Qubool Hai 9th November 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Begum’s residence
Latif tells everything about mahira going unconscious, and armaan taking her to the room, and she trying to call begum, but how begum didnt pick up. begum is startled to hear this. She hurriedly asks about afreen, and asks if she was here. latif denies. She says that she is sure afreen is behind it. She is unconvinced, and asks latif to be still extra cautious, as its definitely her who is trying to do this, since this cant be an uncanny co-incidence that they both went into trouble at the same time. begum gives her a read flower, and then instructs her to keep guard on mahira’s room, and ensure that afreen isnt able to get it. latif is skeptic but resignedly complies. begum vows that she shall never let afreen succeed in her plans at any


Meanwhile, Afreen knocks on the door, and armaan opens it and she smiles at him. she then wishes granny and then thanks him for saving her life, and that she should get going now. Granny gets up still in a daze of afreen’s black magic, and comes to her. She tells him that armaan shall drop her wherever she needs to and asks where she stays. Afreen gets teary eyed, and says that she doesnt know, and wherever destiny takes her. granny asks her not to talk like this and takes her inside and makes her sit down. she complies. he watches on. granny asks her to tell her problem, and share with her. Afreen says that she is the unfortunate one who doesnt have a home, and then says that she wasnt an orphan, but after her birth, her mother threw her on the streets, and then she got raised in an orphanage, to strike a cord with armaan which she does, as he remembers his woeful tale, while she pretentiously narrates hers, and how she struggled through life, but finally made a business of hers, but her business partner betrayed her and stole everything, and now having no home, nor money, she doesnt have a place to go. she then adds that even for a small amount of time, when she met him and his family. she felt like home. she gets up and then leaves. granny tells him that she reminded her of his childhood. She tells him that the girl shall stay here only now and asks him to go and stop her. he complies and stops her, asking her that she neednt go, as she can stay here. She says that she has never received such love and care from someone, and thanks him for the offer, but she cant stay here and overuse his extended favour, and as it is, he can keep her here and give a good life for some days, but after that she shall have to return back to her destined lifestyle, saying that he cant understand her pain. she begins to go, but he stops her, while she is surprised. Afreen and armaan get chatting, when he opens upto her, saying that he understands her pain completely, as he too was born an orhphan and knows whats the pain of it like. He starts venting out his frustration against his birth parents, while afreen is amused, that her plan worked. he says that there are wrong and right people in the world, and that when near ones turn away, strangers reach out to help like her granny, who she herself saved today, and that they arent blood related but mean much more to each other than that, as she held him, when he needed it the most, and anyone’s favour can be rapyed back by doing them a favour only. he says that once time extended out to him, and today he is extending that to her, while she smiles evilly. When he turns to face her, she pretends to be concerned and serious. He offers her to stay in the house, and take care of it as the governess. She pretends to be overwhelmed with emotions, saying that she cant thank him enough, and gets on his feet, thanking him profusely, while he is tensed. he turns around to leave, while she eyes him evilly, her purpose having been solved. She thinks that the body of steel contained a wax like heart which melted soon enough, and that now winning over him is very easy, and once he lands in her arms, then the game as well as the victory is hers. begum sees her from a distance and says that she afreen may try all that she wants, but she shall never let her succeed in her motive.

Later, while latif is dozing beside mahira’s bed, as she lies unconscious, armaan passes by and stops, as he eyes mahira for sometime. he then walks off. Afreen arrives after him and looks at mahira, saying that its true that love transcends the barriers of death, and hence azad’s heart inside armaan’s body still beats for mahira only but before armaan starts feeling for mahira, she shall have made him hers. Latif keeps on sleeping.

Scene 2:
Location: Undisclosed Location
Meanwhile, begum’s saviour guy at the gym, arrives home, and eyes the begum’s lookalike’s portraits, saying that even if the lord has distanced her from him, but he still keeps her in his heart. He eyes them lovingly.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
In the kitchen, Afreen laces the milkshake with her blackmagic, thinking that she has specially prepared this for him. she decides to serve it to him, watching amuseldy and thinking that after he finishes it, he wont be able to separate himself from her for even a single second, and fall completely in love with her. But just then the lights go off, and she wonders what happened all of a sudden. before she realises anything, the lights comes back on, and she takes the tray and comes to armaan, while he is busy researching on mahira’s peculiar health issue. He takes it and gulps it down, while she watches amused in glee. but she is confused, as he hands it back to her, but doesnt respond at all. As she lingers on, he asks if there’s anything else. she asks if he needs anything. he asks her to close the door on her way out. she is boggled as she walks out, wondering why the magic didnt work on him, and he is continuously working unperturbed, as he should have been in her arms. The screen freezes on her boggled face.

Precap: Armaan is out of his senses, as she tries to successfully seduce him and tries to consummate the relationship with him.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Sugarplumprincess

    Right from the beginning of this serial…
    Najma loved Imraan.. but Tanveer had an illegitimate son from Imran…
    Sanam loved Aahil.. New Sanam had an illegitimate child with Saif…
    Now Mahira loved Azaad… Afreen consummated her relationship with Azaad..
    Again.. Afreen trying to consummate with Armaan…
    I have a doubt… Is this serial supposed to be titled ‘Qubool Hai’???
    Or Murder hai/ Illegitimate relationships hai/ Kaala jaadu hai or even ‘EVIL ALWAYS WINS OVER GOOD’???
    FED UP! -_-!

    1. Shameena Khan

      very nice

    2. Very true.. this serial is a piece of shit and needs to be taken off t.v

    3. i completly agree sugar plum

    4. Agreed..

  2. Too bore

  3. I miss asad and zoya???….they were the beeeeeeessssssttttt

  4. Can ani 1 pliz tel mi hu z de guy frm de gym eyein bhegum’s pic???

  5. Kyun boring script lagataar lagake pakarahehein ye writers fed upppppp

  6. Boringgg… ?
    Another new entry in the show. Shivansh Kotia has been roped for the show. ?
    Shivansh’s character will be called Imtiyaz and he will live along with his grandmother and father.

    Imtiyaz would long to have his mother with him too and the twist is that his mother would be a lookalike of Khan Begum!! ?

    When Imtiyaz will spot Khan Begum, he will think that she is his mother and he will go behind her !!

    Now waiting for another twiste! ?

  7. Nothing will happen to Armaan.
    Afreen’s black magic power does not go longer on Armaan when she sees Mahira’s taveez in Armaan’s hand!!

    Mahira’s taveez protects Armaan from Afreen’s black intention and Afreen is irritated for getting defeated from Mahira again! ?

  8. Why is qubool hai getting boring now

  9. I have stop watching this piece of shit were evil wins at all time I just glance through this update to see if there’s a change, now nothing has changed. even worst than ever before pls effect change thank u.

  10. Pehli bar tumne is serial ko theek define kiya

  11. I’m with Angel comment but after asya i like azira really missing both stories. But angel i love ur fan fiction of piya rangrezz ,pls never stop it . Write a head

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