Qubool hai ff. Epi-6


The episode starts with Asad calls pune and tells him to bring food.he brings food.zoya takes it but it hurts her hand due to hot..she cries…asad asks her not to cry or all will think i am doing wrong and he takes food at once and feeds her..she smiles and eats and thnx him..he smiles at her and feeds her food..mahira meets azad and asks him where is he working??he tells what do u think? she tells i think u will be a software engineer..he tells ok u can assume like that also..she smiles and gives her hand and asks for friends..he tries to give hand and stops seeing his hand clour changing..he pushes mahira and closes the door..she wonders what happenend to him??she comes out and sees window and comes to house and sees sanam sitting near sofa and comes to her and asks about shaad..sanam smiles and tells he told that he will come here..mahira smiles and tells so i will meet him today..sanam tells but if he see 3together he will get confused..mahira smiles and tells he will find u easily between out three..sanam smiles and hugs her

Zoya thnx asad for feeding her..he tells her not to tell anyone about this..she smiles and tells him i will tell..he tells her not to tell and tries to catch her but they both falls down and they both share an eyelock allah warriyan plays…

Shaad comes to house and sees sanam and mahira and gets confused and finds sanam correctly…sanam hugs mahira and hugs shaad and tells i love u..he smiles and tells me too..mahira tells them to stop romancing here and tells them to go to terrace and makes them leave..

mahira calls azad and tells him to come to her house..he refuses and asks her who is she?mahira tells about hand,shaken etc..he tells i don’t know about u fully then how will i come to u r house..?mahira cuts the call nd sits aside and smiles seeing azad coming and tells him to sit near her and speaks to her..zoya comes there with asad..mahira asks her to go to balcony becoz sanam is busy in terrace and i am in hall so u go to balcony..she smiles and they both hug each other..asad and azad leaves and they both comes out and introduce each other..azad tells i love mahira but i can’t tell her…asad tells i love zoya but i can’t help her..they both tell so we can exchange and tells our love to them…they both smile and hugs

precap: Azad comes to zoya and tells asad sir loves u…asad comes to mahira and tells azad loves u……sanam tells shaad i love u and hugs him tightly

bye guys sorry i don’t have time to update big..sorry forgive me

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. priya tripathi


  2. Sanjana ( sanju)

    Nice epi

  3. Lovely episode Naru Bhaia , I like Asya n Azira I like Sahil more (sanam-ahil) but Shaad-Sanam is also good 🙂

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Thnx Akka I was waiting for u r comment? R u watching vishkanya?

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