Qubool Hai 8th September 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Khan begum’s residence
mahira tries to get azad’s pic clicked, while he is carpentering in his room, and goes into hiding when he suddenly becomes aware of someone’s presense. saira and bano see this and are puzzled as to what is mahira upto. When mahira gets up again, she finds azad gone, who creeps up behind him, taking her aback. he asks whats she doing here. She tries to distract the topic, but he snatches the pics she took, and then least interested throws them away, also breaking her camera in the scuffle. She is boggled, as she finds all the pics hazya, and wonders how her pic was clear but his isnt. She wonders how she shall never find out, as the camera is broken now. She is upset with azad.

Just then, kainat comes to her, and congratulates

her galore, and thanks her for her medicinal cure, as after a long time, for the first time, there was a movement in her hand, and she is hopeful that soon she would be okay. mahira is happy, and tells that her hope has made her see this day, and she shall not fail the trust she placed on her and says that she has to go out, to get more of the medicinal herbs, for her cure. she also talks about how she also plans to find out whats wrong with azad, and treat him too, as she is sure that something is definitely amiss with him too. She leaves. kainat is amused at her quirky behaviour.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Khan begum remembers razia’s words, and waits impatiently for the girl with the good soul. She starts getting impatient. Mahira walks on the road, searching for kainat’s medicinal herbs, which has the ashes sprayed, and finds the thunder striking suddenly, wondering whether its s sign and suddenly, the ashes start burning bright in golden light, as small pearls of light, and surround her surreally. Mahira wonders what kind of jugnu is this, of blue colour, and then to her surprise, she finds that they are rising on her. From a distance, khan begum waiting in the car, is surprised to see that a girl’s image comes on the road, with the pearls of ashes surrounding her, as mahira herself is boggled, and starts to fight to get the pearls off her. She is shocked, as she remembers razuia’s words telling her to look at the girl, as the kajnar flower shall remain alight, only till the first start appears in the sky. she hurriedly starts her car to take a better look, but it doesnt. determined to see that girl, she gets out. but huge winds start blowing, carrying dust and ash with them. This causes mahira to leave on her way, while khan begum loses her. She wonders where that girl went.

Scene 3:
Location: Khan begum’s residence
As she reaches in the lawns of the house, Mahira wodners how the winds blew so fast. in her carelessness, she falls in the mud and dirt and smears her glasses too and isnt able to see anything. just then azad comes and helps her up. Mahira thanks him profusely that whoever he is, he is a saviour for her, to help her out. She hands him her dirty glasses, which he takes in bogglement. he eyes her, as she laments about how she got into this mess, despite being careful, as he is unable to take his eyes off her. Azad sprays her with water, as she washes off the dirt. She is oblivious that its azad, who eyes her lovingly, while she cleanses herself off. When she opens her eyes, she finds noone, and wonders who was it, as she couldnt even thank that person. She leaves for the house, while he wonders whats happened to him, and why was he getting attracted to her, when she means nobody to him, and why he cant see her in trouble or pain. he is tensed.

Inside, khan begum too thinks that she would have to search that girl fast, but wonders where is she. She finds someone hiding behind a curtain, and thinks that it might be the special girl, but finds it latif ranting, while she gets irritated. she is surprised to find that its amad’s birthday bash tonight, which starts when the clock strikes 12. She is tensed, while latif points out that maybe she forgot the birthday. Khan begum curses herself for having forgotten the birthday, in her tensions. she says that she was just about to congratulate him. but latif says that its a surprise party, that she can join in too. Mahira comes in excited too. Khan begum finds that there’s still ten minutes and she cant tolerate their nonsense. She leaves. Mahira tells latif that she looks wonderful. Khan begum crosses to her room.

Meanwhile, Amad is having a pool party with the girls, being a playboy. Mahira and gazalla find him like this, and are surprised. Suddenly the music stops, and he gets angry as to who did it. Khan begum comes angrily and tensed, as to whats going on in the house. She te3lls him that they all are here to wish him a happy birthday. They sing him the song. mahira jokes as usual. Amad jokes about too. Khan begum asks him to come out and celebrate with family. He says that there’s still one persn missing, who forgot his birthday. Azad comes just then, saying that he didnt forget, in his hand a parcel box. He says that his elder brother can never forget his birthday. All start the celebrations as he cuts the cake. amad invites azad for dance. he complies, while amad danes enthusiastically. mahira enjoys. azad eyes her dancing. just then, amad comes and presents her a red rose, aand she blushes and giggles, while azad is tensed. the screen freezes on the trio’s face.

Precap: Mahira and azad dance sensually on a romantic number, while she is boggled. Later, khan begum has one of the party girls gagged, and then stuffs her face down in the vessel of water, saying that for her misdeeds earlier, now she would have to face death. The girl starts struggling, as she is unable to breathe, while khan begum bears her face down under the water. mahira knocks on the door, and khan begum is tensed, while the girl struggles to gasp for breath.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Wow scene between Mahira and Azad…

  2. mahira and azad are going to be our next bella and edward /pia and abhay.this serial is going to be much interesting…..

    1. U use to watch ki ek kahaani.
      I was my FAVOURITE serial………
      I used to luv their chem………

  3. Nandaramdeen

    I just can’t help myself ……….. Loving AZad and MAhira soooo much………..:)

  4. Yes ..evn i lovem abhi and pia..edward and bella…wampire stories…love them..qubool jei ve changed alot..mahira need to change..she must be shown so cute and awsome…

  5. ya ofcourse i luv 2 see vampire stories. Abhay and pia are the most loveliest couple…….

  6. Really superb today, music, funny, romantic ….Nice suit Azad and that melody I love it. O mere o mere oyara what does it mean ? I don’t speak Hindi and I am sorry. Iam waiting for future épisodes with excitment

  7. At last Qubool hai is gettin interesting day by day

  8. Hello, someone could tell me what is that song please ? thanks a lot

  9. Which song that… N from where

  10. o mere o mere oyara… Shujhu you know it ?

    1. No…I try too many time but not found.. Which movie or album plzzz tell me anyone

  11. Qubool hai is really picking up its pace.!
    Love azhira! ( just thought of it now)

  12. Begun khan or khan begun oh my god she needs to go see dentist her teeth are awful , she should just not open her mouth when she does she looks ugly

  13. Thanks for searching Shujhu, but I really don’t know . I have just hear that melody in qubool hai 31th august episode for first time. See you! perhaps someone else could tell us later ??? thanks again

    1. Parth samthan sing this melody on mtv kaisi yeh yarian

  14. what the hell is wrong in da story. i think this is da third or fourth generation going on totally bull*t. is there any happy ending for this serial or not?????????

  15. thanks shujhu

  16. Omg I didn’t watch this episode sterday. I am only read the review. It’s realy intresting.

  17. Let me just say it’s better than at beginning

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