Qubool hai ff. Epi-5


The episode starts with Zoya,sanam,mahira plays…they all stops at once..mahira tells i need to tell u about one person..she tells about azad to them..they both tease her and asks where is he working?mahira tells i don’t know may be college..they tells oohhhhhhhhh..sanam tells i also need to tell u something..she tells about shaad..mahira smiles and tells ohh madam…!!!!!sanam tells her not to tease her..zoya tells luckily i don’t have anyone like u…she smiles and goes to washroom..mahira takes her phone and sees pic and sees asad pic and transfers to her phone..zoya comes there..mahira asks about asad?zoya blushes at once and tells he is my boss..she leaves..sanam and mahira smiles…

Asad comes to house and does office work and thinks about zoya Tum hi ho plays.he smiles and stops and thinks why i am thinking about her?he gets up and closes laptop and watches tv..he sees zoya image there and he gets up and comes to bed and sleeps..zoya comes to room and thinks about asad kindness towards her and smiles..

next day zoya comes to office and opens her phone and shows asad smile pic to all…asad comes there and sees wokers seeing him and asks what?they tells nothing and continue their work…asad comes inside and calls her PA..

she comes in and shows pic which zoya showed to all..he gets angry and tells her to call zoya here..he breaks pot and fumes……zoya comes there with big smile..asad scolds her badly and tells her not to cry…he gives his kerchief and tells her to wipe tears..zoya cries and tells about her status..she tells i came here without eating food..he laughs and calls pune and tells him to buys food..he smiles and tells her to sit on chair

precap:asad makes zoya eat

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Nice bhai but as I said before make it a bit longer.

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Sorry I have some problem so I will update once in a while so small..

  2. priya tripathi


  3. Wow very nice episode with very nice precap

  4. Sanjana ( sanju)

    Asya scenes wrre realy nice..

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