Qubool Hai 9th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Chand Bibi ka Maqbara
Shaad and sanam return and do not find misbah. They ask wazira and are told that she has gone for a long time. shaad goes to see for her, and sanam is tensed. wazira is apalled at her helplessness. shaad meanwhile finds the book that misbah was reading, but doesnt find her, who is infact at the hilltop, aiming stealthily at him, while he is oblivious that he is at her target. she places her hand on the trigger, but just then he moves away, while he is irritated. He starts to move towards the dangerous cliff area, which the guide had warned them against. He notices something and starts rushing there, and finds a dupatta stuck in a dry tree. he wonders if she has gone down towards the cliff, and rushes to check. while he stands facing the deep abyss,

as a slope, he hears a male voice calling him around, if he recognised him. he turns around surprised, to find misbah in Sjhashi’s dress and mask, aiming the gun at him. Shaad is tensed, oblivious that its actually misbah. he rushes towards him, while she gives shaad a kick, and he falls off the cliff.

Meanwhile, sanam is tensed that shaad is gone for a long time, and decides to go and check on him, while aftab agress. Wazira prays that shaad isnt in any trouble, as to whats shashi kapoor upto, and that she cant even go to save him, due to her captive daughter. Sanam meanwhile is searching for shaad, whereas having thrown him down the cliff, misbah takes off her mask. she finds sanam midway, with her changed attire, who is tensed for shaad, and asks misbah where is he. misbah says that he has gone towards the old factory, and sanam is tensed that he has gone towards the haunted place. Misbah says that he is highly adventurous. sanam reprimands her as to how she saw him going and didnt even stop him. she rushes after him, while misbah is happy.

Sanam arrives at the haunted mansion and then after calling out to him, when he doesnt respond, she opens the door, and goes inside. misbah comes and locks the door from outside. then she returns back to aftab and wazira, who are tensed as to where are they for a long time, and pretends to be ignorant that they didnt meet her, and that they are young and hence want to spend sometime alone. She asks wazira if she is right. Wazira helplessly complies and asks shaad and jannat to be left alone. Aftab agrees. they start rolling out the things together. Misbah wishes shaad and jannat goodbye.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Ahil meanwhile apologises profusely to the new bride for having neglected her love and concern, in his foolishness and blind love for sanam, while she narrates as to how concerned and scared she was of his safety. she is surprised, as he takes her hand in his, and professes that from this day foprht, he shall never let her go out of sight, and shall never leave him. she says that her dreams have come true today, and wishes to have a candlelight dinner with him. he happily accepts saying that he would have and do so a thousand times. She rushes for the arrangements, while ahil smiles as he leans back.

Ahil hears intently from the window, while the new bride and razaak obliviously talk of the magic potion affecting ahil or not. she glaots that its not just working, but is weaving magic, as ahil said that he loves her immensely and shall never leave her. Ahil is tensed and angry to hear this. razaak teases the new bride about her love, while she shyly goes to the kitchen. razaak leaves to tell this to gazalla. ahil vows to never spare this girl, as she distanced him from his true love, Sanam. He says that he knows that she isnt normal, and it would be very difficult for him to fight her, but ahil wasnt born alone, but with his ego and adamancy, and this is his pride and resolve that he shall find sanam, and shall punish her so bad, that she would find her life a burden, and not have a place either in heaven or hell. he is burning in the fury of revenge, as he remembers how he had stealthily heard the new bride’s plans to drug him with the love potion, and played along, so that she doesnt get doubtful. He says that her plan was doomed to fail all along, and that he pretended to be unconscious, while having the resolve that he only belongs to sanam, and didnt breathe in that water and hence didnt get the love potion inhaled. he again remembers talking to sanam, who didnt recognise him, and thinks that he is certain that girl was his sanam, and decides to call yet again on that number. he tries to rummage through his room, for his mobile phone. he remembers having lost his phone, when he got hit on the head in the hospital, and wnders if he would get the number or any whereabouts of sanam ever again.

Scene 3:
Location: Chand Bibi ka Maqbara
Sanam meanwhile, while searching for shaad, is stuck in the maze, wherein she keeps landing where she started out, unable to find her way out. but she doesnt give up, and keeps trying to find a way. She remembers the guide’s warnings. the screen freezes on her shocked face.

Precap: Sanam prays to the lord, that she shall meet her true love. Meanwhile, the new bride is hit by the pistol, which ahil holds out, saying that he is coming for his true love. sanam, while stuck in the maze, gets bitten by a snake, much to her horror and scare, as she screams and writhes in pain.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Wow!!
    finally aahil is killing the witch..

  2. Finally, our old Aahil is back. Yes Aahil please get rid of this witch and find your true LOVE Sanam ASAP. 🙂 Now story is getting better. 🙂 love u SaHil, SurVir Rocks

  3. I wish it will end with a happy ending love you sahil

  4. Lov u Ahil.. Get bck ur true lv soon eagrly waitng fr u n snm to get togthr agn.

    1. end? Is the show ending?

  5. Hurray!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. what show coming to an end you watching this show long enough to know that that these writers are playing games only going around in circles all these serials are utter nonsense and complete shit writing

  7. The writer is just making money wz rewinding the same old episodes!!!!
    Boycott this drama bcoz it will never hv an ending!!!!!!!

  8. I agree wz gloria keiller

  9. yayyy ahil do ASAP!!! (^-^)

    Yayyyyy Ahil do it ASAP anyway i’m so happpppyyy!!!!!(^_^)

  10. I’m sorry my name is angy i din’t wrote on above comment

  11. Stupid!!!!
    Story cming bad..any1 know any cming twist!!?

    1. Sanam will regain her memory after the snake bite…thats the latest news.

  12. If dis story continues in dis plot line im nt gng to miss dia…love sahil

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