Qubool Hai because we love each like Beintehha ((: Promo for upcoming episodes.

Qubool Hai because we love each like Beintehha ((: Promo for upcoming episodes.
Hey guys so so so so sorry for the delay… I am getting busy nowadays but next episode will be very long… But is Nusz here now. What up my cutie pies he-he… But yes I have started on Qubool Hai and Beintehha Fan-Fiction my all time favorite TV serials. This Fan-Fiction is only based on Asya (Asad and Zoya) and Zaya (Aliya and Zain)!!!! So guys I hope you enjoyed the intro of the very first episode… (I am Nusz aha)
Link for Intro and episode 1
Intro episode 1
Now let’s get started with this beautiful Fan-Fiction based on Beintehha and Qubool Hai… I have already planned out how long this Fan-Fiction will go now for… It’s going to be about 50-60 episodes… I know I write Destiny Vs love very long but this probably going to be shorter… Not that short but pretty short…. You guys will love this Fan-Fiction just like my other ones… Love you guys aha… aha… aha…
Main couples of this Fan-Fiction
1. Asya (Asad and Zoya played by Surbhi Joyti and Karan Singh Grover)
2. Zaya (Zain and Aliya played by Preetika Rao and Harshad Arora)
3. Hunyaan (Humeria and Ayaan played by Ketki Kadam and Vikrant Massey)
4. Zuiwan (Zuha aka Aayat and Rizwan played by my bestie Zuha and Karan Kundra)
5. Sunhaan (Sunehri aka Barkat and Rehaan played by my bestie Sunehri and Namish Tanjea)
6. Sabair (Sarah and Zubair played by my bestie Sarah and Varun Tookey)
7. Nahad ( Jo and Zahad played by my bestie Fatarajo and Karan Tacker)
8. Sahil ( Sanjana and Aahil played by awesome friend Sanjana and Karan Wahi)
Before I start with the promos, spoilers and new Fan-Fiction idea I want to say my Culminating Activities start from Wednesday June 8th to Monday June 13th. Then I have my Moratorium (Studying for exams) that starts on Tuesday June 15th to Monday June 20th. My exams run from June 21st to June 27th. Then my last day of classes is Tuesday June 28th. It’s very different because in England and Canada our timetables are very different and confusing at some points aha…
Promo for episode 3-4: Some goons tease Nikhaat and Zahad saves her and she falls for him… Zahad drops off Sanju and Nikhaat home… Zain is forced to go to Bhopal and his cards are canceled by his dad if he doesn’t go… But Suirraiya is really pissed off…So he does go with his friend Rizwan…. Aliya thinks her to be husband is Zain because the picture she saw…. Zuha talks to Zoya about something… Zoya thinks of meeting the Khan family because they knew her mother… She reaches the place and talks to Dilshad… Asad and Zoya meet again on the road and this time they’re fighting even more… Zoya blocks Asad from going into his car… He carries her and drops in a mud puddle… Suni and Sarah reached India and while Suni was getting her suitcases Rehaan pushes her by accident because of his suitcase… They start fighting…Aahil tries talking to Sanju but she doesn’t hear him… Again Sarah sees Zubair again at the store… they both start fighting to be the same thing… Humeria tells Nikhaat she loves Ayaan but she knows he doesn’t…. Ayaan is flirting with another girl and she sees it… Razia talks about her plan with someone…. Lastly Zain and Rizwan reach Bhopal to make Aliya’s marriage happen to Zeshaan…
Promos for upcoming episodes- Aahil asks Sanju if they can become friends… Sanju tells Aahil I would love to be your friend but please don’t be scared to stand up for yourself…. Nikhaat (Jo) has a crush on Zahad for a long time… But he doesn’t know that… Zahad tells Nikhaat to always stay out of trouble (Has a friend)… Zain reaches Bhopal… Aliya finds out his not Zeshaan but Zain who’s her childhood enemy… They both start fighting like hell… Zoya reaches Dilshad house and then Asad shows up there…Zoya throws flour on his head which makes him even angier… Suni and Sarah finally reached home and they meet their family… Sarah calls her brother Rehaan and tells him to meet her… He was near a market where Suni was shopping… Suni sees him and throws a sandal at him which makes him turn around…. He gets angry and throws a tomato at her…. Sarah and Zubair work at the same workspace which totally shocks them… Rizwan and Zuha are annoyed by each other… Rizwan gets Zuha in trouble and Aliya gets angry at her… Humeria tells Ayaan the meaning of love he tells her that flirting is better… Razia and Badi Bi see this and try to talk to Ayaan… Razia tells Ayaan if you don’t marry Humeria I will tell everyone you meet Asad everyday… Rashid and Badi Bi come there and shocks Razia…. Osman tells Suirraiya that Zain went to Bhopal which makes her fume in anger… She plans something big…
Guys if you really like my Fan-Fictions I hope you can read all of them that I sent you below… But I am ending one soon…!! You will which one it is… If you look at all the links!!!
Here’s the links (Other Fan-Fiction by me)
Destiny vs love (Based on Thapki Pyaar Ki, Qubool Hai and Jamai Raja)
A one shot on Ragsan (Based on Swaragini)
Sanskar: Will you marry me, Ragini: Yes Sanskar I will (Based on Swaragini) (I will be ending this soon)
Qubool Hai love like Beintehha (Based on Beintehha and Qubool Hai)
The dark side that everyone sees but not the light side (Based on The Vampire Dairies with shorts stories of Ragsan, Thahaan and Asya at the ending for a treat)
My heart belongs to yours… But why are you hiding from me? (Based on Ragsan only a few shots)
I know I seen you…. But it took me forever to find you…. (Based on Thahaan only a few shots)
(By the way, if you’re reading this ff, please do comment your ideas and how is the story going for you. Also love you all aha x)
Btw I’ll post the next episode maybe Wednesday June 1st or Thursday May 2nd 2016. But till then please bear with me if I can’t. Till then bye, bye He-he ((:

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