Qubool hai ff. Epi-7


The episode starts with Asad and azad hugs and tell we both should tell this. They both agree with a big smile. Sanam and shaad have some romantic moments together.. Shaad holds her hand and asks her what she wants? She tells I need my sister get married. He smiles and tells sure. She also smiles.. She asks where we can go for honeymoon? She tells Dubai.. He smiles and tells OK. She asks ok? It is easy? He tells I work on flight so I get ticket easily.. Sanam hugs him and tells I wrote CA exam I hope I will pass this time. He asks what? She tells yes I wrote exam and I came back that time only I saw u. He smiles at her.

Mahira and zoya stands near each other. Mahira tells I love azad. Zoya tells I love asad. Mahira asks what? Zoya asks what? They both smile at each other. Zoya asks mahira can u pls tell my love to asad?mahira asks can u pls tell my love to azad? They both have a hifi. Sanam comes down and asks what is the matter? Shaad leaves. Sanam asks them to tell. Mahira and zoya tells we will tell I tmr. Sanam tells it is big secret? They both nods head. Zoya and mahira comes to room and smiles at each other.

Asad comes to house and keeps his bag aside and thinks about zoya and smiles and tells tmr my life will be changed. He smiles and dances in joy.. Zoya also dances on her room. Mahira comes to her room and takes azad pic and smiles seeing it and hugs it. Azad also thinks about her and smiles.

Next day azad comes to zoya and tell asad loves u. Asad tells mahira azad loves u. They also tells the same. Zoya calls asad and tells him to come here. Mahira calls azad and tells him to come here.. They both goes to their places.. Mahira hugs azad. Asad hugs zoya.

Precap:Zoya and asad comes to restaurant.

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Gud episode 🙂

  2. Nice one bhaijaan. .. They are not posting my episode yet 🙁

  3. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    This ff is end now. Sorry u all assume that they are united so show ended becoz I am busy with my studies so I can’t update this ff really sorry if anyone wants to continue this ff pls gk ahead sorry once again

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