Qubool Hai 9th January 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: On the road
Armaan frantically tells the driver to drive fast, as he is nervous to get to mahira’s house asap.

Scene 2:
Location: Mahira’s residence
Mahira is taken down the stairs, by amad, gazalla and latif, while she winces in pain. He thinks that she wont have to bear this pain and this unwanted child for long. he sends off gazalla and latif to get a shawl for mahira. then he intentionally drops his phone and in a bid to pick it up, he lets go of mahirs’a hand, and she stumbles down the stairs, while he eyes her amused. But she is held by armaan, who catches her just in time. all are surprised to see him. he asks her to take care of herself, in this condition, and then making her sit, he leaves without saying another word. she is

distraught and in tears. Amad thinks that he is being just like he wanted him to be.

later, amad thinks viciously that he shall have to get onto the second part of their plan. he says that he managed to successfully convince armaan that he cant stay without mahira and now he shall have to play his second bet, that is to make mahira realise that she too cant live without armaan, and he can manage that perfectly.

Meanwhile, gazalla and latif try to get mahira to eat something but she continually refuses, as they try to convince her through various means. then amad comes and asks her to eat a little, while she refuses. he says that she is in the same pain, that he is going through, seeing them, separated, and howsoever hard he tried, he isnt able to get them close. she says that maybe its too late. he says that its never too late, till hope is alive. she says that sometime life plays such a game that it actually gets too late. he asks what if he says that he feels regret for what he did, as he came running when he got to know of her illness. she asks why did he divorce her if he loevd so much. Amad says that he does anything in anger, and what if he really wants to get back, but isnt able to say it. she refuses to believe it. he coaxes and asks if she would accept. She tearfully asks if he would get armaan back. he says that she shall have to promise that she wont break his heart again, and accept him happily. She asks him to get armaan first. he eyes her evilly.

Scene 3:
location: armaan’s residence
amad comes to armaan asking what decision he took. He says that decisions are taken by those who have options, and he has only one option, thats mahira. he says that he isnt able to face her, but wants her back anyhow. amad asks him to let be, as he wont get her merely by thinking, but by being near to her, and not delay one second to bare out his feelings for her. he rushes out. amad smiles evilly, thinking that two lovers are uniting, but it would be better when they separate.

Scene 4:
Location: Mahira’s residence
While mahira is lost in armaan’s thoughts, as she eyes a shawl that he had gifted her when they returned from kashmir. She hears armaan calling for her, and rushes out, shocked to find armaan at her doorstep. He comes to her, while she eyes him tensedly. Armaan asks her if they can give their love another chance. she stands tensed. they ask her to say yes. She says that till now, he just mentioned them both, but he didnt yet talk about their unborn baby, while amad, gazalla and latif hear intently. Armaan asks them to leave the two of them alone. when they dont budge, amad distracts and takes them away. he then says to mahira that their relation has been strange, as they have loved with the same ferocity as they hated each other earlier, and maybe it was what god wanted, and then promises that he shall keep her and their child safe and sound, and begs for another chance, as he knows that the child is theirs. He says that maybe god wanted them to be together, and the reason behind it is their child. She overwhelmingly hugs him. Amad sees them and thinks that the lovers reunited, and congratulates himself at his second win.

As armaan prapares a meal for mahira in the kitchen, latif and gazalla go gaga over his efforts. Later, mahira comes and finds the corridor to a romantic setting. Armaan comes and asks her to introduce herself, as he tells his name. She asks whats he talking about. He says that they shall literally start afresh. they start their romantic banter and continue their romance as they sit to eat. he says that he wishes to speak, and says that he hopes he doesnt make mistakes like he did in the past, and they have to trust each other, Mahira readily complies, while latif and gazalla watch them from a distance. Amad notices them and smirks.

As he continually tends to her, in her delicate condition, an amused mahria asks him how can she trust him. he says that he shall do anything. She asks him to eat chilli. He goes and gets back a plate of green chillies, and she shocks him when he asks him to eat it all. as she eyes him distressed, he begins to finish all the chillies one by one. She takes the plate away from him, and then says that she was just joking. She rushes to get him water. He asks what can she do to get his trust. She asks what does he want. He smirks michievously, as they both eye each other lovingly. the screen freezes on mahira’s happy face.

Precap: Mahira gets on stair stools to dust off the bookshelf, but eyes a cockroach and starts screaming. he rushes in, and finds her atop such a height, and asks why did she do that, given her present condition. She says that she is right now scared of the cockroach. he asks her to come down, but she is too scared. he is tensed, as in her scare, she lets go of the stool, and falls down, right in his arms, as he dives in to catch her.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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