Qubool Hai because we love each like Beintehha ((: Episode 2


Qubool Hai because we love each like Beintehha ((: Episode 2
ALSO GUYS DO READ MY NEW STORY “THE DARK SIDE THAT EVERYONE SEES BUT NOT MY LIGHT SIDE” UNDER QUBOOL EVEN THOUGH IT’S A HOLLYWOOD SHOW BUT IT HAS A TREAT AT THE VERY ENDING AHA… IF YOU WANT I WILL SEND YOU THE LINK AND….Hey guys so so so so sorry for the delay… I am getting busy nowadays but this episode will be very long… But is Nusz here now. What up my cutie pies he-he… But yes I have started on Qubool Hai and Beintehha Fan-Fiction my all time favorite TV serials. This Fan-Fiction is only based on Asya (Asad and Zoya) and Zaya (Aliya and Zain)!!!! So guys I hope you enjoyed the intro of the very first episode… (I am Nusz aha)
Link for Intro and episode 1
Now let’s get started with this beautiful Fan-Fiction based on Beintehha and Qubool Hai… I have already planned out how long this Fan-Fiction will go now for… It’s going to be about 50-60 episodes… I know I write Destiny Vs love very long but this probably going to be shorter… Not that short but pretty short…. You guys will love this Fan-Fiction just like my other ones… Love you guys aha… aha… aha…
Main couples of this Fan-Fiction
1. Asya (Asad and Zoya played by Surbhi Joyti and Karan Singh Grover)
2. Zaya (Zain and Aliya played by Preetika Rao and Harshad Arora)
3. Hunyaan (Humeria and Ayaan played by Ketki Kadam and Vikrant Massey)
4. Zuiwan (Zuha aka Aayat and Rizwan played by my bestie Zuha and Karan Kundra)
5. Sunhaan (Sunehri aka Barkat and Rehaan played by my bestie Sunehri and Namish Tanjea)
6. Sabair (Sarah and Zubair played by my bestie Sarah and Varun Tookey)
7. Nahad ( Jo and Zahad played by my bestie Fatarajo and Karan Tacker)
8. Sahil ( Sanjana and Aahil played by awesome friend Sanjana and Karan Wahi)
At Ghulam’s house
Shabana: Aliya where’s are you?
Aliya: I am coming Ammi
Zoya: Well Appi time to make you meet my future Jiju
Zuha: His not only your Jiju
Zoya: He will love me more then you
Zuha: You’re so annoying
Zoya: Did you just call me annoying?
Zuha: Sorry Ms. Pig
Shabana: Here we start again?
Aliya: Ammi there only kids
Shabana: Kids?? They are almost the age of marriage… especially Zoya
Aliya: I know Ammi… But I just want them to always smile and stay happy…
Shabana: Aliya do you ever think about yourself?
Aliya: Ammi my family is very important to me… But where’s Abo?
Shabana: Oh he went to visit Delhi for a couple of days… He will be back soon
Aliya: But why does he have to leave now?
Shabana: Aliya he will be back soon…
Aliya: But Ammi…
Shabana: Forget about that… did you see the picture of your future husband…
Aliya: No I haven’t…
Shabana: What you still haven’t seen his picture?
Aliya: No not yet
Shabana: Then go see his picture….
Aliya: I will Ammi… But you forgot to do something
Shabana: What is that?
Aliya: Cooking and I am off to the kitchen
Shabana: This girl is an angel… always doing everything for her family…
Shabana hits her head
Zoya: YOU CALLED ME A LOSER (She takes her shoe and hits her with it)
Shabana comes there and pulls both of their ears….
Shabana: Chup you two already
Zoya and Zuha: Sorry Ammi
Shabana: I hate when you guys fight…
Zoya: Sorry (hugs her tightly)
Zuha: She loves me more
Zoya: No me
Aliya: Oh god these two are going to drive Ammi insane (She laughs)
At the airport/ plane
A girl wearing a beautiful short dress with tights on… Her hair is out and she starts screaming… On the other another girl is wearing a beautiful blue and green long dress… Her hair is tied in a high ponytail…. She starts pulling the luggage….
Sarah: Stupid Suni stop screaming already
Sunehri: Hey don’t call me stupid
Sarah: Tell me why you’re screaming?
Sunehri: I am screaming because of happiness
Sarah: What for?
Sunehri: I am finally meet Dad and Mom after such a long time…
Sarah: I know that but why do you have to scream?
Sunehri: Because my best friend is here with me!!!
Sarah: Are you on drugs?
Sunehri: NO MY BABRIE DOLL I AM SO HAPPY (Giving her a big hug)
