Qubool Hai FFs Analysis


Salam, Hi, Namaste, Bonjour, Marhaba!!

There are more than 10 FFs for Qubool Hai, but I will be sharing my Top 5 favorite FFs;

1) Sanam aur Aahil – Eh kahani hai 2 lafzon ki (by Sunehri) :The perfect entertainment if you are bored? The love story of Sahil and Sehaan are rocking with the parallel love stories!And must say she makes me laugh in each of her update! Best part is the silly pranks of Ayaz ??

2) Destiny vs Love (Thahaan…Tiran…Taharth…Pyaar…ki)(by Nusz):As long the name the more long the updates, it takes hours to read her story, but each and evey line entertains me, but still an awesome story, of Thahaan from TPK, and Asya, whom she changed to Tiran from QH, and Sidni, whom she changed to Taharth from JR. A rocking FF and a rocking writer! And the best part is the morals given by her at the end of each episode!

3) Qubool Hai…Beintehaa(by Halima) :Story revolves around the lead pairs Asya and Zaya and their family, a roller coaster ride which you will definitely enjoy ? The best thing which I found in her FF is the importance given to the religion, Islam!

4) Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation (by Zuha):A smile after reading it ?A sweet, cute story, revolving around Asad, Zoya, Humeira, and Ayaan. Full of cute moments, and the best part of it is the importance given to the family in her FF!The title is exactly what’s the story is, whether the relation of mother-daughter, father-son, friends, sisters or any relation it is delicate (not only love relation)

5) My layered demeanour (by Saya):A totally different concept, the names of Sanam and Aahil are changed to, KVB and Surbhi! The story revolves around the nature of the leads! The best is her words which she uses, makes you fall in love with her FF more!


So now the awards to the writers???

Queen of laughter – Sunehri ?
Queen of emotions – Nusz?
Queen of entertainment – Halima?
Queen of shocks – Zuha?
Queen of imagery – Saya ?

So these were my silly views, Sorry if I disappointed any of you?

Credit to: A.A

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  1. Haha true?

  2. For the 1st time anyone has written QH analysis….. u r ri8???

  3. Zuha Fatima

    Thanks a ton dear…I never thought my FF is that good…I am happy I am able to entertain you guys 🙂 Wow, Queen of shocks !! Indeed thanks for making me a queen 😉 yeah I agree my FF is shocking, and sometimes I also get shocked when writing 😛
    Thanks once again, And it is my pleasure to be named wih some of the wonderful writers, such as Sunehri, Nusz, Halima Api, and Saya, they are very nice at writing, better than me =)
    Thanks dear A.A I am over whelmed!!

  4. Priya tripathi

    Yes u r right saying they r best story writers love all their stories

  5. Nusz Khan

    Hey Hey girl!! Man you’re such a cutiepie, Man I am so happy you love my Fan-Fiction xx it makes me happy. :**

    I just love writing so everyone could enjoy aha, it also makes me happy that I am the queen of Emotions hehe xx <33

    Well thank you so much Hun, love you lots xx tt, keep smiling like always Hun. ;)))

    ~ xx Nusz

  6. Okay. Hi A.A
    Thought of opening QH page today and I’m really surprised to see my name here. First of all a big thanks and hug to you for mentioning my story. I only read nusz’s ff and she’s just fabulous. Though I don’t read others but I just know that if I start reading their stories, I’ll never be able to write mine because everyone here is much more awesome, nice than me. Sorry to everyone for not reading other sahil ff’s .
    @zuha – you’re too good dear at writing.
    And once again thanks A.A … feeling really blessed and yes, I liked my title too. My thanks is not enough but still thanks a ton. XOXO

  7. Thanks for liking my ff A.A I’m really happy .. hope u will enjoy till the end

    Love u

    Sunehri mehta ( sunuzurahsanjokrilima bestimated forever) ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

  8. And yeah queen of laughter wow thanks a lot 🙂

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