing her face )
Zoya :Mr Khan
Asad: Mrs Khan
Zoya: wait I… )she tries to leave not he pull her back)
Asad: you know what I will tell something
Zoya: which is
Asad ;there are billions of reasons why I love you
Zoya; wooow billions go ahead
Asad: no I will tell You the first 10 in Between ten days
Zoya: no that not fear OK the one for day
Asad:no it starts tomorrow
Zoya: you can (she get on the chair and screams )Mr Khan
Asad graps her and bring her close to him
Asad ;you look note beautiful when you get angry
Zoya: oh is that so
Asad: yes I love to drive you crazy because you become crazyly beautiful
Zoya: my husband is romantic
Asad: don’t you want it Zoya: keep it you make me feel unique

At Sid’s house
Ayan’s room
Ayan: (thinking )oh God my brother and I thought of taking his love. I have to talk to him buy no this will make Zoya have problems and o don’t want it
Ayan call’s Asad’s house and Nahma pick Ayan: hello
Nahma: hello
Ayan:I want to talk to Asad Ahmed Khan
Nahma: you are
Ayan: ayan Ahmed Khan
Nahma: bhai…. oh my God how are you
Ayan: Nahma! You I’m find and you and mom
Nahma: super but I’m sorry bhai Asad went on his honeymoon he got married
Ayan: I see. OK when he come back tell him I called and take bye
Nahma: bye (thinking )oh God I forget to ask him to come visit
Ayan’s room
Humera: hello
Ayan: hi I’m….
Humera: it OK don’t do many effort actually I came to check on you
Ayan: thanks Humera
Humera come close and sit next to him
Humera: Ayan I know we are getting married soon but please can we go out tomorrow
Ayan: sure
Humera; really thanks you I will get ready (goes and Ayan smile second later she comes back )should I prepare a place
Ayan :no let it to me

In France
First day
Asad and Zoya was sleeping, Asad wakes up and looks at Zoya, Zoya too wake up
Zoya: what Mrs Khan
Asad: reasons number one I love you for your beautiful angelic smile
Zoya: oh really then this smile will do breakfast
Asad: I…
Zoya: I was joking will other it

Sid’s house
Ayan goes to Humera room and find her putting her veil
Ayan: can I help you
Humera: sure
Ayan puts the veil over her and they share some romantic look. Ayan release himself
Ayan: actually I came to get you for our date
Humera: I’m ready
Ayan: you are really beautiful
Humera: thanks (get shy and smile )
Sheren see this and think finally I will get what I want like always
Sid’s room
Sid: I have to talk to Ayan
He leaves but by the time he could see Ayan. Ayan left with Humera

At restaurant
Ayan: Miss siddique
Humera: thank you
The server comes
Server:what can I offer you
Humera: anything he takes
Ayan: oh really ! Find give us chicken soup
Humera: chicken soup I love it with pizza
Ayan remember his moments with Zoya went she too loved pizza and chicken soup
Humera: Ayan! Ayan! Ayannn
Ayan: I’m sorry I got losed great I love it too they both have dinner and leaves the restaurant and take a walk home while taking
Humera: I love roses
Ayan; oh really
Humera: yes
Ayan: I love video games
Humera: hahaha seriously
Ayan :yes
Humera: I too
Ayan: wooow
That sounds great
They reach home
Ayan: good night princess
Humera: princess! You too prince good night
Razia see this
Razia :oh God great the son will get trapped like the father
Badi hears this
Badi: that’s what we will see

In France
Asad comes with breakfast in bed for Zoya
Zoya: thanks Mrs Khan Asad: you are welcome the 2nd readon is that
I love you for your kind soul full of love
Zoya: you’re so sweet
At Ayan’s house
Ayan: come Humera
Humera :to where
Ayan takes to his room and takes the video games
Ayan: a play miss Humera
Humera: sure
The start playing and Ayan win and Humera gets angry
Humera: you cheated
Ayan :you can’t lost right
Humera was leaving but he drags her closer and they share some romantic moments
Sid see this thinks God bless my daughter haya left her be happy as Humera

France location
3 day
Asad takes Zoya to the beach and they share romantic moments
Asad: reason 3 I love you for your loving eyes
Zoya: my loving eye (she caresses his face )I love more
Asad: I more

At Sid’s
Ayan sent flowers to Humera and Humera loved it her favorite roses
France location
Asad bring Zoya to the restaurant and they have romantic dance everyone claps for them
Asad: reason 4 I love you because you make my life complete
At Sid’s house
Ayan makes pizza for Humera
Ayan; for you miss Humera
Humera: thanks
They eat together and spends time

France location
5 day
Asad get up a lovely place and him and Zoya spent a lovely moment
Asad: the 5 reason , I love you for your mess up and you adorable manner of eating
Zoya: seriously I thought it irritates you
Asad; with you all imperfections are perfection
Zoya: I love you my Mr Khan
Asad: I love you too

At Asad house
Haider keeps taking Nahma to school and they share a lots of moments
Haider : (thinking about his moments with Nahma at the restaurant ) oh God why do I keep thinking of her
Nahma comes Haider can you take me to school please
Haider: no I can’t I have something to do
Haider leaves and Nahma thinks oh God what wrong Haider (she feel bad )did I do any wrong while do I even care
Nahma leave and Tanu see things
Tanu: oh God this is an opportunity to set problem between Asad and Zoya when they come back (smirk )
France location
Asad wakes Zoya was dressing
Zoya: Mrs Khan not now
Asad: when then
Zoya :when then? ,after
Asad: 6th reason I love you for your outstanding body
Zoya (get shy ):oh God Mr Khan You are getting more nutty (she tries too leave but he drag her on the bed )
Asad: you think so well it because you are so beautiful