Sarah: Hey quit doing that… we are about to get on the plane
Sunehri: Oh yea I almost forgot
Sarah: Where are you??
Sunehri: At the train station
Sarah: Have you lost it… we’re at the airport
Sunehri: What an airport
Sarah: You’re joking right?
Sunehri: Yes I am joking now let’s go in the plane
Sarah: You stupid Suni we haven’t even showed our boarding passes and passport yet….
Sunehri: Then let’s start going
India’s airport
Zain: It’s good to be back
Rizwan: I hate this place
Zain: Dude India is our country
Rizwan: Did I say I hate the country…
Zain: Well it sure sounded like you did…
Rizwan: I said I hate this airport…
Zain: You did not mention airport
Rizwan: Let’s not fight because I see Shazia Bhabhi coming this way…
Zain: Out of all the people…
Rizwan: Oh don’t start again Zain
Shazia: Oh look Zain and Rizwan are finally here
Rizwan: hi Shazia Bhabhi…
Zain: Hey you got hotter
Shazia: Wasn’t I always hot…
Zain: Yes you were and always
Shazia: Okay guys let’s get going
Zain: I can’t wait to see dad today
Rizwan: I am hungry
Zain: Here take these chips you fool
Rizwan: Rude much…
Shazia: Hurry up you two… (She throws tomatoes on them)
Zain opens his eyes and sees it was a dream… He starts screaming
Rizwan: Have you lost it or what?
Zain: I saw Shazia Bhabhi
Rizwan: Dude what the hell is wrong with you… We’re surprising them….
Zain: I just remember something
Rizwan: You have lost and please can we go… your sister is coming back today…
Zain: Yea I know
Rizwan: Did you tell Sunehri?
Zain: Wait who’s Sunehri
Rizwan: You know what let’s just catch a taxi please…
Zain: Hey how do I know who Sunehri is?
Rizwan and Zain talk about the dumbest things… Rizwan takes his suitcases and pushes Zain into the car… So he can shut up….
Ghulam’s house
Zoya: Ammi I am going to the shop
Shabana: Okay if you’re can you get me something
Zoya: Ofc Ammi you don’t have to ask me
Shabana: Can you order a cake on the way…
Zoya: What’s the cake for??
Shabana: Remember Aliya’s birthday is two days later…
Zoya: Oh yea!!! I forgot to get her gift from the store
Shabana: Also Zain is coming back from England to India
Zoya: You mean Zain Bhaia? That Aliya Appi hates
Shabana: Yes they hate each other so much
Zoya: Well I can’t wait to meet him… I didn’t really meet much people…
Shabana: Don’t worry you’re everything for our family and always will be…
Zoya: Thank you Ammi and yes I will get cake for on the way…
Shabana: Thank you so much Zoya
Zoya: Okay Ammi I will see you later!! Ta-Ta
Shabana: Bye (with a smile)
At Rashid’s house
Shireen: Ayaan where are you?
Ayaan: What is it Ammi?
Shireen: Where you right now?
Ayaan: I went to visit some hot girls
Shireen: Have you lost it or what?
Razia: Oh come on Shireen let him enjoy his childhood
Ayaan makes a face at her…
Ayaan: No one asked you…
Shireen: Ayaan is that the way to talk to your elder
Ayaan: I don’t talk to selfish people and I need to go out right now…
Shireen: Where are you going?
Ayaan: Chilling with my friends
Shireen: Allah Ayaan stop always acting so childish
Nikhaat: Ammi Sanjana and I are leaving for College
Ayaan: Hey I will drop you both off
Sanju: I am here
Ayaan: What are you wearing?
Sanju: I am wearing tights and a shirt…
Nikhaat: It doesn’t matter let’s go
Razia: You should cover up shouldn’t you?
Sanju: Oye you shut up okay…
Shireen: SANJU
Ayaan: Okay guys stop fighting and let’s go…
Sanju: Stupid women… always fake…
Nikhaat: Stop doing that Sanju
Sanju: Appi she’s really rude and selfish…
Ayaan: Guys let’s go…
Sanju: Coming Ayaan Bhaijaan…
In the plane
Sarah: Oh finally we’re getting on the plane… Did you really have to start fighting again?
Sunehri: Sunehri Osman Abdullah doesn’t like rude people
Sarah: Wait but there is something missing
Sunehri: What is that?
Sarah: That you’re rude yourself (She laughs)
Suni: Ha-Ha very funny
Sarah: Okay let’s go, what’s your sit number?
Suni: You know we’re taking first class
Sarah: Yes I know that dumbo… I have been studying in an English class for the past four years…
