Qubool hai ff. Epi-4


The episode starts with Asad starts his meeting and presents it.. Shaad tells Sanam I will get them married. Sanam tells pls I will get my sister’s married till that if. U want me wait. Or get married to other and she leaves. Shaad tells his mom that I will marry her.. He takes her blessing and leaves. Shaad comes around her and dances around her proposing and etc.. She smiles and leaves from there.. Shaad smiles and comes to arushi and tells marriage will take place soon. Arushi smiles and leaves. Shaad thinks I need to marry her becoz arushi has cancer which she does not knew. I need to tell this to Sanam so that she will agree.

Asad completes meeting everyone appreciate his presentation.. He smiles.. Mahira comes there and sees azad dress and smiles. She comes to changing room and opens it and shouts seeing azad shirtless??azad tells her not to shout. Everyone comes there. Mahira tells sorry to them . everyone leaves. Azad comes out wearing dress and comes near her and holds her hand and asks her why she shouted? She tells becoz u… He smiles and tells her to tell.. She leaves from there. Azad wears new dress and pays bill and comes out and sees her missing and smiles..

Sanam sees mahira and calls her and asks why she is running? Mahira Tells nothing and sits on her scooty and they both comes to house.. Zoya stands there in rain.. Asad comes out and sees raining and comes near his car and sees one girl standing there in rain.. He recalls zoya and his words and tells shit.. He runs there and sees her shiver ing in cold and removes his coat and makes her wear it Sanam re plays.. He shouts and tells her that u would have left from here while raining Na.. She tells if I left u would have cut my salary.. He smiles in heart and tells her let us go.. She tells no I will go by auto.. He tells her to come with him.. I won’t eat u??

They both sits in car. He gives her towel and tells her to clean her hair. She thnx him.. She thinks about his rudeness in office and kindness her and smiles. He drives the car and comes near her house and stops.. Mahira and Sanam sees her wet and comes there and takes her. Asad wonders how three are same? He asks her. Zoya tells we are born from same mother.. He smiles and tells I knew. She asks then why u asked it..!! He smiles.. She takes pic nicely through her phone..

Sanam,mahira and zoya comes inside house and sits on sofa and cleans it.. Zoya asks them to bring tea for her. Mahira asks what? She stands near here. Mahira takes water and comes there and throws on her and laughs.. Sanam tells how are u zoya? Zoya gets up and plays with them..

Precap:Zoya comes to office and shows asad smiled pic to all.

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Sanjana ( sanju)

    Asya scenes were pretty cute??gudd episode….?

  2. I like shaad and sanam
    Nice episode

  3. this is nice yaar

  4. Nice bhai , but ur posts are a lil bit short , plz post longer next time , hoping it does not hurt u??

  5. Superb.rock.:-):-):-):-)

  6. priya tripathi

    Awesome specialy asya lov it

  7. Very nice bhai … I liked asya scenes and plz change its Jannat not sanam

  8. guys next epi it will take time becoz i have some problem pls pls wait

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