Qubool Hai 9th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 9th December 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 9th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
haider walks in, with headphones, oblivious that humaira is waslking from behind, who also doesnt know about him. thye collide into each other. Humaira is frustrated, while he cheaply flirts. as she tries to walk past, haider says that he is lost, and wants to know about his room. she shows him. he gets serious and moves towards her, scaring her, that he wants to say something serious and then irritates her to the core saying that he wants tea. she resignedly says yes. He says he wants coffee instead. she gets furious and asks him to make up his mind. He says that some things he chooses once after seeing. She leaves, while he is amused at having teased her.

Later, zoya finds haider, who’s as messy as herself, manhandling his I phone.

she is shocked, and catches it just in time, as he throws his phone in disgust when its not working. She starts reprimanding him for treating his phone like that. haider says that his I pad is hung and hence cant send an email. She says that it was hung due to late updation. as she fixed it and shows it to him, he is surprised, and she is victorious. he` startsv complimenting her, and asks who is she. she introduces herself, as the one who can do everything. He introduces himself too, as rashid’s guest. she says that she is too. He offers for help, but she taunts him. He says that she shouldnt underestimate him, as he is of much use. Then reprimanding him, for the phone, she leaves. humaira comes back with tea, and asks that razia is asking if he wants dinner now or later. He says that he is a social person, and would have it with everyone else. She is irritated when he continuously pronounces her name wrongly. Haider asks humaira that he wants to know where is her mother. she irritatedly tells him that she must be in her room, where else. when she asks why, he mutters something mysterious. He says that he wants to fix old things. When she asks what he said, he distracts her. But makes up the talk that he wants to solve business issues. Later, Razia opens the door and finds a person in the shadows, with a knife. as she calls out as to who is there. Haider comes up from the dark, and confronts her, while she is confused and baffled too. She asks him, composing herself, whats he doing here, and if he wants to do all this, and right now. He says that he does, as its very important, as if it isnt done now, then singapore clients would go in vain. he talks business with her, while she is baffled, that this was what he was walking about, and not threats to her. She is relieved. haider asks what did she understand. She changes the topic, and says that mamu never told anything about this. He asks her to talk to mamujaan. eyeing the knife in his hand, she says that she would read and sign it, and doesnt need to talk to him. As he hovers around, she is intensely palpitating. As she cant break the seal of the envelope, he cuts it open with his knife, shaped keyring, while she is scared. She is shocked, as while doing gimmicks, he accidentally throws the papers on the ground, from her hand. She is very scared and signs off the papers instantly, to get rid of him. She says that she has gone through them and gives the papers to him hastily. he thanks her, while amused at her condition, saying that she doesnt know how much he helped him today. After he leaves, she starts reprimanding herself, for being so edgy all the time, and asks her to stop mistrusting everyone. She is very tensed.

Both asad and zoya are restless in their respective rooms and are unable to sleep. They both walk out, each oblivious of the other’s presence. Asad finds zoya, with a shoe in her hand, and is confused and amused too. She wears it, and both talk about how they arent getting enough sleep. Zoya thanks asad for staying here and he gets tensed, while she says that she knows how difficult it is for him to stay here with these people, just for dilshad, and that makes her very happy. she says that had he gone that day, he would have regretted it always, and that he has taken the right descision. He asks why doesnt it feel right then.He says that he and his family always got hatred, and now living under the same roof with them, is heart breaking.

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
A knock wakes up nikhat anbd she wonders that farhan has returned. she finds farhan sleeping and wonders who is it then. Meanwhile, Nikhat overhears the sound of anklets and goes onto find out who is it. She is shit scared as someone crops up from behind, and she turns around and is shocked to see who is it. she is relived to find that its haseena and tells her about hearing anklets. but haseena waves it off as a bad dream, and asks her to go to sleep. When she leaves, haseena is relieved and yet tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Zoya tells him that he has done a wonderful job. He says that he is deeply wounded and he may see it, but not feel. he tries to explain how torturous it is for him. she asks him to relax, and says that she understands. Zoya tries to cheer him up, saying that they should sit by the poolside, with feet in the water, to keep the brain cool. they both sit down. Zoya throws water on his face and is scared that he might get angry. but he surprises her by catching her off guard, as in between being serious, he too throws water on her face. They start enjoying and have a sweet romantic moment, as she lays her head on his shoulder. the screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Dilshad tells zoya that love teaches everything, and that now its on zoya, to get asad to learn the importance of this situation. Shirin and razia overhear dilsahd telling zoya that she has to convince asad to stay here forever and not for a couple of days. while zoya is speculating, shirin and razia are shocked. Meanwhile, Haider takes humaira in his arms and takes her inside, despite her protesting fervently.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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