Suni: Ha-Ha I thought you were dumb
Sarah: Very funny
Suni: Oh come on be happy for once
Sarah: Dude can we please move up… People are waiting too…
Suni: Oh yea let’s go inside…
They both go inside the plane and see their sits…
Sarah: Suni we’re on two different sides…
Suni: I will ask the person who is sitting beside me to give you the seat….
Sarah: It doesn’t matter Suni
Suni: yes it does you need to stay with me…
Sarah: Here we start again…
Suni goes near the seat and asks the man who is suppose to sit near her…
Suni: Hey excuse me can I please have that seat…. My friend wants to sit near me… you can take her seat instead…
The guy puts his newspaper down and stands up…. The guy is none other than Zubair…
Zubair: Do I look like your servant?
Sarah gets mad after hearing what he said to her friend… She goes near him and screams something…
Sarah: Excuse me you fool, don’t you dare talk to my friend like that
Zubair: You called me a fool, hey don’t you have manners
Sarah: Oh I have manners but I think your parents haven’t taught you how to talk to girls properly…
Zubair: Hey you’re crossing your limits… This is my seat and if you don’t want to sit here… Then you can leave
Sarah: Whoa so you’re Godzilla
Zubair: Did you just call me Godzilla?
Sarah: Yes Ofc I did what else would I call you Godzilla
Zubair: You know I have manners so I won’t use rude words against others
Sarah: That’s the most pathetic thing I have ever heard
Sarah: No Suni let me deal with this
Zubair: I think your friend needs mental help (trying to talk to Suni)
Sarah: I think you said it wrong… you meant you need mental help
Zubair: My brain is mentally stable to work
Sarah: Oh please don’t try acting smart in front of me… I know you kind of guys really well
Zubair: Good dammit stop changing the subject
Sarah: Oh I am so sorry guys you see this Godzilla was driving me insane
Suni: Can you not
Women: Yes Sir how may I help you?
Zubair: I want to change my seat right now
Sarah: Like I don’t… Who wants to sit near you?
Women: So sorry Ma’am and sir there is no more seats available
Zubair: You’re joking right
Suni: Sarah just for today…
Sarah: NO WAY
Zubair: I swear to god I can’t sit with her…
Suni: Oh god help me….
At the college
Ayaan: Okay guys we finally reached college
Sanju: Hey Bhaijaan I know you still meet Asad Bhaijaan
Ayaan: Shush don’t tell anyone
Sanju: I am your sister so I won’t tell
Nikhaat: Can we go now?
Ayaan: Take care
Sanju and Nikhaat: Bye!!!
At the mall
Zoya: Oh mine!!! I need a new I-pad
Zoya looks at some cake and orders it… Then she comes out of the store… and bumps into a guy and she slips because of his shoe… They both have an eye lock while Mitwa Ishq Pe Zor Nahi…. Plays… The guy is Asad… He is holding her waist….
mitwaa ishq pe zor nai..
Fir dil le aya hame wohi…
Kuch intezaar yaad aya..kuch waqt ne hadsa doraya..
Man me fir jagi uljhan..
Aj fir tanhai ne thaam liya mujhe..laut pade kadam khud bkhud dur tujhse…
Tum pe yakeen hai hume..per ab waqt pe nai…
Mitwa ishq pe zor nai…
Then he finally let’s her go….
Asad: Excuse me; be thankful I saved you from falling
Zoya: Did I ask you to save me?
Asad: What kind of girl are you? Who doesn’t have any manners?
Zoya: I will hit you with my sandal
Asad starts laughing…
Asad: Man you’re so foolish…
Then he goes back in his car… Zoya leaves the place and by accident his car hits her again… This time he didn’t see her leaving… So he hit her again… Then he runs out of his car and sees if she’s okay or what…
Asad: Are you okay? I didn’t see you
Zoya turns around and is shocked to see Asad again…..
Asad: Do you have screaming problems?
Zoya: WHAT?
Asad: You’re actually very irritating
Zoya: Don’t you dare call me irritating Mr. horrible man
Asad: Are you out of your mind? You’re always walking on the road
Zoya: Well guess what you don’t know how to drive
Asad: Excuse me, I don’t even know why I am fighting with you?
Zoya: Don’t you dare talk to me like this