It Nitkat marriage day she feels a strange feeling and thinks oh God I will very uncomfortable with this marriage why should I so no but if I do that mom won’t recover from this no no I will push through I might be d up loving him
They marriage begins and Nitkat is begin yes
Priest: do you accept this marriage
Nitkat (doubting but final ):I do
The priest ask Farah
Farah: I do
They are both married. Ayan eyes Humera and he thinks
Ayan:(thinking )I think I’m falling for Humera
Humera; (thinking) I lobe Ayan more every day.they keep looking at each other
Nitkat leaves for her husband’s house. She notice something wrong but says nothing. Farah drugs Nitkat .

France location
Asad was working on his laptop and xoha hugs him from behind
Asad: Mrs Khan you’re becoming nutty
Zoya: I had a good teacher
Asad turn her on him
Mrs Khan reason 7 I love You for your golden heart
Zoya: oh really
Asad yes
Asad was driving with Zoya and the stopped on the way
Zoya: Mr Khan what happened why did you stop
Asad took her out of the car
Asad: 8 the reason I love you for the special touch you bring to my life
Zoya; thanks for so much love
Asad was watching tv with Zoya and she started crying due to the scenes
Asad: don’t cry Mrs Khan OK reason 9 I love you for your sensibility
Zoya: Mr Khan
Asad; I love you
10 day
Asad and Zoya went out and he took her to the mur
Asad: I love you for all the beautiful joy hope happiness you give me thanks Mrs Khan I love you more and more each day if it even possible to love someone this much
Zoya; Mr Khan the way I love you today is more than yesterday and will be less than tomorrow you’re my life future and happiness
Asad kisses her on forehead
At Sid’s house
Ayan offers a flower to Humera with a ring inside. Humera is emotional and jump on Ayan
Humera; yes I do
At Asad’s house
Haider: Nahma I’m sorry for the other day
Nahma: oh really now you care
Haider: I’m sorry tomato
Nahma: oh no you too
Haider: I’m I forgive
Nahma: on one condition
Haider: which is
Nahma: put your hand on your ear and jump ten times
Haider; OK
Haider do it and Nahma laughter
Haider: you look cute when you smile
They share some romantic moments

A month passes and Farah gets drugging Nitkat Ayan and Humera became more closer. Haider is falling for Nahma. Zoya and Asad in Miami
At farah’s house
Imran arrived in the morning and didn’t see Nitkat yet
Imran: so brother what happened where is your wife
Farah: where she comes
This Shocks imran
Imran always dreamt of Nitkat without knowing her and kept drawing her. In his dreams Nitkat kept asking her to help her and he ended loving her so much so he helped her but they ended up dead
Flashback end
Nitkat too get shock
Nitkat dreamt of imran and in her dream she ended up dead with him
So she get up screaming
Flashback ends
Imran :this is not possible
Farah: what is not possible
Imran: nothing don’t worry I was just thinking nice to meet you
Nitkat (so scare ):nice to meet you too (thinking ) oh God what is this he resembles the man in my dreams
Imran: (thinking )she’s is identical to the girl in my dreams
Sid’s house
Ayan was working on his laptop and siddique come there
Sid: I have being trying to talk to you
Ayan; OK uncle what is this
Razia see this and thinks oh God if he talks to Ayan he will find out haya and Zoya are the same person
She goes to them an interrupt
Razia: Sid you have a call upstairs in our room it urgent
Sid: but I…
Razia: you will do it later
Sid goes and
Razia: Ayan I think Humera need you
Ayan; but you..
Razia: Ayan….
Ayan leaves why Sid comes back
Sid: why did you tell me I had a call
Razia: it might have stop when you arrived
Razia smirks
Miami location
Asad and Zoya where working on the Miami beach and all of a suddenly Zoya falls on unconscious
Episode ends
… ……………………………..
RECAP: Asad has an 11th reason, Ayan and Humera engagement, Nitkat ask Imran not come close to her, Haider and Nahma get block in a cold room, Amira is back home from her trip, Ayan’s and Humera’s marriage. Asad and Zoya are back, Dil is happiness, Badi ami visit Asad and Zoya
Answer this questions
Is Ayan really in love with Humera what is Asad 11th reason, Imran will obey Nitkat or not
Thanks for your comments I love you all

Credit to: alexis fayole

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      Ya you are right a bout Ayan and Imran. Thinks well for asad i know you are can

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  5. I love it thank you so much i give you 10 stars ff awesome best thing romance was so awfull

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  6. I thinks maybe Zoya has concieved and Ayaan will eventually fall 4r Humeira and will forget Zoya , and for Imraan the role is very nice which is given by you.
    Nice episode and sorry for commenting late???

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  7. Sanjana ( sanju)

    Ammaaaaiiiizngggg!!!awwwsmmm…..asya no wrds….awwee!!! Asadz 10 reasonzz??woww…i think ayan really fell 4 humeira?
    Superrr episodeee???greaatt job maan!!!

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