#quboolhai (I do forever ) episode 1


Zoya: OK bye see you (smile a Hello guys today I’m starting my fan friction i hope you enjoy it. It will be different from what you all know but bring in the tittle qubool hai
…………… ……………. ..

It start with Asad thinking whetter or not he should go to USA
Asad (thinging): oh God I don’t know if I will be able to handle going to USA knowing that where Mr Rashid took a yan years ago just that environment makes me helpless
Dil see this and goes near him
Dil: Asad
Asad: mom you’re here
Dil: what is wrong
Asad: nothing mom I was thinking on a business trip I have to do our of country
Dil: any trouble
Asad: no more don’t worry
Dil : Asad I want you to start thinking on setting down
Asad: not again please have to go
Dil signals tanveer to come
Tanveer: mom I told you asad will never turn to me mom I love him so much (crying )
Dil:tang dealing don’t worry Asad does not release his love for you get but will soon (she hugs hee )

In the USA
Zoya’s house
Zoya in her room on the phone
Zoya: what do you mean Ayan
Ayan: I can’t come today
Zoya: but we agree you will talk to my sister today and propose marriage you do this now
Ayan:love something came up and I have to attend it
Zoya:this is not fear OK on this I will say a poem
Ten minute come but the day still not there
Ten minute come but the day is still not there
By the you come I will be gone
Ayan: don’t say that I promise you in 7day I will come I sure you you know I love you
Zoya: oh really how much
Ayan :more than my life and I can’t breath without u

Ayan and Zoya met in collage and fell in love when to university together. Ayan and Zoya love each other but because zeenat always told Zoya that she want her to married someone that was raise in India and follows custom so she does not loose the Indian culture just she did so she hided her relationship with Ayan from her API and jiji
Flashback end

Ayan: I have to go I love you
Zoya: ok i love.. ..
Ayan: that is cheating say it i love you
Zoya: bye see you (smile )and hand up
Zeenat was standing by the door
Zeenat(in mind):oh God tgis happening no i can’t let this
She goes to her husband
Zeenat’s roon
Jiji: i need to talk to you
Zeenat: i too
Jiji:ok go ahead
Zeenat:zoya is seeing someone
Jiji:what have you gone mad Zoya
Zeenat:i heard them
Jiji:ok then I think we find out more abd by the wat ny friend dil’s son is coming heew for someday
Zeenar:oh really (with a smile)
Jiji:what are you smiling for ?
Zeenat: because i have and idea
Jiji:what idea i don’t like your face like this something will go wrong and Zoya won’t like it
Zeenat:just watch and see (she leave)
Jiji(in his mind ) :oh God this sound like trouble God help us

At ayan’s resident
Sheren calling
Sheren:hello razia how are you and everyone
Razia:fine sheren and there
Sheren:fine and Razia what about our wish of Ayan and humera
Razia:it well but have you told ayan yet
sheren and Razia planed to unit humera and ayan .for Sheren she doing is to control Ayan while Razia to bring back Rashid because they are facing a lit id difficulties in managing those business
Flashback ends
Sheren:not yet but well do it soon Ayan can refuse me any thing ok let me work bye
Razia: bye
Sheren (in her mind):oh God i have to separate ayan from that girl at all cause

Years agi Ayan started behaving differently and sheren suspected that he might have fallen in love and ask a private detective to follow ayan and port
Which the detective did
He told Sheren that Ayan has a relation with a girl called zoya who is adapted and list her parent shereb did everything to separate them but to no aviel
Flashback end

Ayan’s room
Ayan(in his mind):oh God i can’t wait still I’m able to talk to zoya’s family and also to go back to
Sheren come in and started talking but ayan does not listen completely
sheren:ayan i want yoy to get readt cause in 11days we are going back to India for you and humera engagement do yoy remember hee any way you should get ready
Ayan release the end if tge topi.
Ayan: mom i won’t be getting married to her at all
Shereb fake to be unwell and fall on the floor ayan catch her and put on the bed
Ayan:Mon are you ok
Sheren: yes just that doctor said i shouldn’t be stress
Ayan: ok mom I’m sorry
Sheren: i just wanted you to married humera do it for me and she leaves
ayan(in mind):oh God what do I do now
Episode end

RECAP: asad lleaves for USA
Sheren is able to convince ayan
Zoya and Ayan heart break
Asad abd Zeenat make a deal
Zoya is very sad and asad feel hurt the fight later
Razia plan going well

Credit to: alexis fayole

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  1. It’s nice but in ur ff is tanveer gonna play a positive role or she’s a vamp in ur ff … and plz do read and comment in my fan fiction too

    1. alexis fayole

      No way .tanverr is not a good person. she is bad and malicious. Due to the fact asads marriage she will all to separate them . Promise to comment soon

  2. superb

    1. alexis fayole

      Thanks alot

  3. zuha (Asya fan)

    Good I like love Triangles and 1 will be coming soon in my FF as well , nice start keep on writing but can u clear me that who is playing Asad is it Raqesh or KSG , and what about Ayaan Rishabh or Vikrant , please clear my confusion.
    Pleas do comment on my ff , hoping to see it soon!!

    1. alexis fayole

      Well is KSG for asad the thing is i have a problem uploading a photo from my phone so it is a photo published by publisher i wish them to change it. don’t worry as soon i understand the problem with my phone will change it .rishabh for ayan

  4. Sanjana ( sanju)

    Nicee episodee dear…enjoyedd

  5. priya tripathi

    Nice start but one more thing that tanveer is possitive or negative

  6. Well this was impressive, well done!! You’re just amazing.
    Also hope to see your comments on my ff too
    Good luck for your next episode~Nusz

  7. well skilled..

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