Asad: Oh my god you’re annoying (He takes his wallet and gives her money)
Asad; Take this money and get your brain fixed
Zoya: YOU’RE SELFISH MAN (losing out of breath)
Asad gives her water
Zoya: I don’t want water from a Mr. Bully
Asad: Okay then
Zoya starts coughing even more and she gets the water bottle and drinks it…
Zoya: Oh god… much better
Asad looks at her confused…
Asad: You clearly said I am not drinking water from you… which you clearly did…
Asad: I am wasting my time here… I need to leave… Bye
Zoya gets angry and picks a tomato and throws it… But hits someone else and he is keeping walking while she says sorry and runs away from that place in anger…
At Ghulam’s house
Aliya: Ammi where’s Zoya?
Shabana: She went outside
Aliya: But why?
Shabana: To get something…
Aliya: When will be back….
Shabana: Really soon not sure yet….
Aliya: Also do you need help with anything Ammi?
Shabana: Not right now but can you remember that Zain is coming to Bhopal tomorrow
Aliya: Which Zain?
Shabana: The one who you always fought with…
Flashback (little kids)
Aliya: Ammi!!! Zain got chewing gum in my hair
Zain: Ha-Ha loser
Aliya: Now watch me
Aliya starts laughing while Zain sees gum on his chair….
Aliya: You put it on my hair
Shabana starts laughing while Osman comes there…
What: What happened Shabana?
Shabana: Look Bhaijaan they’re fighting again
Osman: Let me help you out
Zain gets up but his pants fall of and Aliya starts laughing…
Aliya: When my hair cuts your pants will fall of off
Zain looks at her in anger while Aliya laughs….
Flashback ends
Aliya: NO WAY!
Shabana: What happened?
Aliya: You mean Zain’s Mumu’s son??
Shabana: Yes him
Aliya: I HATE HIM SO MUCH (She leaves in anger)
Shabana: Here we start again
Osman’s Mansion
Suirraiya: Zain is coming home and get everything ready?
Shazia: Don’t worry mom everything is almost ready
Farhad: Hey I am back him
Shazia: Baby we need to talk
Farhad: Not right now Jaan
Nafeesa: When did you get back Farhad?
Farhad: Right now…
Nafeesa: Well Zain and Rizwan is coming back today
Farhad: I already know that…
Zain and Rizwan enter the house…
Suirraiya sees Zain and runs towards him…
Suirraiya: My Beta… is all grown up… Allah I am proud to have him thank you
Zain: Hey mom
Suirraiya: How was your trip back here?? was it hard to get here?
Zain: No Mom it wasn’t
Nafeesa: Zain and Rizwan happy to see you guys back
Rizwan: Hey sis
Shazia: Here we start the melodrama again…
Nafeesa: Shut up Shazia
Farhad: Stop you too…
Osman: My son is finally back to India
Suirraiya: Oh Zain how are you marks?
Zain: Wonderful
Suirraiya: Can I see your final marks
Zain: Ofc Mom
Osman and Zain both give the same papers to Suirraiya and they both look at each other in shock… She takes both of them…
Suirraiya: Two papers??
Osman: What the hell Zain
Zain: I was going to do it dad
Suirraiya: One paper had ten A pluses and another twelve…
Zain: How is that possible Mom?
Suirraiya: Another cheating caught by you guys…
Zain: You got us wrong mom
Suirraiya: I can tell I am not dumb Zain
Osman: Well at least your son is back
Suirraiya: That’s all I need
Zain: by the way I want to ask you something
Suirraiya: Ofc Zain
Zain: I want to go to China tomorrow people Mom
Suirraiya: Ofc Zain
Zain: Rizwan is going with me but his not here right now… because he went with Nafeesa Bhabhi….
Osman thinks of telling Zain about going to Bhopal
Suirraiya: Ofc you can go Zain
Osman: Zain you should go take some rest first and then I want you to meet me in my room
Suirraiya: Why is there something wrong?
Osman: Just some talking
Zain: Sure dad
Suirraiya (In mind): I am not sending Zain to Bhopal in any condition…. He is going to China and that is final… aha
In the plane
Sarah is sitting near Zubair while Suni is already sleeping because she’s really tired… Zubair blasts music in his ear… Sarah hears it and gets angry…
Sarah: Turn of your music
Zubair is ignoring her and listening to his music…
Sarah: How dare he ignore me… (She gets angry and goes to get a glass of water…)
After a few minutes later she brings water back and trips over pillow the ground… She falls on him and the water falls on both of them… They both share an eye lock… They are deeply staring at each other… Sarah remembers what the hell is going on… She looks away and gets up…
Suni wakes up because of the screaming
Suni: Not again…
Zubair: Excuse me did I bring the water
Sarah: oh shut up will you
Zubair: Don’t tell me to shut up….
Sarah: Oh I just did
Zubair: Well now I won’t shut up
Sarah: Turn your music off
Zubair: Oh shut up with your nonsense both of you…
Sarah: Don’t tell her to shut up
Zubair: I just did
Suni: Stop it you two
Women: Guys please me quiet
Zubair: I want another seat right now… I mean it
Women: There is one left now if you want
Zubair: Any is better… because I don’t want to sit near a gorilla
Zubair: Yea right (he leaves in anger)
Suni: you’re screaming like a monster Sarah
Sarah: Thank god his gone
Zubair comes back and says
Zubair: Not for long… you will love seeing my face in the future (He leaves with a smile)
Suni: What is that suppose to me?
Sarah: That his a creep and a stalker…
Suni: We’re landing soon!!!
Sarah: Yea whatever and now please let me sleep
Suni: Whatever but still that was funny
Sarah: Really now
Suni: Sorry (laughing)
Nikhaat: Okay Sanju I will see you later…
Sanju: Bye Appi!!
Sanju was walking and every guy was staring at her… She sees her friends and goes near them… A boy name who was dressed has a geek… with big glasses…. He was standing there and staring at her nonstop… the cool boys saw that and went near him… The guy is Aahil…
Guy: What are you looking that?
Aahil: Nothing (getting scared)
Guy: She doesn’t like you… (pushing him)
Aahil: Leave me alone
Guy: What a coward… geek monster
Sanju sees this and goes to help…
Priya (a friend of Sanju): Where are you going?
Sanju: To stop them….
Guy: Beat him up…
Sanju hold his hand…
Sanju: What are you guys doing? Quit beating him up for no reason…
Aahil stares at her nonstop… The boys get angry and leave…
Sanju: You okay?
Aahil: Yes I am fine…
Sanju: You should stay away from there (She smiles and leaves)
Aahil: I have loved you forever but never told you…
Zain: What did you want to say Dad?
Osman: You’re not going to China?
Zain: Why dad?
Osman: Because you’re going to Bhopal
Zain: Bhopal but why dad?
Osman: Because you need to make Aliya’s wedding
Zain: You mean that Aliya
Osman: Yes and you’re going tomorrow
Zain is shocked while Osman looks at him….
Episode ends…
Moral- “Pride the happiness… wash the dishes… rub the dolls… but never cry with the dogs”
Recap: Some goons tease Nikhaat and Zahad saves her and she falls for him… Zahad drops off Sanju and Nikhaat home… Zain is forced to go to Bhopal and his cards are canceled by his dad if he doesn’t go… But Suirraiya is really pissed off…So he does go with his friend Rizwan…. Aliya thinks her to be husband is Zain because the picture she saw…. Zuha talks to Zoya about something… Zoya thinks of meeting the Khan family because they knew her mother… She reaches the place and talks to Dilshad… Asad and Zoya meet again on the road and this time they’re fighting even more… Zoya blocks Asad from going into his car… He carries her and drops in a mud puddle… Suni and Sarah reached India and while Suni was getting her suitcases Rehaan pushes her by accident because of his suitcase… They start fighting…Aahil tries talking to Sanju but she doesn’t hear him… Again Sarah sees Zubair again at the store… they both start fighting to be the same thing… Humeria tells Nikhaat she loves Ayaan but she knows he doesn’t…. Ayaan is flirting with another girl and she sees it… Razia talks about her plan with someone…. Lastly Zain and Rizwan reach Bhopal to make Aliya’s marriage happen to Zeshaan…
So guys this was the second episode….Remember Qubool Hai because we love each like Beintehha ((: Aha. So guys I hope you enjoyed this intro and if I get positive comments… I will continue to this ff… Anyways I am Nusz… Here are some other Fan-Fictions I write…aha

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(By the way, if you’re reading this ff, please do NOT comment your ideas and how is the story going for you. Also love you all aha x)
Btw I’ll post the next episode maybe Friday May 27th or Saturday May 28th 2016 But till then please bear with me if I can’t. Till then bye, bye He-he aha ((:

Credit to: Nusz(T!B!H)

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  1. Sanam Sania (Sarah's ff lover)

    Oh my this epi killed me with laughter 😀 😀

  2. Sanam Sania (Sarah's ff lover)

    Sarah and Sunerhi.. vry funny… zoya and Zuha to.. cant wait for love… als I read your vampire stories…

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  5. Wow Sarah and zubair ?????? my God I’m not able to control my laughter . And precap is very nice dear and I have to post my ff too .. nusz Sarah and zuha need your help .. i need a list of sad love songs I mean love failure songs in hindi .. will u help me in that ??

    Again a fantastic episode .. with love

    Sunehri Mehta ❤ (~sunuzura)

    1. Zuha (SuNusZuRah)

      Yeah , I can give a few which I remember , I am not at all good at songs , but let’s see..

      1)Hamari Adhuri Kahani
      2)Tujhe yaad na meri aayi.
      3)Aaoge jab tum O Sajna
      4)Piya Aaye na
      5)Abhi na jao chor ke, ke dil Abhi bhara nahi!
      6)Dil dharke main tum we yeh kaise kahoon
      7)Aaye mosam rangeelay suhanay.
      8)Kabhi khushi kabhi gham
      10)Kabhi Alvida na kehna

      Sorry if they are boring , if you want I can tell you the films as well as!

      1. Well there we go my dear bestie sun..
        1:wafa nai baiwafai ki hai
        2:tu jo hain to main hun
        3:agar tu hota
        5:saware is realy sad though
        6: main tanu samjhawa ki
        7:judai from badlapur
        8:kabira (encore)
        9:saanso ko from zid
        11:tu hi hai aashiqui from dishkiyaoon its a really sad song
        12:sun le zara
        13:main dhondne ko zamanai main
        14:tu har lamha
        15:allah wariyan from yariyan

        Sunerhi i hope it helped you love you ?? zuha you too ?? and how can i forgot nusz ??
        Guys if you ever need any kind of. Help just tell me ok! Love you

  6. Zuha (SuNusZuRah)

    Very nice , I was waiting since long! I really enjoyed the FB dear! I really enjoy reading your updates! You’ an awesome writer indeed☺ it would be nice of you Sissy if you provide me with the link , and sorry if I am troubling you?
    Love Ya!!????

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    Lovely nusz n thanks for adding once again 😛 anyways loved asya n Zaya parts 🙂 😛

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  10. Awesome. Can’t wait till the next episode. Love you…

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